Transmutation and Sublimation

Within the lovemaking with continence we encounter intense energetic processes. These processes could be grouped in two important categories:


The transmutation represents the transforming of a chemical element in another chemical element, accompanied by a huge release of energy. The transmutation is produced by the radioactive disintegration or by nuclear reaction that are possible even at biologic level at the low temperatures.

The sexual biologic transmutation consists in the transforming of sexual “material” in energy that can be sublimated, leading to different refined energies according to the human being’s intentions. This transmutation is possible thanks to the keeping of the sexual “material” effervescent by a constant control during some intense erotic experience.

Because of the biologic transmutation of the sexual potential, the original sexual impulse is transformed into a new, superior energy. This transformation represents the sublimation process that is produced thanks to the aware control of the sexual functions.

Superficially we think that all in our body is material. With a great confidence, we wrongly believed that this “material” is “all”.
The experience of the biologic sexual transmutation process, within our body, drives us to some beatified moments of an overwhelming intensity. It also make us spontaneously aware of the fact that we are structured of an incredible quantity of energetic particles which are circling mysteriously and are fixed in this state by a hardly imaginable miracle.

In the human being the atomic transmutation process are continuously produced within the metabolism, the sexual process, and the erotic experiences, the mental activities and within the spiritual experiences.

At the present day it is precisely known that every atom of our human body contains a huge energy equivalent with 200.000.000 eV. And it could been said that in the sexual potential, represented by sperm in man’s case and by ovum in woman’s case, are hundreds milliards of volts “trapped in the material”.

Experiencing a beatific lovemaking, a single strong thought constantly kept in mind is sufficient to awake and to direct step by step this huge energy in the desired direction. The thought is the most powerful force of the universe.

By biologic transmutation, the huge released energy will extremely amplify the inner feelings and the banal limits of the consciousness will be gradually removed.

If the sexual continence is not realized, the vitality energy is discharged irreversibly, and is definitively loosed instead to be wisely transformed and utilized in the superior levels of the human being.

Over the time men that used to make very intense intellectual efforts have noticed that the lovemaking with ejaculation decreases their mental force and the power to achieve fast progresses in their work. On the contrary, the lovemaking practice with continence offers a huge resource of mental, physic and spiritual, necessarily for supporting very intense and long lasting efforts.


The sublimation is the inner moving of the energy resulted through biological transmutation, at the superior levels of the human being. The energy moving is realized level by level (chakra by chakra) and drives to the modifying of its vibration frequency. In this way it provokes specified effects at every level.

By sublimation, the sexual energy is directed in other levels of the human being (vital, psychic, mental or spiritual level) in order to be used in a non-sexual purpose.
We could do an analogy between the human being’s subtle alchemy, which is represented by biological transmutation and sublimation of the released energies, and the generation of the electric energy in a hydroelectric power plant. The water from an accumulation lake having a controlled falling will put in motion the turbines and so becoming a continue source of electricity.

Analogically speaking, the water from the accumulation lake represents sexual “materials” (sperm in man’s case and ovum in woman’s case). The control of the water falling represents the conscious control of sexual pleasure during lovemaking and the transformation of the water’s potential energy in kinetic energy is the transmutation phase that generates a huge energy. Then the mechanical energy is transformed in electrical energy. This is the sublimation process, through which a type of energy is transformed in energy with a higher vibration frequency.

In the same manner as the electrical energy is transported by high tension lines in order to be used according the necessities, the sexual energy is transported through energetic channels to different levels of the human being. The transporting of electrical energy generates a large range of phenomena and processes (caloric, sonorous, lightening, magnetic, etc).

In the same way the traveling of energy through energetic channels generates a lot of phenomena corresponding to the human being intentions. For, example if you have a perfect control of the sexual energy, when you focus your attention at the cardiac plexus during lovemaking with your lover, you feel a lot of amazing sensations, such as euphoric dilatation, warm in the heart area, sensation of corporal contour removing, immersion in pure love.

Biologic transmutation is started by the totally aware control of the sexual function of the human being. The transmutation reactions gradually provoke the manifestation of a huge inner bio-magnetic energy.

