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9f80dedd77f9637befae2068cd7f7530Anne tells us: “I discovered, by chance, during an extra-powerful orgasm, that I had physical capacities I did not even dream of. At the moment of the climax, I expressed my pleasure through an “ejaculation“.


It is a very powerful pleasure, which I feel tempted to live again and again, despite the shame that came with it.

I have a relatively normal sex-life and I would have never spoken if I did not notice an abnormal reaction of my organism. I can make it happen at will, but it worries and disturbs me.

I did not dare go to a doctor and get his professional opinion. One day, when I was supposed to meet a legal consultant, I was wrong about the hour of the meeting and I got there earlier than settled. The secretary left me waiting alone, in an isolated room.

What followed was the waiting, boredom, or habit? The answer is uncertain. It is sure however that an irresistible desire to masturbate overwhelmed me. I resisted for a long time, but I felt my clitoris erect. Any move I performed excited me even more.

Unable to resist this drive, I opened my dress, turned my back to the door and I began to masturbate. I had a powerful orgasm in no time, but my hand would not stop, continuing its massage.

A second orgasm, even more intense than the first one came, and in that very moment I heard the sound of an opened door. And the event occurred. Could it have been the shame of being caught, or the fear that got into me? I do not know.

Anyhow, my orgasm dissociated, overwhelming my as a huge wave. I flooded my hand and the chair at the same time. I sat back immediately, and I realized that luckily the opened door was not that of the room I was in, but that of a neighboring room. I was quite disturbed and confused about the liquid that sprung from me and I thought it was urine.

I cleaned everything, of course, but I was stunned. To clear what has happened I tried to reproduce the phenomenon at home, but the result was not satisfying. Then I recreated a situation in which there was the danger of being caught and… eco! The same result: an tremendous orgasm and the “flood”.

The problem is that for this orgasm to occur, as well as the flood, I had to be in the position of being caught, which really is not my type, because I am not an exhibitionist.

I even took samples from the flooding liquid and I took it to a lab, pretending that it was a friend’s urine. I thought it was not normal for a 38-year old woman to pee herself during the orgasm.

On the day of the results, the lab informed me that the friend had not sent urine to analyze, it was something else they did not know and consequently they could not run the tests.

On the other hand, after those orgasms I felt emptied and I got back to my usual “me” after an hour or two.

My question is: If this is not urine, than what is it? It does not look like the lubrication liquid in neither color, nor consistency. It does not seem to have come out of the vagina, because after the “flood”, the think, dense and whitish lubricating liquid is on its place.

Another question would be why did the emotion of being caught made me experience such a powerful orgasm? This somewhat created a state of repulsion in me, as it looks so ridiculous. This pleasure is complete, and so powerful that I was ever tempted to do it again and again, despite of the shame I was feeling. At the same time, the risk of being caught was a real terror.

Miss Trick’s answer: From what you tell us, you have had ejaculations of liquid coming from the sur-urethral glands. These glands of the prostrate type exist in women in the area of the urethra. You seem to have very important sexual pulsions, since you say you masturbated in your counselor’s waiting room.

The fact that you were risking being caught placed you in a particular situation, which most likely triggered a powerful orgasm. It is possible that during this orgasm occurred also a contraction of the pelvis and consequently the content of the urethra was eliminated.

Your observation that the liquid came from the urethra, not from the vagina was correct. You finally describe a phase of exhaustion that made it impossible for you to have an orgasm during the following few hours.

This phase you described is very similar to the post-ejaculatory processes that occur in the case of men. You seem to have a great sexual assurance, which allows you to put in practice, more than other women, your most exotic and daring fantasies.


Virgil tells us: “I made my lover experience a very powerful orgasm, so powerful that she “ejaculated”. Going beyond our surprise, it was an experience we performed again, because at this point nothing else could satisfy her.


I read in a magazine the stories of other women with similar experiences. In the moment of the orgasm appeared a liquid clear as water. The event was ironically named “explosive orgasm” or “U.F.E” – unidentified feminine ejaculation.

I could not believe what I was reading, until it happened to us. Our erotic life had begun for about a month or two, when one night, while I was doing cunnilingus on her, she emitted a liquid that surprised both of us. The same ejaculation occurred when I used my fingers to stimulate her.

