Special Tantric Techniques

Force, as it is said in most TANTRIC texts, comes out from deep knowledge, which, in its turn proceeds from direct experience. Therefore, it is necessary to begin with the simplest techniques, and then go on gradually to the most intricate ones.

Some of the training techniques appear very simple in the beginning, but they should not be passed over superficially. Each part of the Tantric techniques presented here should be performed exactly as described, in all details, even if some of them may appear unnecessary, or even not entirely “logical”. The rhythm of a person’s individual evolution largely depends on the ardour and perseverance in the training. Thus, some will reach faster the supreme capacity of transmuting entirely their erotic energy in psihomental force, reaching thus superior states of consciousness, extraordinary capacities (SIDDHI-s), and much improved accomplishments in the field of the daily life.

The training practices are structured according to a 3-steps model:

1.- the enhanced perception,
2.- the perfect control,
and 3.- the masterly direction of the force.

Out of these, the control of the sexual energy is the most important for the beginners, and should be brought to perfection; the stage of perception will interest specially those who have problems in this sphere (cases of frigidity, for instance). The direction, as last stage, represents the logical continuation of the process of control, allowing the spiritual use of this highly amplified sexual energy.

The techniques are of two kinds: individual techniques, and techniques for couples. The individual techniques address to beginners, when alone. However, they should not be deemed as being themselves a goal, serving only as instruments for reaching certain accomplishments; therefore, as soon as proficiency in their practice is achieved they may, and shall be abandoned in favour of the superior Tantric techniques for couples. However, first one must reach a certain mastery in their performance, as it has been said. The above mentioned specification has several reasons,.out of which one of the most important is that the so-called individual practices have common points with the process of masturbation, which is nowadays so much widespread in the West (to the point of vast abuse). Although modern society teaches youngsters “masturbation techniques”, as well as its presumable advantages, the age-old Tantric Tradition does not share at all the
same view. There are, besides the loss of energy brought about by ejaculation or explosive orgasm, a lot of other factors that indicate masturbation as a negative habit, but the discussion of these factors is too large for the possibilities of a beginners’ course. Suffice it to say that it may create phenomena of partial autism, or isolation from the Reality, develops certain forms of egoism, and a certain artificiality of behaviour. Actually, as anyone will be able to note by the practice of these techniques, there is a great difference between the lone sexual training, and the outer reality – the “world” – the communion between two lovers in an effervescent sexual play.



of awareness (perception)

The sounds: AUM
. Learn them, and use them only in connection with these techniques.
They may be tuned with loud voice, uttered barely audibly, or best may be repeated mentally. The YANTRA
of one’s own imagery, or creative imagination should accompany the MANTRA.

“MAHAKALA looked upon the mirror-reflection of the body that KALI
had given to him. And he touched gently his body, to know the sensations of pleasure
that sprang from it. And KALI directed his touch, and taught him all there was
to know.”

You know what your body looks like, but precisely because living with it everyday you may not appreciate it at its real value, of sensitive and sensual organism. TANTRA urges you to get to know your own body in the “Tantric manner”, a more uninhibited method.

Stand nude in front of a large mirror. Focus your attention on your lips, and bring the index and middle fingers of your right hand to your lips. Imagine that another person is generating these sensations to you, and repeat the Awareness MANTRA once. Now bring your left hand to the nipple of the right breast. Concentrate
on the form of the nipple. Realize your sensitivity. Feel the nipple harden. After you repeat two Awareness MANTRA-s, move the hand away. Let you left arm drop to your side. Now gently stimulate your left breast with your right hand, while repeating twice the Awareness MANTRA. Now fold your hands and let them relax against the abdomen, just below the navel. Say the MANTRA. Parting your hands, slide them downward, through the pubic hair. With the index finger and thumb, encircle your penis at its base, and tighten your fingers around it while you repeat the Awareness MANTRA. Then move your hands away from the penis, without touching any other part of it. Relax the arms. This has been phase one of the technique.
Now close your eyes. Concentrate on the detailed YANTRA-image of yourself in the nude – your reflection in the mirror. If you have trouble in establishing the image, open your eyes and look again at the reflection of your body in the mirror.


