Let’s Talk About Sexual Continence


It is described simply by means of the injunction to make love “without emitting semen”, or by the
recommendation that one should fix, hold, contain, stop, or stabilize one’s semen, or by speaking
about sex as being timeless or endless.
Because there is no accidental male sexual release in sexual continence, erotic fusion between
lovers is not forced to end. Therefore this type of lovemaking provides the unhurried sexual
context that allows lovers to become immersed in the endless immediate present moment, while their
bodies spontaneously move together as one.


Of course you will say: ” OK, I understand what SEXUAL CONTINENCE means, but why should I do this?
What does it offer me? “. Here follows the answer. Lovers ascend to an altered state of consciousness
during “endless” magical sex, not because there has been generated so much friction, tension, or
electricity, but because they learn to discover the other side of lovemaking – ecstasy.

Therefore mystical sexual continence does not primarily refer to a particular sexual duration,
but to the state of mind during sex, an attitude in which you learn to live only in the present
without worrying about anything else. Sexual feelings stream spontaneously and carry lovers
along together in the effortless flow of whatever is happening. Conversely, of course, mental
absorption and spontaneity become irrelevant if sex has already ended “prematurely”. And it is
impossible to be mentally absorbed in the present if one is chronically worried that lovemaking
will come to an abrupt end. Sexual continence, is then the background of mystical sex within
which one can have the time it takes to learn to let go of one’s convert self-talk commentary
and catch on to one’s ability to make love spontaneously, freely, and naturally.

One more remark: a common characteristic of human beings is the search for happiness. To experience the ecstasy is a
profund desire in all our hearts. SEXUAL CONTINENCE is a way to fulfil this desire.


First of all you have to understand that the whole process of lovemaking, up to the very moment of
emission is voluntary, entirely under the control of the mind, and can be stopped at any point.

Now you can start to make love, but remember these rules:

1.SLOW MOTION. Do whatever you want (foreplay, intercourse) but in slow motion. Kiss in slow
motion, touch in slow motion, thrust in slow motion, approach the whole experience so very
gradually that you don’t even begin to get close to the end.

2.SLOW BREATHING. Do whatever you want but breath in slow motion. If you lose the breathing control
you can be sure you lose sexual control. So, when you notice you start to breath fast you have to
slow down, breath easily, relax and wait until you calm down.

3.THREE SHALLOW AND ONE DEEP THRUST. Do whatever you want but practice three shallow and one deep
thrust and carry out the thrusts eight-one times as a set. If you feel that you become too
excited you should stop the thrusting motion immediately and wait until you calm down then resume

4.CONCENTRATION. Do whatever you want but keep your attention awake. Focus your attention on the
erotic sensation and when you feel that you are getting close to the preorgastic level stop the thrusting motion
immediately and focus your attention on the heart area.

Breath Control – The Basics In Sexual Continence

Tantra Magazine

In order to have multiple orgasms, without ejaculation, or, in other words, in order to open the way to erotic ecstasy, you should practice sexual continence during lovemaking. This implies that you develop both your capacity for control, and erotic sensitiveness.

The techniques to be presented here, in the “Men” section, are a great help in no longer having ejaculatory orgasms, which decrease and finally exhaust one’s “reserve” of sexual energy, as well as in opening your way to experiencing multiple orgasms.

These methods are efficient according to the perseverance with which you will practice them. There are men endowed with a greater erotic energy and sensibility, as well as with a greater capacity for mental control.

Such men will be able to experience multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms after a few weeks’ practice. Other men, whose erotic sensibility and mental control are less powerful, will probably need to practice for months or even years in order to get to this stage.

Consequently, remember that you may become a master only through practice.

In order to control your sexual energy and to practice sexual continence, you have to breathe as deeply and as relaxed as you can. All martial arts and yoga teachings indicate that breath is the key in controlling the body.