I realized oral stimulation is very pleasant for women because it creates very powerful sensations for them. I also noticed that every few minutes she would release a liquid that always surprised me.

My lover experienced these emissions in a very intense manner, and I felt that during those moments for her existed only that immense pleasure in which she floated. Finally, she was completely exhausted and incapable of the slightest gesture.

She needed at least three days before being able to start again. What I do not understand is why this phenomenon occurs only in some cases. I heard a lot of talking about the G-spot, and therefore I wanted to know if there are women who reach the results I mentioned immediately, and if the specialists know anything about this.”

Miss Trick’s answer: The phenomenon we mentioned in the previous articles, kalas are barely accepted, even by the women who experience them. Among the 40 women there were few whose stories were particularly interesting.

In their cases, it was obvious that what happened was not ejaculation. During lovemaking they experienced sensations of an extreme voluptuousness, and they felt their vagina was filled up with a liquid whose provenience they could not explain.

This is a very seldom phenomenon, but which is very clearly mentioned in the entire Eastern literature (see Kama Sutra, Ananga Ranga).

Consequently, female ejaculation is similar to male ejaculation, the effects are almost identical: sudden loss of the erotic appetite, exhaustion, need to sleep.

We do not recommend feminine ejaculation any more than we recommend male ejaculation. In both cases, the sexual energy is lost, and the repetition of this process leads to sickness, exhaustion, and accelerated aging.

The kalas do not represent a loss of the sexual energy, they are physical confirmations of certain intense states of pleasure and beatitude experienced by certain women, exceptionally endowed from an erotic point of view.

Sonya tells us: “I always enjoyed lovemaking. Now I met the man of my dreams. One night, while making love, something very odd occurred: I was very aroused and nothing interested me from the outer surroundings. It was as if I had entered into another world. I did not perceive the walls of my room, I felt only an endless space in which the two of us were making love.


All of a sudden, I felt a liquid flooding my vagina. I had no idea what that was. I felt that a well of life was springing from me. I wanted to stop, but it felt so good that I kept on moving and feeling my lover deeper and deeper inside of me.

He also was surprised by the turn of the events. Nothing else beside our lovemaking seemed to matter for him as well. I felt as if floating in another world. We stopped after two hours or so.

It was the first time when we managed to make love for such a long time. I do not know what that was, but I’d really like to find out so we can do it again. And again. And again…”

Miss Trick’s answer: It is obvious that you experienced an ecstatic state of consciousness during lovemaking. You could maintain your consciousness in this state because of the intense orgasm that you felt. Your immersion in orgasm for a long time determines the occuring of kalas.

Spring Women, Myth Or Reality?

Did you know that the women have also the capacity to ejaculate? Did you know that there are women named “spring-women” who have very special sexual secretions, abundant and different from the ejaculatory fluids? Which is the difference between the lubrication liquid, the ejaculation liquid and the feminine exceptional erotic secretions known as “kalas”?


In our society, the sexual education is quite deficitary. Very few people have the minimum of necessary knowledge to what sexuality is concerned.

This education that is lacking is in fact at the basis of a person’s future erotic experience because this education helps a person to be naturally open towards one’s own body and towards one’s own sexuality.

Generally, women have two types of orgasms: clitoral and vaginal. They may experience one or the other or a combination of the two. Clitoral orgasm occurs through the stimulation of the clitoris, is very powerful, but is also superficial.

Vaginal orgasm, including also the stimulation of the G-point is perceived deeper, and offers an extraordinary sensation of pleasure all through the body.

The G-point is located behind the pubic bone, on the abdominal side of the vaginal wall. Introducing the finger inside the vagina, you may feel that the tissue has a different texture in that area, and there are some folds. This is the urethral sponge, the analogue of the prostate in man, having the same structure of the pleasure organ.

The G-point may also be stimulated from outside the body, through the pressure of the inner abdomen, right above the pubic bone.

Some very sensual women may experience cervix orgasm, when the cervix opens up in the moment of the orgasm. This orgasm is the most profound and the most intense.

When a woman is very excited, her erectile tissue is filled with blood, and there is the possibility of ejaculation, due to the great quantity of energy accumulated in that area.

The prolonged stimulation of the area beneath the clitoris, on both sides of the urethral opening, continuing inside the vagina, to the G-point makes the woman experience intense and powerful orgasms.