Touch your lips, nipples, and penis again. Repeating the touch will help fix the image in your mind. Eyes closed, repeat the sequence. Touch your lips with thefingers, while mentally picturing that the hands touching your lips belong to someone else. Repeat the MANTRA as you do this. Then move your right hand fingers to your left breast, stimulating the nipple as before, maintaining the image of someone else’s fingers touching the nipple. The sensation of pleasure will enhance as you say the MANTRA. Do the same thing with the right nipple, and then slide the hands downward, with the YANTRA of the image of someone else’s fingers grasping the base of your penis, applying a slight pressure.
Now repeat the technique yet another time, with your eyes closed, but this time imagine that the hand is yours but it is touching the lips, nipples, and penis of someone else. Let your fingertips sense the soft outline on another’s lips; your fingers sense the hardening of the nipples of another person’s breast; your hands slide through the pubic hair; your fingers encircle the base of a penis belonging to another person – all exploring the body of someone else. This deceptively simple technique is both relaxing and stimulating. If you practise it in the morning, it will make you feel sensually alive and well all day. When repeated in the evening, it will put your body in a state of restful relaxation.

Meditation and Lovemaking, Part 2


The ordinary, common vision of life, as we were accustomed to embrace comprises a broad range of discursive attitudes we might consider “normal.” However, the Tantric eroticism proves that this kind of “inner discourse” has to be reduced at least to the level where it does not prevent, distort nor inhibit the emotional intimacy between the two lovers, as well as the access to the mystical experiences.

Nevertheless, it is a fact of common knowledge that verbal communication and even language can spring from a non-discursive state of mind. The acts of speech, listening, reading and writing, even the soliloquy can be spontaneous, in which case they do not cause any interference or disturbance to the proper experience.

The JNANA YOGA System, a cognitive form of meditation, which is the origin of the Zen System, introduces us to a method of spontaneous, natural use of language that we get into without a precise definite aim. For example, if we listen someone who’s talking, we will understand clearer what he/she tells us if we don’t use our discursive way of thinking, analyzing and labeling after each sentence we hear.

Owing to this silent attitude of the mind, called RESERVATUS MENTIS, the perceptions are highly accurate, and one may get to sense even the most insignificant trifles. In order to achieve this mental state, Yogis concentrate on different areas of the body, on certain mantric sounds, or perform different positions according to the specific path they follow (HATHA YOGA, LAYA YOGA, JNANA YOGA, KUNDALINI YOGA etc.).

The role of these exercises they practice is to calm and relax their mind. These exercises are also useful for tensed, stressed out people whose work implies the excessive use of the discursive, logical aspect of their minds, that is there occurs an overuse of the left part of the brain.
However, if we get to think about these exercises, we will soon find out that them may easily appear sort of boring compared to the joy, passion, effervescence and intensity of the erotic game.

And what wouldn’t be boring compared to that? This is the most beautiful and transfiguring part of life. Eroticism has often proved to be the quickest, easiest and most natural way to reach mystical experiences and great spiritual achievements by people aware of what they do and of what they want.

Mystical experiences occur because of a spontaneous and complete absorption of the consciousness and focus on each moment of the erotic fusion, casting away thoughts regarding future goals, sexual compatibility, or any other subjects which may come to your mind. Deliberate abandon in the erotic experience has as a direct effect mental stillness and the intense experience of the Yoga state.

Eastern traditions are very clear when they say that a complete experience of one or even several sensations induces a state of mental relaxation, state in which both lovers may easily perceive the blissful state of pure love.

Often this truth can be translated in different ways. Like Henri Maspero said, “For Taoists the place of the wisdom and the spirit is the heart and not the brain.” Symbolically, the brain is the organ of language, theories and faith, and its use is obvious and beyond question, but at the same time, it does not have the qualities of the heart which is the organ of intuition and direct perception.