Tantra Magazine

Breathing is generally an involuntary act, but it may just as well become a conscious act. In other words, we usually breathe without thinking about it, and also without changing in any way the natural rhythm of our breath. If we did that, if we made our breath more profound, we influence the cardiac rhythm.

For instance, after we run, we breathe rapidly and superficially, and consequently our cardiac rhythm reaches high levels. If we breathe slowly, the cardiac rhythm decreases.

To the extent to which lovemaking is concerned, a high rate of the cardiac rhythm usually indicates that you approach ejaculation. The conclusion comes naturally: the first step in controlling your ejaculation is controlling your breath.

Most of us breathe superficially, usually at the level of the thorax and clavicles (clavicular breathing), fact which leads to a poor oxygenation of the lungs.

For instance, the newborn babies breathe abdominally. If you watch a baby sleeping, you will notice that his belly moves with each breath he takes. The abdominal breathing fills our lungs with air, and allows us to replace the residual air, stagnating inside our lungs, with fresh air.

This is the healthiest way of breathing, but we lost this ability of breathing in a healthy manner because of stress and anxiety. This way of breathing is limited to the upper part of the chest, and therefore we are said to breathe only at the level of the thorax and clavicles.

Tantra Magazine

When we are happy and we laugh, we breathe abdominally. The following exercise will show you how to breathe abdominally, as you did when you were quite young.

When you practice the techniques suggested here, it is required that you breathe in through your nose, as the air is filtered and warmed up at the passage through the nose. Keep in mind that whenever you breathe in through your mouth, you inhale unfiltered and cold air.

1. Sit on a chair, spine straight, feet on the floor, and head up.

2. Place your hands on the navel and relax the shoulders.
3. Inhale through the nose and feel how the lower part of the abdomen becomes distended with air, so that the navel is pushed forth. The diaphragm goes down.

4. Relax the chest while exhaling forcefully through the mouth, so that the lower part of your abdomen is pulled back, as if you wanted to push the navel towards the spine. You will also feel how your penis and testicles are somewhat drawn upwards.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for 21 times.

A few minutes of daily abdominal breathing will teach your body to breathe deeply again, in a natural manner, even when you sleep. While making love, this capacity is essential to prevent ejaculation and to expand the erotic sensations in your whole body.

Tantra Magazine

Once you no longer ejaculate, it is important that you carry on with your breathing exercises, as they will help you make the sexual energy circulate through your body and sublimate it into volitional, affectionate, mental energy.

The abdominal breathing massages the internal organs and the prostate, and it relieves the sensation of pressure most men experience for the first time when they do not ejaculate.

This sensation of pressure of tension in the genital area, which appears at all beginners in the practice of sexual continence, is caused by the stagnation of the sexual energy in the pelvic area. If the energy is not sublimated, it will lead to irritability, confusion, and edginess.

Therefore, we wish to make it clear that the mere transmutation of the sexual potential energy (the transformation of sperm into sexual energy, or in other words the retention of the sperm inside the body and its transformation in other substances) is not enough to experience multiple all-body orgasms.

This is the first step only. The next is the sublimation of this sexual energy, or in other words the actual flow of this energy through the subtle channel corresponding to the spine (you may even have unusual perceptions through the spine during this process) upwards.

Therefore, the abdominal breathing is a highly important technique, as it sets in motion the sexual energy and it guides it “through” the spine, resulting in its sublimation from the genital area and in the suppression of the above-mentioned state of irritability, confusion, etc.

Tantra Magazine

Another method to determine this flow of the sexual energy is the practice of Hatha Yoga postures, which also have the effect of eliminating the energetic “nodes” and facilitating the circulation of the energy through the whole body.

If you have had troubles with abdominal breathing (as most Westerners do) you may practice the abdominal laughter as well.

What is abdominal laughter? It is the kind of laughter that makes the abdomen shake. It is the genuine laughter shared with your close friends. It is the laughter that makes you say you have stomach pain from laughing. This pain is due to the fact that we do not use these muscles very often.