The further process of inner moving and of modifying of these resulted energies is named sublimation. Within the sublimation the energies are modified from the point of view of their specific frequency; in their raising from chakra to chakra it generates specified effects at every level.

We can say that an erotic-sexual impulse is sublimated as much as the resulted energy is directed to a non-sexual purpose when the targets are psychic, mental or spiritual ones.
The sublimation is a process that generates subtle power, happiness, and ineffable harmony simultaneously with the euphoric integration of the human being in the sublime ambient of the Macrocosms.

Desires and Chakras

Tantra accepts desire as the first driving force of human soul, the same one to cause the appearance of the Universe. Consequently, Tantra does not ask its followers to give up desire. Other spiritual traditions recommend avoiding desire, even suppressing it. in fact such an attitude will only bring you to shackles, and it is therefore an obstacle in reaching higher consciousness.

The adepts of such doctrine try to overcome desire through asceticism or through burning the seed of desire in the fire of knowledge so that it wouldn’t grow. The result is paradoxical: in order to get to the state in which all desire disappear, you should have a very strong one – the one of being without any.

Tantra treats desires as natural and is based on the idea that as long as we have got a physical body, we’ll still have desires. Our sense organs are like windows for desires to get inside ourselves. It means that desires are created beyond our attachment to sensorial “food”.

All desires have a physical ground as a great number of electro-chemical impulses. The more we try to suppress them, the stronger they will become. Desires activate the hormones. Concentrating these substances in the blood can create a chemical disturbing or a disease.

Desires are directly connected to the six psychic centres known as chakras. While energy follows its natural course through different chakras it stimulates the hidden desires. These makes a person goes from a desire to another one in 24 hour.

The constant presence of the desire awakens both body and interest towards the object of desire. Most desires centre on the physical body and its comfort. People become slaves of their instincts. This is the most common and gross part of a personality and they become victims of agitation, loneliness, excitation, anxiety, dissatisfaction, selfishness and misery.

All religions and sciences that want to perfect the human behaviour try to solve these problems pleading for love towards abstract principles such as truth, compassion, benevolence, patience, self-sacrifice, altruism, pure affection and forgiveness. But we need practical methods to apply these principles. We cannot be happy only if we know that these ideals exist. We have to do something to become wise and happy.

Desires do not belong to the self, individual consciousness; they are connected to the main six chakras and can be classified in accordance to them. Chakras represent the place where the five subtle elements manifest themselves: akasha (ether or space), “air”, “fire”, “water” and “earth”. Their source is the subtle aspect called “MAHAT” (the cosmic mind).

In order to transcend the desires we have to transcend these elements. And this is possible only by waking up the latent energy (KUNDALINI), situated on the basis of the backbone.

We will now follow the relationship between the six chakras and their elements and different desires. The seventh chakra is situated beyond desire. This is the place of enlightened humans, of the self and individual consciousness.

  • MULADHARA – the area of the perineum – “earth” element – desire for security, physical comfort, biological necessities, shelter;
  • SVADHISTHANA – the sexual area – “water” element – desire for family, procreation, sexual impulses, and fantasies;
  • MANIPURA – the solar plexus – “fire” element – desire for immortality, longevity, name, fame, power, authority, and fortune;
  • ANAHATA – the cardiac plexus – “air” element – desire for good-heartedness; devotion, altruism, compassion;
  • VISHUDDHA – the carotid area – “ether element” – desire for purity, knowledge, and divine beauty;
  • AJNA – the middle of the forehead – “mahat” – desire for self-accomplishment and enlightenment;

In his book, “Secrets of Tantrism“, Serge Hutin compares different attitudes to that of a Tantric: “There are, on one side, people who eat and drink without thinking of the immediate consequences of their excess; these people are prisoners of their intemperate actions, of their unleashed cravings. You can compare them to the junkies who cannot free themselves from the terrible physiological and psychological slavery.

On the other side there are people who become experimented gourmands without falling into alcoholism and greed, who know how to appreciate refined dishes. You can’t mistake the man who is a passive slave of his passions, completely incapable of controlling them, with the one who knows how to become a gourmand of sensuality.”