The Taoists knew then, as we know now, that this distinction does not actually refer to the actual brain and heart, the organs, so to speak, but to two different ways of “thinking”, conceiving and acting.

The main feature of the Tantric approach to life and experience is, according to Eliade, the anti-ascetic and anti- speculative attitude, the full implication of senses without analyzing and labeling our feelings. This does not mean, however, that if we are to practice a Tantric exercise, or engage in a Tantric act of love, we will not know what we feel. Quite the opposite! Tantra has been called “the one who sets us free from Maya” and it is rightfully so!

In this case, Maya is the illusion and the magic of words, language, concepts and speculations. Generally there is confusion between reality and the way it is described, between an area and its map, between food and menu etc. The menu has its value, but still it is not nourishing.

When we make love, when we stop thinking, there is always something very interesting: we are capable to perfectly concentrate on the present and on what is going on. This is when the past and the future do not interfere with us any more and yet they are apart of each other, in a superior way, like two drops of rain that come together in an unique, transparent drop.

The same way, the two lovers experience the ecstasy and there is union, a real communication issue, not symbolic or incomplete, but capable of going further to the superior fusion with the ultimate reality, to the state of Yoga.



Mental Concentration During Lovemaking, Part 2


As much as we focus ourselves on our own sensations and experiences, they become in this way more and more refined; we start to perceive all the senses at once, without thinking about them in a mechanical way. Thus, the sensations will be totally perceived as if we listen a symphony of life.

Feeling more and more often and profound the non-discursive experience of the sensations, we understand that we have this capacity and it is natural. Only the inner dialogue and the mental excitation interfere, hiding that direct and simultaneous ecstatic conscience of the all senses.

At this step, the direct perception makes the pure subjectivity become identical with the pure objectivity and in this way there is no longer any difference between them, there is no longer any duality neither in perception, neither in sensation nor between the lovers. In this way the lovemaking gets an exceptional cosmic and spiritual value.


We have to empathetically experience what the lover feels while we touch her/him with our hands, caressing her/him with love, or doing anything else that is mutual accepted by both lovers, feeling in this moment what she/he likes or not.

We can feel the entire body, with all our body while we happily and lovely hug our lover, amplifying at maximum the intensity of the hug. As much as we concentrate more easily at the direct perception of the sensations, we will experience more various sensations in the entire body.

In this way, we will be able to experience with an ecstatic happiness the active and passive aspects of the touch, feeling in the same time, every caress, every point of contact with the lover, every given or received caress.

So we can feel what the lover experiences while we touch her/him. We will be surprised by the fact that we can perceive our lover’s sensations through our own hands or other body parts.

We can focus our attention either over the feeling experienced by the one that is touched, or over our feelings, or we can perceive both sensations in the same time.

The active and the receptive touch are identical experiences in essence; moreover when the merging of the lovers is amplified. The way in which the lover feels when she/he is touched is not different from the sensation felt by us through our hand, because there is a communication that gives birth to the same language.

The important element is to experience directly these states without saying, “it is soft, it is wet or hard” and by not letting any other comments, that can shadow the direct perception, interfere.


The taste sense is very well harmonized with the touch sense and with the smelling.
It is known that there is compatibility between the tastes of the lovers, and it is realized that this compatibility influences very much the sexual compatibility. The taste sense is connected with the subtle sexual centre of the human being – Svadhisthana Chakra, and that is why the taste’s compatibility of the lovers reflects their sexual compatibility; an amplifying of the tasting sensations immediately leads to awakening and accumulating sexual energy.


Through the smell sense can be felt either by ourselves, or together with out lover, we will enchant our natural perfume together with the added perfume, taking also into account the perfume of the soap, of the shampoo, of the room and also the perfume of the air.

It is important to know how to choose the perfumes and the essences that can accompany us in our erotic games, so that we can be magnetically attracted by the savour of our body smelling or of the smelling of the atmosphere created by us.


The visual sense is also very important because the eye perceives in semi-darkness too, often even with more profound echoes in the human being- the colours, the forms, the clothes, the brightness and the reflection of the bodies, of the hair or of the ornaments.