Sit comfortably on a chair, spine straight and feet on the floor. Place your hands on the abdomen, and remember all the funniest moments of your life. When laughter begins, let it grasp your entire being, until you feel your stomach vibrating.

This kind of laughter is extremely helpful, as it relaxes the diaphragm, makes you breathe abdominally, and generate a great quantity of energy, which you may use later on.

Polarity and Transforming Sexual Energy, 1




The polarity of the two types of energy (Yin and Yang) represents the key in harmonizing the flow of the energies of the human being. This is the most simple and also the fundamental secret of all authentic traditions.

It is simple because it is based on the universal law of attracting opposites, that is the positive and negative forces attract each other and are in a permanent interaction.

It is true to the degree to which the two opposing poles of two simple magnets are attached to one another, or the protons and electrons dance and compose the atom.

Yang is the fire, and Yin is the water. Man is the “fire”, the woman is the “water”. When the man makes love to a woman, he prepares the woman’s “water” with his “fire”. The profound orgasm constitutes a delicate balance of the sexual energies.

The sexual life is dominated by the above-mentioned principle of polarities. It is, however important to understand that the two types of energy are inseparable, it is in fact one energy, manifested under complementary forms.

They cannot exist one without the other, their interaction is “fluid”, and they issue from one another. Therefore, if during the erotic act performed with continence, man and woman become aware of the play of the two polarities, they have the possibility of becoming one being only.

Each of the two lovers is situated on one “side”. When the exchange of energy reaches a sphere of harmony, the two lovers vibrate in the rhythm of one heart.

The feeling of having a physical body disappears, all one feels now is a huge energy, vibrating as one with his/her lover. This is the profound, total orgasm of both body and soul.

Many men have the intuition of these things, but those who are actually capable to expand and go deeply into these special states of the mind are quite few, because they usually lose their sexual energy through ejaculation.

The true, profound orgasm appears when both the man and the woman vibrate in the same rhythm. Their sexual energy forms now a complete circuit, the two “opposing” poles being reunited.

This circuit is represented by the Yin and Yang symbol, emerging from one another in a perfect eternal harmony. However, the flow of the sexual energy alone cannot lead anyone to spiritual achievements in the absence of love and an appropriate mental focus.

The physical union alone is not sufficient, and therefore sex alone cannot make anybody happy. One other important aspect is that the ordinary orgasm, implying ejaculation, on which many men depend, restrains the sphere of experience and knowledge.

The profound, transfiguring erotic experiences, performed through sexual continence, go beyond/transcend the borders of ordinary individual pleasure and perception, reaching a complex level of experience.

There are couples that radiate all around profound happiness and love without practicing any esoteric methods of lovemaking. And there are couples that radiate even more love and happiness, live for a longer time, healthy and in harmony, because they have learned how to sublimate their sexual energy.

Will they be just as radiant, enthusiastic and blissful when they reach old age? The secret techniques of the Eastern tradition will help them reach faster an advanced level of spiritual evolution. There is no limit as regards the depth and health one may get to through love.

Sexuality – An Alchemical Art, Part 1

NOTE: This article has an advanced degree of difficulty and we recommend that you already be familiarized with the notion of sexual continence before you read it. Please read it with extra attention because some of the things we want to communicate cannot be expressed in a simple form. The notions we are about to unveil are the heart of the tantric teachings about sacred sexuality and we are sure that you will see them as a revolutionary way in comparison to the general attitude towards sex.

Sexuality never was “ethical”… it is “non-ethical” in itself. To code the sexual appetite, to put it under norms that are not specific to it, is useless and reveals a lack of knowledge on its great possibilities – the generation of subtle energies.

In reality it is a veritable masterpiece of alchemy. There is nothing and nobody to be judged, analysed. It is necessary to understand the nature of our throbs and passions by experimenting. Getting close to our sexuality and us represents a true art.

