Let’s Discover Woman, Part 1



To know a woman is a trip to the unknown, a challenge of creation, a genuine spiritual path that starts from the finite and ends in the infinity.

This stairway to the essence of the woman is built from the stairs of the physical, psychical, mental and spiritual knowledge, and melts in the ecstasy of the complete merger with the eternal feminine.

Therefore, the Tantric and Taoist masters revealed the mysteries of lovemaking involving sexual continence, through which, starting from the physical union of the man with the woman one may get to their mystical,
divine union, reconstructing the primordial Unity.

However, this is not an easy path, as it may appear at a first look. This path involves plenty of qualities, beginning with physical ones and ending with spiritual qualities, which the two lovers engaged on this path
have to acquire in their being.

So far, in the articles from this section we insisted on obtaining the control of the energies through the techniques of sexual continence, as this represents the first step to be made on the Tantric path.

In parallel with the effort to control the sexual energy, the man needs to try and know the woman deeper and deeper.

Only thus he will be able to merge with her and only thus he will be able to reach the divine ecstasy.

Keep in mind that merging and being united with someone involves love, as love is the only bond of the creation.

Consequently, this knowledge should come from love, it should be achieved with love, and it should generate love.

The West has focused predominantly on the individual, as fundamental unity of the society, orienting the people towards the development of their
own qualities and personality.

This exacerbated tendency lead to the break between the man and the woman in the modern societies.

This does not mean that the awakening and development of ones own qualities is a wrong orientation; nonetheless, when this orientation does not leave room for the awakening of the superior consciousness, within the couple, which is the true fundament of the creation, it becomes destructive.

The man and the woman were not created to fight one against the other, but to please one another endlessly and to achieve through their union also the
union of the opposites.

On the other hand, the East represents an oasis of wisdom regarding the man-woman relationship. Lovemaking was always considered in the East as a source of health, harmony and ecstasy.

The newly weds would receive “bedroom books” from which they would learn how to please one another.

Unfortunately, in the West such a tradition is out of the question; there has never been a preoccupation in teaching a couple the secrets of lovemaking, and the only source of erotic knowledge are the pornographic movies and magazines.

It is obvious that they are not a genuine initiation in the mysteries of
lovemaking. Hollywood lovemaking is not an authentic lovemaking; it is simply quick sex.

Let’s Discover Woman, Part 2



The passionate embrace between a man and a woman, captured in so many movies, in which the woman is instantly lubricated, and immediately satisfied after few minutes of “lovemaking” might make one laugh, if it werent for the fact that this way of looking at things actually influences lots of people, who imitate this completely non-realistic “method” of making love.

The pornographic movies are focused on the unnatural “implantation” of the ma into the womans body, suggesting masturbation rather than the harmony of the
subtle and profound sensations between the man and the woman, characteristic to the authentic lovemaking.

The fact that the western men ejaculate so soon in the pornographic movies should not come as a surprise.

A study of Mr. Kinsey, sexologist, revealed the fact that 80% of the subjects ejaculated within 2 minutes from the actual penetration.

Both men and women in the West are lost in this fast intercourse. Hartman
and Fithian, working in this same area as specialists, indicated the fact that this fast sexual act does not have a duration sufficient for the natural chemical substances that usually accompany touch and excitation to be released in the blood, cutting thus off the feeling of well-being that accompanies lovemaking.

This is why the control of the sexual energy must be a priority for each of us. Once a man manages to practice sexual continence, he will be able to satisfy his lover regardless how much “help” she needs to reach the orgasm.

Nonetheless, once you learned to satisfy your lover, the first thing you need to do is to give up your selfishness.

It is not you who offer her an orgasm. Do not try to be the best lover she
ever had.

Men usually get so obsessed with sexual achievements and performances, that they forget the real purpose of lovemaking, the deep union with your loved one.

Keep in mind that the best lovers of all times were completely relaxed and aware of what is going on, both within themselves and within their lovers.

A highly important aspect that needs to be mentioned is that it is easier to learn the sexual continence in a stable couple, with a woman with whom you have an emotional bond and a great physical match.