Often, during lovemaking the face becomes brighter being itself an expression of the happiness, of the generosity and of the ecstatic fulfilment.

While we are watching, we let the images come to our eyes and we spontaneously abandon ourselves in perceiving all that is in our visual field, without identifying each thing. Our eye can be fixed anywhere it wants to. It is the case of staring (keeping the eyes open but without seeing) that constitute the magical and intimate frame of where we are making love.

Then we can fix our eye over a detail, that becomes dear, important and saint, and at the end we will be back to the seeing of the all. Then we can focus our attention at something else, by spontaneously sending it the magnetism of our look.


There is no limit in what we can create or feel during the erotic game. Each of these generates a sensation, a reaction, and an emotion that doesn’t need a future description.

The sounds emitted by each of them, the breathing, the laughter, the groan, the noise of the lips and the tongue, the voice music when there is something to be said, the love whispers, all of these can amplify the erotic desire and experience.

We can feel the silent vibrations of our bodies that are hungrily touching each other as much as they are hugging full of love and harmony. In this way we become receptive to those pure, archetypal, divine sounds without needing to analyse their meaning. We simply hear them as a celestial music that brings happiness. In this way, we permit the sound to penetrate our ears without needing to comment on it.



Meditation and Lovemaking, Part 1


The relationship between the physical act of making love and meditation is not necessarily obvious at a first glance, but it is nonetheless real and extraordinarily powerful. If the act of lovemaking is approached as a mystical experience, it becomes indeed a form of yoga or meditation.
The implication of this statement is that a total absorption of the mind in the true, direct experience of love occurs between two people who really love each other, during an act of love.

In fact, it truly is an active and creative act, which fulfils the being on multiple levels (physical, psychic, mental and spiritual as well).

So, just like meditation, the act of making love without being involved in thoughts concerning the experience or any other things is what the Eastern tradition recommends in order to be able to reach a mystical experience in this manner. The fundamental key to succeed in transforming a common approach to sexuality into a mystical, elevated experience is to allow yourself to extricate your habitual thoughts during the sensual act of lovemaking.

The mental integration through sexuality in form of meditation is not different from specific yoga techniques. In fact, this approach should dictate our attitude in any kind of activity: eating, sleeping, breathing, cooking, walking, watching, making love, etc. It is also true that a meditative attitude attracts a lot of unbelievable results.

In fact, when we limit the discursive thinking processes we give our latent subconscious capacities the possibility to fully manifest themselves.

It gives our experiences great energy and at the same time a greater capacity to control this energies, not trough the rational mind, but through that super-conscious force, the expression of will and divine harmony reflected into the pure mirror of our consciousness, clear and untroubled by rational thinking, which is limiting, personal and egoistic.

Consequently, in order to turn an erotic experience into a spiritual one, one should try to stop what is usually termed as “rational thinking”. You may ask “why would I do that?” and the question would be reasonable!
The answer is because this kind of thinking known as “rational thinking” is limited and also sets limits to your experiences. And, as you may easily guess, one cannot know the infinite by being limited to the finite!
It is highly important that you stop this kind of reasoning for a while, still, simply setting the subconscious forces, sensations and experiences free is not really a mystical state. A mystical experience occurs generally when the erotic energy is sublimated and refined. The Super-Consciousness plays the most important role here, because it enlightens us and our experiences.

That is is also the reason for the great importance of another element – termed as transfiguration. This implies the active, real and creative belief in a certain “pattern” or divine archetype against the dark and shapeless background of the subconscious world. To be more clear, when being with or thinking about your lover (and you may extend the experience) see in him/her this divine archetype you have in your heart.

To see the god or the goddess beyond the ordinary image of the one you love, to unite with what he/she has sublime, this is transfiguration. Such a relationship leads to an elevated world and helps us experience the erotic act in the form of meditation. Through transfiguration the human is endowed with divine virtues.