Here the condition is that we maintain a sharp level of awareness, a deep consciousness of the physiological impulses during lovemaking, a clear and distinct perceiving of the subtle processes that give birth to desire and lead pleasure to ecstasy.

The Tantric tradition and the Taoist one preserve veritable treasures of knowledge about the alchemic nature of the human sexuality. In order to understand the perspectives of this “trans-personal sexology”, we must learn first how to perceive and feel.

Learning how to perceive and feel “what it is” is the way to fully achieve the act of lovemaking, not pieced in passing and unsubstantial pleasures. In this way, in order to understand the depth of human nature, the alchemy of “the vibrating energies”, we must experience the diversity of the psychosomatic and spiritual phenomenon and discover their intimate processing.

When desire is perceived in its subtle, energetic manifestations, a metamorphism of the sexual attraction, which had been strictly organic until that moment, takes place.

The pleasure is diffused through the whole body and a state of voluptuousness is born beyond the functions of the human personality (emotions and feelings) and sometimes even independently.

Sensual love can be seen as a genuine art only when there is authentic love going on between the two. The full experience of love, joy and pleasure can become the jumping board to the superior states of consciousness.

The sexual attraction often precedes the sexual act. When passing from the organic level to the subtle emotional level, this emotion is exceptionally re-lived, but sexual attraction cannot generate a veritable alchemy by itself.

The alchemy of the sexual act therefore involves a deep knowledge of one’s own sexuality, a total control over the sexual energy and the existence of pure and unconditional love.

The “fire of passion” is, above all, a “voluptuousness of the eternity”
From a superior point of view, the sexual act is not a simple consummation of a physical, animalistic desire.

It is, in fact, an interior aspiration to accomplish the alchemical masterpiece of merging the Male – the Solar principle with the Female – the Lunar one in order to become the perfect human being.

This is a new approach of sexuality, which could shock many people. “Could the sexual act help humans reach that perfect state of salvation that mystics refer to?” The answer is simple and very real: YES.

The will to love, to please and the effort to make the other happy have their origins in a deep, inner aspiration to become one with oneself in the universal bliss.

“The fire of passion” that appears between two lovers, is, above all, a voluptuousness of the eternity. The orgasm is wanted and wished for by people not only because it is a very pleasant and intense sensation, but also because it takes us out from time and gives us the opportunity to feel the taste of eternity.

Knowing all this, a person who is spiritual and sexually continent can reach the summits of the spiritual life (that can usually be reached only by prayer and meditation) by experiencing lovemaking with spiritual emotion and transfiguration.

Therefore, the orgasm does not necessary correspond only to pleasure; it essentially belongs to that nonmaterial, spiritual nature of ourselves.

Contemplative Sex, Part 3

The contemplative sexuality makes it possible to spontaneously perceive our relationship with the Universe. The actual “technique” of lovemaking is not primarily important, because here there is no result to attain.

In this approach, both man and woman are spontaneously on the path of self-discovery, without judging or expecting anything in advance, but living passionately that which exists in the moment.

In our era of high speed, the only technical request is to have enough time, or, better to say, to take enough time. By this, is not only meant the time that is measured in seconds, hours, days, etc., but chiefly a psychic attribute (which could be called a degree of excellence) that allows events to happen in their own time, an inner rhythm that defines a no-hurry attitude. This is a fundamentally essential attitude without which spirituality is impossible.

The modern approach to sexuality is a hurried, forced event, in which woman’s orgasm is a relatively rare happening and premature movements speed up man’s ejaculation.

The TANTRIC and TAOIST modality of no-ego-involvement allows an endless exchange of love and delays the male ejaculation to the point of disappearance.

This approach is much easier for women, due to their basically passive, receptive nature. But once man gets used to this spiritual approach of sexuality, he can prolong lovemaking indefinitely in time, offering to his woman the greatest possible degree of satisfaction and fulfilment, together with a quick and profound path leading to self-discovery and enlightenment.