The sexual continence is only one of the many treasures that you will discover on the Tantric path.

Shakti – A Fundamental Tantric Concept


In the Tantric cosmogony, the term Shakti defines an unbelievable complex aspect of the universe, which bears numerous nuances.

Some of these are: cosmic creative force, mother who gave birth to everything, cosmic energy, seductive woman, devoted sister, terrible power who destroys all limitations, Goddess who grants divine gifts, feminine force residing especially in beautiful, vital and spiritual women, fundamental energy Kundalini Shakti, etc.

The Tantrics assert that in order to define Shakti one has to know Her.

The problem arises once one gets to truly know what Shakti is because then any attempt of classifying it, any concept disappear as these cannot comprise the sublime of Shakti, regardless of its potential degree of philosophical value.

According to the tantric view of Shakti, She has innumerable ways of manifesting herself.

She is the famous energy Kundalini or the snake coiled at the base of the spine, immense energy that yogis awaken and contemplate with fascination and fear equally, totally charmed by it. Nevertheless, the snake is merely a symbol of the spiritual path, not the path itself.

The divine energy, Shakti, as tantric philosophy has it, does not allow to be confined in any form, formula or ritual. Subtle as the earth, imperceptible as the water, bright as the fire, free as the air, infinite as the space she traverses all elements belonging to this world, without ascertaining the identity of any.

The renowned master Vimalananda said once that speaking of enlightenment without knowing Shakti is simply a joke.

There is a Hindu myth about how Shakti first appeared. the importance of this myth does not necessarily lie in its imagery, but in its symbolism.

The legend says that a monstruous demon, Mahisa, was threatening the foundation of the universe itself, and the existence of all gods. Brahma and the whole pantheon called Shiva and Vishnu for help. enraged, the gods emitted their energies as a fire coming out from their mouth.

These different divine flames unified into a one as a burning cloud, and finally took the shape of a goddess with eighteen arms. this goddess, Shakti was the one who succeeded in defying the demon and at the same time saving the universe.

The important thing to note here is that the gods seem to have somehow restored their energies to the Primordial Force, the Source from which everything emerged in the very beginning.

Shakti represents also the force of transformation and regeneration, an extraordinary ascendant force that may lead to ecstasy, in tantric opinion.

Moreover, according to the same sources, Shakti represents the beatific force of orgasm, the thrill of sexual pleasures amplified through the profound fusion between the two lovers. She is the divine game of love itself. She is also called “Lalita” or “Lila”, both meaning “the one who plays.”

Tantra says: “everything perceivable through the eyes is definable in terms of frames of mind, but not Her who is the Mother”, and “she is ineffable and beyond perception/conception; having a form, she is nonetheless formless.”

The tantrics have distinguished two aspects in which she becomes manifested: static and dynamic. Shakti is Maya, (illusion) who appears as the phenomenal world and hides the Absolute Consciousness from the ignorant. As subtle and undifferentiated energy of the universe, she is Parashakti. These forms are not separated, but co-exist in a fundamental manner.

In her supreme form, Shakti is identified with Mahadevi or Mahamaya, the Great Goddess, the power who creates and destroys, often represented as the mysterious uterus from which everything emerged and in which everything dissolves.

In the tantric cosmology, the whole universe (the macrocosm) is considered to have emerged and to be permanently sustained by two forces, opposed in term of polarity: Shiva (masculine) and Shakti (feminine).

The sacred books, the Tantras, speak of the goddess Dakini, totally and eternally free, who is the Supreme Absolute itself:

“when there exists nothing, Sun, Moon, planets, nothing else but the void, then only my Divine Formless Mother exists.”

For the well-known master SRI AUROBINDO the Cosmic Mother “mediates always between the human personality and the Divine Nature”, facilitating the access to the later.

She is the colossal force, who supports the biologic, psychic, affective and mental processes of the human being. She does not manifest itself only through the laws of nature, but also through the processes of life, through attitudes, frames of mind, etc.