In order to experience the spiritual ecstasy while we make love with sexual continence, traditional Eastern literature recommends that we eliminate our thoughts. Tantrism states that we have to open up to sexuality and approach it with “an empty mind”, a state called “the absence of mind” or “the pure mind”.

This recommendation has often been interpreted the wrong way, ad literam. If one does not examine this statement intelligently, he/she might believe that people who have had mystical experiences suspend their mental activity in order to remain in that state where they shut up for the rest of the world and go away from life.

However, the real sense of this recommendation is to stop a certain way of thinking, the rational, verbal, conceptual, theoretical one or in other words the one that evaluates and places things on a certain scale, with a certain label, based on logical representations.

This way of thinking makes each experience, perception or sensation be immediately labeled, expressed through words and given a philosophical, moral, positive or negative sense.
It is also associated with the left cerebral hemisphere and first it takes the form of an inner soliloquy.

In fact this way of thinking (so specific to our contemporary times) is not encouraged by ancient mystical writings, which even contain methods to minimize it in order to reach a state of balance and harmony between the two sides of the brain, the left one, logical, rational, discursive and the right one, intuitive, creative and esthetical.

When the intercourse practiced with sexual continence blocks the verbal way of thinking we become more conscious of what is really going on. We feel “we drink from the Fountain of Life”. That’s why Tantric tradition encourages us to live fully and directly any experience and thus to participate actively and creatively to the erotic fusion.

Thus we become more conscious and surrounded by that experience, without even trying to describe it in words while it lasts. During a Tantric erotic fusion lovers are a lot more aware of themselves because they do not think (as we normally conceive this term), but they allow themselves to be carried away by the natural flow. They do not allow experiences to be filtered through the limited “screen” of a soliloquy.

Any superior integration of an experience implies a capacity to contract and keep in mind several aspects of a problem. It is a lot more valuable than to analyze it piece by piece, in time. The possibility to perceive reality on different levels, from a cosmic perspective, is obviously the attribute of a human with a superior level of consciousness, capable of viewing reality from different angles. Thus a thing or a phenomenon may be analyzed from a vital, creative, sexual, volitional, affective, intuitive, mental or spiritual point of view.

Just like meditation, the erotic experience allows us to perceive things in a creative and intuitive way. Without describing each and every sensation and without thinking, “Oh, this feels good” or “I am in a very elevated state”, we can freely enjoy our experiences.

During the Tantric erotic game man and woman are open to sensations, they go deep into themselves and do not evaluate them, they just fully experience them. It is obvious that rational thinking remains integrated in the complex structure of such a state, but the mind is now capable of perceiving everything around without any kind of effort.


The “I Am” Feeling

Please read our disclaimer and make sure to consult your
yoga instructor before you use any information presented here.

In order to perform this simple and effective technique we need a mechanical hand watch. We should take it off and place it so that it reaches the height of our eyes.

Then, in a state of detachment, and calmness, we will begin to stare at the secondary hand of the watch, without any moments of pause. At the same time, as you stare of the secondary hand of the watch, focus your attention on your inner state.

In this manner, you will perform the synthesis of two apparently opposing attitudes, the expression of two opposed tendencies of your mind: an outward attitude, expressed through the staring at the watch, and an inner-directed one, expressed through the focus on your state of mind.

Along with this double focus, we have to focus also on the idea: “I am…(your name) and I am here now. I am.” We will try – as much as possible – to keep our mind focused only on this idea, while we follow detached and focused the secondary hand of the watch.

We stay perfectly aware of our person, of our name, of the place we are in. The mental repetition of our name should not lead to a superficial identification with our ephemeral “I”, but instead it should awake in us the consciousness of our unitary, divine consciousness.

For a better understanding of this technique, we mention that we do not need to keep in mind this idea in an “obstinate”, egoistic manner. Ultimately, this mental focus on the idea of “I” should become even non-verbalized, “felt”, perceived intuitively.

This exercise requires more than a simple thought about our existence, but the awareness of it. We should go beyond the thoughts and concepts to the direct, mysterious, and absolute knowledge of our existence.