One of the first steps of the contemplative sexuality is the discovery of the profundity and pleasure of the most simple contacts, which are generally considered either as having little to do with the sexual act or as being preliminary to it.

It is, for example, discovering the beauty of seeing your loved one, of touching him or her, of listening to his or her voice. There is one condition though: do not expect these contacts to lead to anything, do not force them to lead to anything but let them follow their natural course and stay in a state of detached expectancy.

Thus received, the outer and the inner world become charged with an incredible intensity of life, and we perceive ourselves as containing, to a certain degree, the outer reality reflected in our inner world.

The idea of contemplative sexuality is found in Japan in the tea ceremony. This ceremony (actually rooted in the practice of ZEN) associates the metaphysical ecstasy with the social fact of drinking tea with a few good friends.

During the tea ceremony, the most important activity is the continuous act of contemplation – all the rest being secondary from the very beginning and somehow unimportant.

If this fact is not understood, the tea ceremony risks to become a refined snobbishness without any spiritual significance, just as the contemplative lovemaking without the understanding of the doctrine of non-ego-involvment may become a refined art of prolonging the sexual act and enhancing the pleasure, but without much spiritual value.

It is a pity that the majority of those who start the practice of TANTRA (and even many of those who consider themselves advanced) think of it as a skill that will be attained through the practice of certain techniques.

There is nothing to attain! There is no effort, no goal, and no path. The only thing that might require some effort is to give up, to unlearn our prejudices about sexuality. After this has been done, TANTRA is what remains.


Polarity and Transforming Sexual Energy, 2




The Eastern tradition states that this high level of harmony is a tangible experience, which may be lived permanently by both man and woman. The erotic act becomes thus a path of adoring God in the temple of love, body and soul.

1. First, perform 3, 6 or 9 superficial penetrations, followed by a profound one.

2. Stop any movement when you feel you get close to the ejaculation.

3. Hold each other and synchronize your breath.

4. Take a position that will allow a good control of the sexual energy. Focus mentally the sexual energy at the level of the upper chakras.

5. Focus on the balance between the Yin and Yang energies.

6. When the energy was transmuted and sublimated, and you feel your erection has decreased, you may start the dynamic movements, contracting the pelvic floor.

7. Take this energy to the upper chakras several times, each time higher. Meditate and focus on each chakra.

Women will benefit to a great degree if they will be active during the erotic play, as the methods of sexual continence will tone up the vaginal muscles, stimulate their hormonal activity and reach old age.

When one of the lovers gets close to the ejaculatory orgasm, he/she should ask his/her lover to cease all movement. They may control the energy by sublimating it on the upper chakras, and releasing the tension accumulated in the area of the genitalia.

This transformation occurs spontaneously in any couple aspiring to the Ultimate Reality. During a profound orgasm, the two lovers will have the experience of the opening and harmonious activation of the chakras, and the sublimation of the energy to the “One Thousand Petals Lotus”, Sahashrara.

Yang Food – A Key to Increased Virility, 9

The term “natural sunflower oil” refers to the oil extracted from the sunflower seeds through cold pressing, without being refined. This oil is very rich in E vitamin and F vitamin.

It also contains other natural substances easily assimilated by the organism, substances that balance, and readjust the digestion, lower the cholesterol, balance the arterial tension, anti-arterosclerotic, and anti-toxic.

It is recommended in fighting the aging diseases and as rejuvenating agent.

However, there are some drawbacks, as are in the case of any oil: they are most effective and healthier if used as such, without thermal preparation, or in any case without allowing it to reach temperatures of over 100 Celsius degrees, as it happens when we fry something.

There are no contraindications in using sunflower virgin oil, its quantitative limits is given by each person’s capacity to digest it.

From an energetical point of view, we note that the sunflower virgin oil has a pronounced Yang character.

In the morning, after brushing the teeth as usually, take almost a mouthful of sunflower oil, and suck it, as if sucking a candy, for 10-15 minutes, without swallowing any of it.