Although Serge Hutin’s way of exposing things is not one of the happiest ones, we can see that “experimented gourmands” are those elevated spirits who can understand and apply the Tantric principles and manage to get to the supreme detachment right in the middle of life without having to avoid it but to integrate harmoniously in the universal harmony, in creation.

Rajneesh enlightens us with his profound vision regarding on how to transcend desire:
“Common mind destroys itself through its own desires. Yoga says, stop the desires; fight against the desires and become part of that you who is without desires. Tantra says to be aware of your desires. Don’t fight them. Move in the desire with a profound consciousness. Thus you will transcend it. You are part of it and yet you aren’t. You go through it but stay outside.

Accept yourself no matter what. Be aware of what you are. If you fight then your ego is present and will manifest strongly. And the more you fight, the stronger your ego will be. If you win, you will reach the supreme ego. Tantra says: do not fight. Then there will be no possibility for the ego to appear. If we do not understand Tantra then there will be a lot of problems because for common thinking if there is no fight then there must be a weakness. And then we will be afraid.

For example, you are angry. Tantra will never tell you: don’t be angry. It says be angry from the bottom of your heart, BUT be aware. Tantra is not against anger but it is against spiritual sleep, spiritual unconsciousness. Be conscious and be angry. This is the secret of this method. Your anger turns into compassion if you are conscious. So Tantra tells us: don’t approach that anger as your enemy. It carries around the seed of compassion.

The same energy that awakens anger, you may convert into compassion if you direct it correctly. So if you win the fight against this energy you will be a dead man. If you fight it, you won’t manage to transform it into compassion. There won’t be anger because you suppressed it. But it won’t be compassion also.

So be a friend of all energies that have been given to you. Receive them, as you should; be happy that you have anger inside, that you have sexual impulses, that you are greedy. Be grateful because they are hidden sources that can be transformed and then sublimated.

The seed is small and insignificant, even ugly at the beginning. But when it wakes up and flourishes then it becomes a great beauty. Do not throw the seed away because you will also throw the flowers that might come with it. You cannot see them yet; they haven’t manifested yet the way that you could see them. But they are there. So use the seed so that you can get to these flowers.”

Of course that it doesn’t mean that we should get angry each time we want to be compassionate. The exampleis meant to help us understand the fact that everything is transformed in the process of creation.

And also that by rejecting anything that surrounds us we do nothing else but deny a reality that has been given to us and which, regardless of our denial, manifests strongly. The essence of Tantric learning is that of sublimation and transforming these energies into elevated forms of manifestation like compassion, love, help and knowledge.

The main elements of these inner energies are attention and consciousness in each moment. The true inner feeling is the adequate answer to each stimulus, action or exterior energy.

The Power of Sexual Potion



Man’s greatest achievement consists in turning his sexual energetic potential into superior creativity and psycho-spiritual energy. They ensure his rapid evolution.

Retaining sperm is the first step a man must take in order to reverse the cycle where he pays an exorbitant and useless price for his sexual satisfaction, without getting to experience ecstasy.

Many diverging opinions have emerged across time, regarding the secret sexuality potion. The sages of the East have understood a long time ago that the controlled and loving sexual act can lead to making up the latent powers of mind and body.

The act of love has always been considered gainful, spiritualising, a spring of happiness. The Taoist masters have discovered the principles of immortality in it.

By exercising your control over certain muscles, tendons and tissue in the inferior part of your body and by transmitting the genital tension through the entire body, you can retain the seminal fluid.

You will experience intense and various feelings of pleasure at the same time. The states of happiness you may reach through this kind of lovemaking are completely different from the common physical pleasures. The intensity of these feelings is so great sometimes that they may even wake up spiritually the person who experiences them.

A man who is the master of this method will discover a completely different kind of outlook on sexuality and will see on his own the extent to which his life has changed for the better. The couple becomes a generator of huge quantities of energy.

By using this method you will be able to make love more often, not to mention the psycho-mental effects that will affect your relationship in a totally beneficial manner. Moreover, the spiritual effects of this method are not to be overlooked.

You can estimate that a man ejaculates approximately 5000 times in a lifetime, the equivalent of 15 litres of sperm. The statistics give us details about the ejaculating frequency of a common American.