At this level, we will notice that this revelation is perfectly accessible to us, and due to a spiritual intuition, this experience will awaken inside of us something bright, extremely important and real.

This very simple and important technique that will help anyone to get a step closer to the revelation of one’s self, makes us discover that it is perfectly possible for each of us to awaken and reach the real awareness of the Self.

Even at this level, we will have different thoughts. The images, feelings, aspirations will keep on coming and going, just as before, but we will perceive SIMULTANEOUSLY a different perception, just as a witness takes part detached and uninvolved to an event.

This witness-consciousness will become a permanence in our lives and it will awaken and amplify inside of us a supra-mental force meant to alter, analyze and even stop the flow of thoughts, images and so on.

This force is strong enough to catalyze the revelation of the divine self, Atman. Only at this stage, we may say that we have a stable inner structure, like an axis of our being, bringing along a real and perfectly aware consciousness of ourselves and of the world.

Thus, being detached and preserving this witness-consciousness, we may say that we are on the right path in distinguishing between the Supreme Self (Atman) and the illusion of this world.

The Secret to Successful Meditation

Many of us have noticed that when we try to focus on a certain issue, subject or phenomenon, most often our mind would not stay with us, wandering about to things we sometimes barely become aware of.

However, do not despair, as an adequate mental practice may solve this problem.

Focus is a special, disciplined form of attention, which implies a contraction in the field of attention, so that there is no interference of the irrelevant stimuli, which usually distract us. Our whole consciousness is now directed in one direction only, or in other words we are focused.

The benefits of a great power of concentration in the daily life are obvious:

You will be able to perform your duties more rapidly and effectively, and also to keep in mind more details associated to them. Most of the mistakes people usually do are caused by the lack of attention while performing a particular action.

Through practice you may train your mind to be more clear and insightful, regardless of the action itself. Thus you create the conditions for the mind to go back inwards, to the true source of existence, the divine Self, Atman.

You can learn to focus through practice, just as any other thing. Just as focusing is essential in meditation, training your attention to concentrate on one object only is the optimal way to attain great concentration.

Take a common word, for instance “tree” or “water”. Write it down on a piece of paper and then write the first word associated to the one you chose and that is associated to it.

Come back to your first choice and write down another word related to the first, return to the first one and so on, until you run out of related words.

After this, stick with the initial word, keep it in mind, and focus on it, without thinking about it. Continue the exercise for at least 15 minutes once a day, for a month in a row. By the end of the month, you will surely notice a greater capacity of mental focus.

1. The first essential step in the practice of meditation is concentration. The mind has to have an object to focus upon.

Whenever your mind “runs” away from the object you chose to meditate upon (be it because of boredom, unwanted thoughts, or tiredness) you have to bring it back gently, but firmly.

You can meditate on absolutely anything. Nonetheless, especially in the early stages of meditation it is recommended that you chose a simple and/or rhythmical object of meditation. Such an object is your breath. The breath is simple, and rhythmical, permanently getting out and then in, up and down, flux and reflux.

Moreover, the breath cannot be associated to a particular person or characteristic. It is the sustainer of life, vital to our existence, and still people have become so accustomed to it, they hardly pay any attention.


2. Find a quiet place and stay there, either in an asana or on a chair, important is to have your spine straight and the head on the same line with the spine.

Focus on your breath and keep this concentration steady, without any interruptions for as long as you can, refusing to let yourself be distracted by any thoughts or exterior events.

Perceive the air you inhale, the short break between inhalation and exhalation, the air you exhale, and the short following break – this time between inhalation and exhalation.

Do not intervene in the natural rhythm of the breath, let it flow by itself, and notice how it becomes more and more tranquil as your body and mind relax in meditation.

If you are beginners in the practice of mind focus, make the session last 5-10 minutes. Try to make the sessions daily and at the same time. After several weeks of practice, extend the time allocated to this issue to 15-20 minutes.

However, do not push things too much before their time. Meditation is not about forcing yourself, it is about being at peace with yourself and although it has certain connections to a kind of rigor, it has more to do with flexibility than rigidity.