Do this calmly, without tension or rush, “push” the oil back and forth through the teeth, without swallowing not even a drop. This is done in the morning, on an empty stomach.

After about 15-20 minutes the oil becomes white and more liquid than previously. You need to throw this oil away, because all the toxins have been taken into it and swallowing it can prove quite dangerous.

After throwing the oil, wash your mouth with plenty of water. If the oil is not approximately milk-white, but yellow, this signifies that you have not done the procedure correctly and you need to do it again.

Moreover, if you wish to accelerate the treatment, you need to repeat the method 2-3 times a day. The first visible results are: a better flow of blood in the coronarian area and teeth whitening.

This cure has a tonic effect on the person who performs it. Oil is not a medicine, but a pure aliment, and therefor the effects are perceived on the level of the whole organism.

It is useful in cases of bronchitis, tooth aches, chronic diseases of the blood, stomach disorders, intestinal, cardiac, renal, gynecologic, and articular affections, as well as tumor in general. You must follow this cure as described until the signs of the disease have disappeared completely.

Caution: It is possible that throughout the treatment, the disorder or the disease you are suffering from first becomes worse, but in fact this only signals that the organism has begun to react energically and that the toxins are being cleaned. Therefore the treatment should not be interrupted.

Spawn are very rich in calories and therefore a very consistent aliment. They contain phosphor and are in the category of powerful aphrodisiacs. Eating spawn enhances sexual potency, sexual appetite, resistance, and grants energy and resistance to effort.

They are especially recommended to people with frail, weak physical constitutions, who do not have resistance to efforts and who have problems in getting and keeping a strong erection.

As always, we recommend moderation. Remember that the middle path is always the most secure to walk upon. Spawn are an excellent rejuvenating agent as well as revitalizing. They are indicated in cases of neurasthenia, asthenia, and anemia.

Because they belong to the category of aliments that are more difficult to digest, it is advisable that you also perform exercises for activating the inner fire, so that you will have a better digestion and assimilation.

These exercises are: The Abdominal retraction (Uddiyana Bandha), The Triangle Pose (Trikonasana), The Navel Pose (Nabhiasana), The Sun Salutation (Suryanamaskara).

Contraindications in eating spawn: arterial hypertension, rheumatism, apoplexy, and skin irritations and erruptions.

Caviar represents in fact the spawn of a species of fish, sturgeons. Mainly it has the same effects as the regular spawn. It is easier to digest than the spawn, however moderation is strongly indicated here as well.

In Europe, the caviar is the symbol of eroticism and zest for life, and is usually associated to various other exciting foods in order to enhance the erotic pleasure and to enhance the energy, in general.

Yang Food – A Key to Increased Virility, 4

It is a highly effective aphrodisiac for both men and women. It has a revigorating effect, is very nourishing, and leads to the quantitative increase of the secretions of the sexual glands, and in small quantities (2 teaspoonfuls a day) it helps adjusting the body weight.

Its energetical value is quite high, and because it is easily assimilated by the organism it is a very effective and precious energizer.

It is used as such as an aphrodisiac, or as support for medicinal plants or other remedies with aphrodisiac effects.

It is known and reputed as an aphrodisiac in the erotic arts of the great majority of the people around the world and is considered a love-elixir. In the mythology of many people, honey is depicted as a celestial gift from the gods.

An Arabic scientist, named Djenilouss recommended several hundreds years back: “the person who feels weakened should drink one glass of thick honey before going to bed and eat 20 almonds and 100 pine seeds. This diet should be observed for 30 days.” This recipe has not lost its validity, despite its age.

Another simple and famous recipe consists of one yolk of an egg, one spoon of liquid honey, 100 ml of warm milk, and a little cardamom powder. This recipe is recommended for weak men.