Everything that is movement, consequently life (microcosmic or macrocosmic) is in reality the action of Shakti, the Cosmic Mother, who embraces everything and is in the same time beyond…


The Feminine Mystery

womaWe recognize the religious rediscovery of Woman’s mystery in Tantra. As we’ll see later on each beautiful woman who is full of vital energy is the embodiment of SHAKTI – the feminine principle.


The spiritual emotion profoundly transfiguring towards the fascinating mystery of birth and fecundity and also the recognition of everything that is far, enigmatic, transcendent, invulnerable in Woman, all these come to symbolize the sacred and the divine, the ineffable essence of the ultimate reality.

The woman who is fascinating in her beauty and is full of vital energy embodies the mystery of Creation and the mystery of the Being at the same time, of everything that IS and that becomes death and birth in an incomprehensible manner.

Thus it is prolonged, metaphysically and even mythically, the basis of the SAMKHYA philosophy:

The Spirit, “The Supreme Male”, Purusha, is “the great impotent”, immobile and contemplative, as the absolute witness. He acts through PRAKRITI, “The Eternal Feminine”, that is the dynamic principle, the one who creates and feeds. When a great danger threatens the Cosmos, Gods appeal to the power of SHAKTI to make it go away.

A famous myth tells us the story of how the Great Goddess was born at the beginning of times.
“An evil demon, MAHISHA, was threatening the Universe and even the existence of the Gods. BRAHMA and the entire Pantheon of gods asked for VISHNU and SHIVA‘s help.


Full of anger, all gods focused their energies in a fire that came out of their mouths. These fires mixed together and made a gigantic brilliant, white, burning cloud that finally took the shape of a fascinating GODDESS with 18 arms.

This Goddess was SHAKTI, who managed to destroy MAHISHA the monster and thus saved the world. Thus the Gods endowed SHAKTI with their powers. She was the Unique Feminine Force, the spring that everything came from at the beginning.” The result was a renewing of a primordial state of the universal power.

In Tantra the woman is sacred.

In Tantra SHAKTI, “the cosmic feminine force”, is raised to the position of Divine Mother who sustains the Universe and all the beings, the multiple manifestation of gods (the angelic entities).images (14)

It is called UMA, The Virgin, in its primordial hypostasis that precedes the Universal creation. In this case SHAKTI is the highest peak of all worlds, pure and untouchable. Once it manifests the universe, SHAKTI becomes the maintainer of space and time and all subtle and physical worlds.

In its final hypostasis she is the destroyer, KALI, the one who absorbs into the divine everything that is incomplete and limited in order to prepare a new Creation. KALI wants to make the entire manifestation to have an evolutionary sense.

Women can be happy that they got an essential role in religion and spiritual philosophy for the first time. Only in Tantra the female principle has got a real role, just as important as the male one.

It is not about the common, false feminist slogans for equality; it is a way to raise the Eternal Feminine through her own mysterious qualities without an artificial equality with the male principle.

Tantra goes further and presents the Divine Being as a glorious ANDROGEN – the perfect and harmonious combination of feminine and masculine. In other works the Divine is presented as the SHIVA – SHAKTI couple in ecstatic sexual union with continence.

In Tantra the woman and the man are complementary and equal in chances of discovering the ultimate reality.

Of all spiritual ways Tantra is the first who brings the woman and the Eternal Feminine out in the open and enhances their value, to the highest levels. Thus the woman is considered to be solar on sexual, affective and mental levels while the man dominates the vital, will, purity and spiritual levels.

By unifying the man and the woman, by love and transfiguration, they become the divine couple SHIVA – SHAKTI. Thus they can complete one another at all levels of being, creating a Glorious Androgen.

Every Woman is a Manifestation of Shakti, Part 1



In the greater part of the Eastern traditions, both the energy-laws that animate the Macrocosm and the laws that determine the movement and the vibration of the smallest subatomic particles in our cells are both of divine essence and are included in the same evolution-current.

The physical body is worshiped by the Tantrics as being the expression of the cosmic consciousness.

Inside this body, regarded as microcosm, in which there is the Supreme and all its manifestations, the Tantric achieves the perfect union with the Divine Absolute.

The Tantric teachings recommend the practitioner to use the physical body and the energies that sustain it as an infallible method to obtain the spiritual realization.