15 3
16-20 3,5
21-25 4
26-30 3,5
31-35 3
36-40 2,5
41-45 2
46-50 2
50-55 1,5
56-60 1


Let’s think of KINSEY’S estimating 5000 ejaculations in a lifetime (this is a statistic from the fifties). In order to find out the quantity of the seminal fluid that is lost normally:

5000 x 3 cmc (fluid) = 15000 cmc

This means approx. 15 litres of seminal fluid. A man looses approx. 2-5 cmc during a normal ejaculation. This quantity contains 200-500 million of individual sperm cells.

This is an amazing statement. In a common ejaculation 2-5 million spermatozoa are discharged/eliminated. Distributed to 250 million eggs, one single ejaculation might generate the actual population of USA. By multiplying it with 5000 ejaculations, we get the numeric indicator of the seminal power.

A man ejaculates a quantity large enough to create a trillion human lives. There is the capacity in a man of creating a quantity of energy 200 times bigger than the atomic bomb. If this huge reserve of psychic energy would be directed towards love and harmony, the inhabitants of our planet would have been eternally happy.

Western scientists might find this idea amusing. In fact, anybody might find it amusing! To say that in the sperm of a single man exists a huge vital potential might appear as bordering insanity.

Nevertheless, despite the apparent utopia and lack of common sense this is the truth! By keeping this force within us, we will be able to assimilate huge quantities of energy and to focus them on our inner capacities.

Consequently, if this energy is assimilated inside, the effects of this assimilation can differ from one individual to another. There are not two people having the same reaction or the same type of energy.

Some people develop their physical force more than others; they are more resistant to certain diseases. Other people use this huge potential to evolve spiritually. Whatever direction you take, you have got the capacity of substantially enriching your active life by adapting creatively to the environment.

The actions and reactions of many men are still confined by the influence of their biological instincts. But when they reach a higher level of understanding, the achievement of the ultimate freedom will prevail over the influence of instincts.

This is not against our nature. We are created with the power of cultivating our energy to a level where the rule of the physical body is a very simple thing.

Men have conceived the nuclear weapon and have sent people to the Moon. Then why shouldn’t we use our mind in order to rule and control our body, which is closer than the Moon?

Scientific explanations are so unimportant compared to the capacity of creating 4 billion unique human beings, each of them with creative intelligence. Modern theoretical physics admits that today it is impossible to analyse the ecstatic act of creation.

Quantum physics accepted the perspective that there is no physical particle on the basis of creation of the world. There are only multiple universes of space and time, brought together in the infinite formatting energetic fields.

Sexual energy is a field of force generated inside the body that interacts with great cosmic fields through complex processes and phenomena of resonance. The scientists of today cannot understand this connection, not even today.

But there is no reason that says we should wait 500 years for science to explain us sexuality, while each human is able to experience his own manifestation of the sexual energetic field.

Eastern masters were true scientists with a true power of introspection and self-analysis, who devoted their lives to human evolution through spirituality. Each generation has tested the practices that have been transmitted to them and tried to enrich them.

The methods have changed in time, but the principle remained the same: the seminal power is a gigantic force and men can use it any time they want to. The subtle essence of seminal substance is the “fuel” that helps the conscious spirit expands to infinite.

Transmutation – The Mysterious Key Of Sexual Alchemy

In nature, the chemical elements combine in ways that suffer permanent transformations. The atoms of different chemical elements can suffer reactions of transmutation (natural or artificial). Thus a nucleus loses or wins one or more protons by modifying its structure and becoming an atom of another element.

A generally accepted idea states that living organisms assimilate, change and transport chemical elements without the opportunity to cause their transmutation. They can only synthesize and decompose a large scale of chemical compounds in which there are more than 60 chemical elements, in different quantities.

Contrary to this opinion, which has endured for more than 200 years, several experiments have proved that living organisms have the possibility to transmute the atoms of different elements by themselves.

The biological transmutation is the process through which a living organism produces, by itself, a chemical element from another chemical element (with slow energy discharges), under certain circumstances.