The honey is recommended especially in liquid form. Warming it up leads to a decrease of its curative value, due to the annulment of its enzymatic properties (a temperature above 45 Celsius degrees destroys the enzymes).

It would be ideal to use honey obtained from one plant only. For a more pronounced aphrodisiac effect consume forest, sunflower, fir or acacia honey, and avoid as much as possible poppy and linden tree honey.

Honey is especially suited for the preservation of vitamin-fruits such as sea buckthorn, hibiscus, blackberries, etc.

They are a very energetical aliment (the energetical value of the nuts is 660-710 cal/100 gr.), with a high content of proteins (14%), fat (63%) and glucides (15%). They are extremely rich in zinc, copper, and vitamin E, containing also small quantities of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.

The nuts are recommended as aphrodisiacs for both men and women, especially for those having to deal with physical weakness, anemia, etc. The nuts are said to stimulate also the sperm secretion.

People suffering of or predisposed to sclerosis of the arteries should eat nuts, as they are reputed as an anti-sclerotic remedy. Their energetic value is comparable to that of the meat, and they still hold the advantage of being much, much healthier. Moreover, they are easier to digest as compared to other aliments of the same consistency.

The nuts contain great quantities of the F2 vitamin, which makes them highly recommended in the treatment of impotence and sterility.

The F vitamin is a new name for what we used to know as unsaturated fat acids. The F vitamin plays an important part in the assimilation of the A vitamin and especially E vitamin, essential in preserving one’s sexual potency.

Another very indicated cases in which these can be used are the diabetes and enuresis (uncontrolled nocturnal urination). We remind you that there is a very close connection between the urinary apparatus and the genital apparatus. In many traditional texts there is the mention that controlling one’s urinary potential equals controlling one’s sexual potential.

Making nuts an important part of your diet is advisable also if you go through a tough stage from a physical or mental point of view.

The nuts are extremely Yang, therefore they amplify the Yang, masculine energy of a person.

Yang Food – A Key to Increased Virility, 5



Mushrooms are an aliment with a high energetical value. They contain great levels of proteins (which made them famous as the “vegetal meat”) and vitamins (B1, B2, C and pro-vitamin A) and this makes them a very useful aliment for those in need of a rich and consistent diet.

In the East, the mushrooms are traditionally used by lovers. They are said to amplify the vital and erotic energy and in the same time they stimulate the transformation, the sublimation of these energies.

Recent researches have underlined the fact that the majority of the eatable mushrooms have remarkable effects in organic and cerebral stimulation.

They add greatly to the needs of our organisms in minerals: zinc, potassium, calcium, cobalt, copper, iodine, magnesium, manganese.

They are a little harder to digest due to their richness in cellulose and therefore it is recommended that they are chewed very slowly and thoroughly.

People with a weak digestion will consume less at one meal. For a better digestion it is recommended spicing them up with pepperoni, pepper, savory, cumin, anise. These spices are also aphrodisiacs, and they harmoniously build up erotic desire.

Very consistent and effective are the mushrooms preserved through drying. The mushrooms designed for drying should be fresh, young and very healthy.

Dried mushrooms are recommended for both underweight and overweight men, as they ensure a great intake of energy that can be afterwards used on a physical, psychic or mental level, according to each person’s needs.

The preparation is different for each type: for the overweight people, dried mushrooms are more appropriate, as they may be added to raw-vegetable salads. For people with a poor digestion, as we already said, the quantity should be moderate.

The mushrooms preserved in hermetic vessels, if improperly dried or if humid are a suitable environment for very harmful microorganisms. Therefore we recommend drying them up and storing them in paper-bags, in a dry place.

Final warning: as mushroom intoxications are very dangerous, sometimes even lethal, you should be extremely cautious in buying them. It is better to avoid purchasing them from doubtful sources.

Known also as an aphrodisiac medicinal plant, the celery is a traditional element in preserving or regaining one’s sexual power. It contains many minerals (calcium, phosphor, potassium, magnesium) and vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, A).