“Find all that you do not know from your body,
The supreme Matter dwells here,
How could you find it elsewhere?”
says the mystic Gasain Chand.

A great myth of the creation, from the Hindu tradition, offers us an essential key in understanding the nature of the mysterious energy that gave birth to the universe and all its forms.

In the beginning, the universal consciousness (Paramashiva) separated in two complementary divinities. Shiva, representing the spirit or the consciousness, is the “masculine” divinity, and Shakti, is the “feminine” divinity, whom Shiva needs in order to act and use his energy.

The entire manifestation is originated in the union of these two principles, male and female, symbolized by the linga – the male sex organ – and yoni – the female sex organ.

On the level of the physical body, they become the two sacred liquids, the sperm and the blood. Shakti is much worshiped in the East because She represents the matrix-force of life.

Worshiped as the mother of the universe, Shakti appears in India under various aspects and names: Uma, Kali, Durga, Parvati, etc.

For the Tantrics, each woman is the incarnation of Shakti, through the mystery of life she carries within her. She is thus worshiped as the Great Goddess, The Absolute Woman, seen in every woman and worshiped in the hearts of all initiates.

Immanent in the universe, Shakti enlivens every human being. In our body, the most tangible and natural manifestation of Shakti is the sexual energy.

The fundamental energy Kundalini, energy both human and cosmic, is often symbolized by a snake.

In the case of people, this snake is envisaged as coiled three times and a half at the base of the sacrum, in the force center Muladhara Chakra. Kundalini represents Shakti’s force in the microcosm of the human being.

One of the goals of the Tantric practitioner is to awaken this “snake of feminine energy” and to make it ascend along the spine through the six chakras, to the crown of the head, to be united with the pure consciousness residing there. When this occurs, the person experiments the state of Samadhi – divine ecstasy.

“Oh, Mother Kundalini! Coiled in the center of Muladhara,
you awaken the universe to the existence,
when you rise
in a wreath of flames
up to Sahasrara
where you are united with Siva.”

The Tantric adept needs to follow perseveringly the teachings of a spiritual master (guru), who knows the secrets of the subtle bodies and of the matter, so that the practitioner may awaken and control this energy.

Every Woman is a Manifestation of Shakti, Part 2

One of the fundamental practices recommended by the Tantric masters in order to achieve the control of Kundalini is the practice of sexual continence followed by a sublimation and transmutation of the energy resulted from here.

This is one of the most direct ways of becoming aware of our inner Shakti. In this case, the sexuality must be understood as a genuine ascesis on the spiritual path.

The Hindu people have always respected the woman and considered the sexual union as the most sacred act, an act of worship. In this respect, the Tantric texts are categoric: “we cannot find God without love”.

During the famous Tantric ritual, Maithuna, the masters recommend the contemplation of one’s beloved as the incarnation of the divine Shakti.

The union between the man and the woman reproduces the primordial union of Shiva and Shakti, and therefore the two lovers approaching lovemaking from this point of view have a great chance to experience the cosmic ecstasy.

However, Shakti is the one who attracts the cosmic rhythms and who gives proper impulse, when needed.

This is why it is so important for the man to think and consider the woman’s energy, as this energy kindles the fire of his desire and awakens his inner Shakti.

He needs to be united with Shakti for a long interval of time, to be impregnated by her magnetic energy until he is invaded by the “divine vibration” of the spirit.

However, in order to allow Shakti to manifest completely the frenzy of her love, the Tantric man needs to know how to control the flow of his own energies.

The main ascesis consists in sublimating the sexual energy so that afterward he would be able to open up his being towards the liberating mystic ecstasy.

To accomplish this goal, the Tantric men learn how to control their energy using yogic techniques. During lovemaking, this capacity allows the retention of the sperm at one’s will, and its transmutation into energy.

While each ejaculation leads the body into decrepitude the inner ascension of the energy awakens the sleeping energy, Kundalini and attracts the union of the consciousness (Shiva) and energy (Shakti).

This transfiguration, when made consciously, surpasses by far the ephemeral pleasure of the ejaculation. Moreover, it purifies all the levels of the being, including the physical level, granting one’s body youth, brightness and serenity.