In 1799 the French chemist Vauquelin had fed a hen with oat and water in a controlled environment andfound out that it excreted 5 times the quantity of food it ate. In 1822 the English chemist Prout observed that a hen’s egg has 4 times the quantity of calcium than a fertilized one.

The German chemist Von Herzeele made systematic research on the germination of the oat seeds and on the variation of calcium quantity during germination, in 1875-1883. In 1970 Doctor Long observed the variation of several elements (Na, K, Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe) during the barley seeds germination.

From 1959 the French scientist Louis Kervran has made a lot of systematic research on biological transmutation on different organisms and in different conditions, including research on human sexuality.

He gathered a lot of data that pleads for the existence of this phenomenon. He reached the conclusion that in case of transmutation on sexual potential of humans these processes can be caused and controlled at will.

BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATIONS REPRESENT AN AMAZING REALITY, although modern physics has clearly and without a doubt showed that elements’ transmutation cannot be obtained unless there are being used the great ENERGIES, which are capable of breaking the forces that keep the nucleons within their well-determined structure.

But certain experimental researches have certified that the transmutation can appear both at vegetal organisms and animal ones within their metabolism, even if there are weak energies involved.

The transmutation processes on humans, at a low quantity of energy, take place constantly and continuously, more or less intense, under the forms of metabolism, sexual processes, erotic experiences, emotional states, mental activities and spiritual experiences.

A lot of experiences lead to the conclusion that the entire human body is in fact an atomic miniature factory where there are discretely produced chemical elements needed by the body, through transmutations at a low quantity of energy.

At the same time there are also being produced huge energies that make possible an unbelievable scale of extraordinary phenomena like: paranormal abilities, superior states of consciousness, phenomena of sublimation of certain energies, the increasing of intelligence, profound happiness, constant euphoria etc.

It is a way to continuously use the sexual “substances” (sperm in case of men and sexual fluids in case of women) due to a constant control, during some intense erotic experiences. It means the same thing as “food” that turns gradually into energy that would be sublimated. Then this basic energy is sublimated in other types of energy according to human being’s intentions.

The biologist L. KERVRAN confirmed for the first time through a series of experiences the reality of the biological transmutation of weak energies. According to his demonstrations, the transmutations take place continuously as well at live vegetal organisms as at animal ones, with slow discharges of huge quantities of energy.

His essential works in this mysterious field have been published in French in the MALOINE Publishing House. Their titles are “Proofs on the Existence of Biological Transmutations” and “Transmutations at Weak Energies”. This scientist has said that the biological transmutation presents a lot of “enigmatic” aspects.

After careful research made by getting into the intimacy of the physic-chemical processes that take place at the cells level, KERVRAN got to the conclusion that these transmutations TAKE PLACE IN MITOCHONDRIA (cellular component that secretes enzymes).

Except for the aspects that we have already specified, the possibility of producing transmutations at weak energies, following the model offered by Nature, leads to multiple benefactor implications. It contributes to the opening of new horizons, quite worthy of paying attention to.

In the following, we will briefly analyse a few phenomena correlated in the complex universe of the human being with the biological transmutation processes at low energies.

Though Eastern yogis and some wise people from the West who practiced very successfully the true biological ALCHEMY in their own bodies had known and applied these secret ways thousands of years ago, only in the last decades there has been discovered the existence of certain physic-chemical processes that are in opposition with classical principles of matter conservation.

Being overwhelmed by these enigmas, those scientists limited to state without explaining certain unusual results. The atoms of human body contain a huge energy that can be awakening gradually, and can also be controlled and used through the transmutation and sublimation of the sexual potential processes.

This can take place during the frenetic erotic experiences, totally controlled through sexual continence. At the base of these performances there are certain proceedings learnt through the secret Tantric learning.

Nowadays it is well known that EVERY ATOM OF OUR PHYSICAL BODY contains a gigantic energy, the equivalent of 200 million eV. In certain conditions, these colossal energies may be controlled at will, allowing the human being to resort to fast ways in order to gradually free the power that is “chained” in the atoms of the human body.

Owing to the biological transmutation we can have the energy necessary to experience extraordinary paranormal phenomena, the awakening of Kundalini and even the divine ecstasy.