The leaves are recommended as spices in many vitalizing foods, or salads, as well as in the treatment of sexual impotence or insufficiency, especially in the case of overweight persons. The fresh leaves of celery are a great stimulant of the hormonal activity.

The celery root has a general tonic effect, enhances vitality and effort resistance. It is an excellent depurative and therefore it is recommended in cures of purification and against obesity.

Its aperitive qualities make it important in the diet of the weak and weakened persons. It is excellent in the cures of gaining vitality as it is a digestive, nervous, and immune system tonic.

Yang Food – A Key to Increased Virility, 6


Almonds have a great nutritive power. The pits of the sweet almonds are rich in proteins and lipids. Besides their high energetic value (600 calories/100 gr) they are also rich in mineral substances, especially calcium, iron, phosphor and potassium. Also contain B-complex vitamins, and vitamin A.

Almonds are indicated especially in the diet of underweight men, with anemia and an insufficiency of calcium and magnesium.

Due to their reduced content of glucides they are also indicated in the diet of the diabetic persons. However, one should always follow the middle path, especially in a diet.

Sesame, as they aliments prepared from sesame seeds, has a great energetic value and is very rich in vitamin E. Sesame is an aliment that particularly stimulates virility.

In India it is considered an aliment of the rasayana group, meaning “the prolonger of life”. It has a pronounced Yang character.

A product derived from sesame is halva of sesame and honey, which is one of the best aphrodisiac aliments.

In Arabia, for prolonging the sexual act is recommended that the man eats a sesame paste named tahini, resembling somewhat with butter, but made integrally of sesame.

Onion is one of the most common and known aphrodisiacs. It is also very easy to obtain it. Its popularity as an aphrodisiac reached such peaks that in some Catholic monasteries the monks were forbidden to eat onions.

From the point of view of its chemical composition, the onion contains especially the B complex of vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9), pro-vitamin A, and in smaller quantities vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, flour, iodine,manganese,nickel, and silicium.

Green onion is 2 times richer in calcium and iron, 5 times richer in potassium and chrome, and 3 times richer in vitamin C than mature, dried onion.

The onion is a powerful nervous stimulant, renowned glandular balancer, and a stimulant of the immune system. It is recommended in several cures of purification and vitalization, due to its depurative qualities.

Besides being an aphrodisiac, it also helps fight some diseases that cause impotence, such as: urinary infections, diabetes, etc.

In the following we will introduce to you some aphrodisiac recipes from ancient Arabic texts dating from 1300. However, if you should consider applying these recipes, please take into account the fact that in over six centuries, the human organism has changed and it may not process as easily the aliments described here.

1. The man who will eat for three days the yolks of three eggs mixed with chopped onions will have endurance through a whole night of lovemaking. (careful with the liver, though).

2. To enhance a man’s vigor, prepare some onion juice, then add an equal quantity of honey and boil slowly until the honey melts entirely. Then it is taken from the fire and is served either cold or warm. (You may even get better results if you do not process this mixture thermally, you may simply mix the ingredients in the blender).

3. Chop and fry the onion in oil with aromas and spices, and then mix with the yolk of the eggs. Eat this meal for several days.

Note: Some persons do not tolerate the onion as well as others, and therefore the effect may be the reverse of the desired one: there may be states of somnolence, even digestive problems, especially if these aliments are consumed excessively.

For people with a slow digestion it is recommended to spice the onion and egg mixture with plenty of condiments such as: pepper, hot pepperoni, curry, ginger, fennel, and other spices that improve the digestive process.

Another note should be made regarding the smell raw onion leaves. This may not be very aphrodisiac, therefore you must think carefully and find a solution to go through with these dietary recommendations and still be as charming and as classy as always.

We remind you that the effects of the plants and aliments in general is not instantaneous (to disappear just as quickly as it appeared), but it acts in time, balancing and enhancing the sexual energy gradually.

Onion is a Yang aliment.