The experts and scientist in the field of sexology had have endless debates on the margin of female ejaculation phenomenon.

There are very few women who can make the difference between the lubrication liquid, the ejaculation liquid, and certain liquids that appear spontaneously during lovemaking, named in the Eastern tradition kalas.

The ejaculatory secretions are clear and limpid. It is not urine, although the woman may feel as if she is about to urinate when the G-spot is stimulated.

Some people say that this secretion comes from the glands in the urethral wall. It may vary in quantity from several milliliters to several cups. A woman may have several orgasms and still continue to ejaculate over a long period of time.

Due to the lack of sexual education, women often think that they have urinated when in fact they ejaculated. Other sexologists consider that the ejaculating liquid in the case of women is a mixture of lubricating liquid, liquid from the paraurethral glands, liquid from the Bartholini glands and a small quantity of urine.

The feeling of exhaustion following the feminine ejaculation is similar to that perceived by men after intercourse ended with ejaculation.

The tantric tradition sustains that there are women who experience very special states of mind during lovemaking and during these states are also manifested some special liquids named kalas.


The problem is to determine whether these special liquids known as kalas coincide with the ejaculatory liquid or it is something different.

First of all, let us analyze the states and perception of the women who experienced such states: when experiencing an erotic state of such magnitude that it leads to the manifestation of the kalas, the women confessed a deep state of fulfillment, satisfaction, and inner contentment, doubled by an increased erotic appetite, whereas in the case of women who related ejaculatory experiences, the erotic desire decreases, and even disappears for a certain length of time.

Until recently, modern sexologists including Masters and Johnson sustained the theory according to which feminine ejaculation did not exist. However, most recent studies indicate the opposite.

The women need to know their sexual potential, because if they know it, they may apply and use it in several ways, probably the most important at the actual stage of development in our society being the therapeutic use.

Through lovemaking certain old emotional blockages can be eliminated and the woman may experience enhanced erotic pleasure.

From an esoteric point of view, the sexual feminine nectar is associated to AMRITA, the famous “immortality nectar” of the Gods, or the “water of life” known to the initiate people of the Tantra, Taoism, Sexual Magic and Inner Alchemy.

The sexual potential of the woman’s body including the secretion of the sexual fluids was an important secret, revealed only to the worthy ones.

This potential, awakened through certain practices such as the control of the circulation of the sexual energy, and special mediation techniques becomes the vehicle leading one to the spiritual awakening.

The question is how can one differentiate between the two types of orgasm and consequently the two types of liquid, ejaculatory or kalas.

Certain women ejaculate during a very powerful orgasm. However, the studies of this not so frequent phenomenon do not always allow the positive identification of the process that lead to the elimination of the liquid. In certain cases there are glandular secretions, in others simply the relaxation of the bladder.

What are the kalas compared to the ejaculatory liquid?
In certain exceptional moments, when the woman experiences spiritual states the subtle sexual and spiritual energy becomes material and takes the form of the famous kalas. Whatever its origin, this manifestation is the indication of a very intense and special sensuality and feminity.

The Department of Sexology of the University of Quebec, Montreal, conducted a very serious study on this matter in 1998. Small announcements were published in newspapers urging women who had such manifestations to contact the researchers.

40 women answered the announcement. Scientific caution advised the scientists to replace the term “ejaculation” with “expulsion”, during the first inquiries.

The results are as follows: the feminine ejaculation, the corresponding process of male ejaculation has nothing to do with lubrication, because the women have above the urethra glands similar to the men’s prostrate.

The researchers tried to determine whether the liquid eliminated by the women resembled to the prostate liquid. If this theory proved correct, the volume of the eliminated liquid could not surpass the volume-capacity of these glands.

In order to establish a relationship between the feminine and masculine ejaculation, the researchers have agreed on the fact that both the quantities and the quality of the examined liquids are similar.

Another theory on feminine expulsion refers to a possible relaxation of the bladder. Usually the feminine orgasm is followed up by a deep relaxation of the pelvic area, which may determine a small quantity of urine to pass through.

The researchers have analyzed the samples brought in by the women subject to the study, and the results were quite controversial. They researchers did not have enough genuine material to work upon, because in the lab only two of the women masturbated and allowed the liquid to be analyzed.


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