The final stage of the Tantric initiation consists in discovering one’s androginal nature that appears when the feminine and the masculine aspects are perfectly balances within.

The Tantric practitioner will be thus able to disperse himself of the physical lovemaking. His ecstasy no longer depends on his union with another human being, but it expresses a state of permanent love, a reflexion of the inner union of the consciousness and the energy.

Bhakti And Shakti – Two Important Aspects for Tantric Lovers



Shakti is the essence of Bliss; it is the power of love. BHAKTI, or devotion, is the impetuous force of faith.”

Devi Purana


For the one who enters the path of self-discovery, there are two important things that are required. They are the basis for the journey he has started. First of these two things is bhakti, which means faith and devotion. This quality makes the impossible become possible.

On the spiritual path, faith makes doubt disappear, while devotion helps him come closer to the final aim. Keeping faith in divine ideals, the human being will be able to overcome any obstacle. Faith is not a substance, it is a profound feeling; generally people cannot say why they believe, they simply feel (or do not feel) that.

The erotic feeling stimulates faith. Eros, as a state, can create the conscience of a state without relation to time, a non-dual one. One of the Eastern affirmations asserts that “Time lives inside a troubled mind.”

Faith is an experience that is outside the limits of time, a stable one, that can transform physical love into super-sensorial union between the “god” and the “goddess”, the highest attributes of our being.

A true erotic experience exists somewhere outside time. The two lovers evoke their faith in the other, reaching the non-dual essence within them. Test your faith through self-analysis; open up your heart so that this faith can increase and last.

Be devoted to everything that you believe in and, especially, to the colossal power of your sexual energy, that can be awakened and elevated through sublimation. A couple united by their faith and devotion to each other can experiment their essential nature, as god and goddess.

The second extremely important thing on the spiritual path is Shakti, the Divine Energy of creation, which is the feminine manifestation principle, the one that penetrates and conquers all. The term has lots of meanings, but all of them refer to the energy of creation.

This energy is situated first of all in the genital area of the human being. It represents the power of transformation, an extraordinary , ascendant and liberating force that can lead to complete ecstasy.

It is also the power of the orgasm, the thrill of pleasure , and the sudden inner vision. Shakti exists on several levels of manifestation at the same time, from the physical to the subtle one.

When Shakti is evoked during sexual union, the couple can awake in their bodies a powerful creative energy. The recognition and adoration of Shakti opens up the path to real love.

There is a well-known tantric affirmation that says “The lover without Shakti is nothing but a corpse.” Shakti concentrates herself especially in woman and she is the one who gives her the power of giving life to another being.

But there’s a “tantric feminine side” in every man and it manifests especially as sexual energy. This natural (bisexual) quality, which every human being possesses, subsists from our origin till the complete, transcendent union, of both sexes.

Trying to suppress this natural androgynous in order to create a perfect “male” or a perfect “female” lead to serious psychological disturbance in the West.

The Taoist as well as the Tantric learning says that it is very important to recognize the reversed parts when practicing mystical sexual practices. This does not mean that the man has to become “effeminate” and the woman “aggressive”.

It talks about the freedom of thought, of allowing the erotic game be more spontaneous and blissful. Admire and adore equally the feminine and the masculine qualities. Try to understand the mystery of life through the subtle game of masculine and feminine principles.

Everything that exists in this infinite creation is nothing but a Natural Creative Force emanation. In this phenomenal world, the feminine principle, or Adi Shakti (the Original Shakti), is everywhere and this is why it has to be adored as such.

The man’s attitude towards a woman reflects directly his own attitude towards life. Thus the man will always pay attention to adoring the feminine principle in his lover, in any other woman, or in him.

The woman will also have to admit her goddess qualities and try to embody them as much as possible. When the man has the spontaneous vision of his lover as the embodiment of the Supreme Shakti, the Creation Goddess, the women will respond with BHAKTI, pure faith and devotion. Thus she will become his highest priestess and the initiator in the mysteries of love; then he reveals himself to her as the Master and Supreme Lover.