CAUTION: It is also important that you realize that until you reach a certain degree of mastery in meditation, thoughts and emotions out of control will cross your meditation.

Do not be frustrated and do not pay much attention. Let them go through you, without allowing them to disturb your inner peace and focus. Do not fight them in an attempt of casting them away, but let them move through you.

Regardless of their apparent importance, do not hang up on them, and do not allow them to “flow” from one into another, distracting you in this manner.

Nonetheless, even when you realize you have been distracted, return to your meditation firmly, but gently. This gentleness is important, as your mind will never obey any “harsh” command, but will always go with the flow of a gentle direction.

Pay attention to your breath, be patient and avoid negative thinking. A wandering mind only proves an acute need for meditation, so that it finally calms down.

It is an indication of how little control you have over your mind at this point.

The key is the gratitude for that part of your consciousness that has signaled your distraction and that made it possible for you to return to your meditation.

Effective Techniques to Increase Attention



1. Examine one object in all its aspects and determine the various relationships between it and other objects in its vicinity. Analyze all its characteristics: composition, qualities, state, origin, destination, causes, effects, history, etc.

2. Examine a design or a plan containing a lot of details, and then reproduce as many of them as you can, first mentally, and then on paper, attempting to as remember all of them.

Focus on the main features of the item you selected, and then the secondary ones, so in the end you will end up by remembering even the smallest details.

3. Analyze in your mind visual impressions (objects you saw or landscapes you admired someday), things or songs you heard in the past, tactile sensations, and finally olfactive and gustative impressions.

4. Try to determine a person’s character or feelings according to the tones of voice, the shape of the body, characteristics of the physiognomy and the nature of their attitude and gestures.

5. Propose yourself to eliminate from your behaviour all useless, clumsy or mechanical gestures and replace them with balanced gestures.

6. Try to speak rarely, focusing on the idea you wish to express, and on the words you use. Make a habit of this exercise and remove all words with negative connotation from your vocabulary.

7. Suspend any movement of the body and any involuntary mental activity, in other words dismiss any uncontrolled, anarchic thoughts. Go back on the track of your thoughts to the point where they began, where there is no divergence, no duality and no agitation.

After all these exercises, appreciate the quality of your memories, so that you may appreciate your attention to its true value. Perform these exercises several days in a row and pay attention to your progress.

The last of the seven exercises we presented in this article rpresents a superior stage in the process of concentration of attention and ultimately it allows us to open up new inner universes, whose depths and vastness may enrich us tremendously.

Keep in mind: The focus of the mind is better if you have a definite purpose patience, tenacity, vigilance, and continuity in your fight against the mental disorder and agitation.

In time and with practice, the power of your mind increases, eliminating the useless preoccupations and desires. If additionally you practice mauna (the discipline of silence) for an hour or two each day, associated with pranayama, you will be soon surprised by the power you feel growing inside of you.

Caution: The power of the mind is practically limitless. Consequently, the more it is focused, the stronger it will become. The ultimate meaning of life is to focus on God. This is the supreme duty of any human being.

Maya, the cosmic illusion that makes us identify ourselves with our physical body, social position, name, reputation, and forget our divine essence hinders the importance of this duty from our eyes.

Or, in Swami Sivananda’s words:
“The total sum of all pleasures of this world is nothing compared to the exquisite bliss you experience in deep meditation and concentration. Do not abandon this practice. Continue it with patience, perseverance, happiness, tenacity and trust. Thus you will succeed.”

You Are What You Think

The physical body, along with the psychic is the servant of the mind. Just as the psychic, the physical body obeys the commands and operations of the mind, regardless of the fact that they may be conscious or unconscious.

Predominantly negative thinking will lead to sickness, misery, sadness, egotism. Under the influence of predominantly positive, intense, divine and beneficial thinking the body becomes youthful, radiating beauty and happiness.

Your specific way of thinking, be it pessimistic or optimistic is responsible for either good health or disease. Powerful, divine, elevating, uplifting thoughts, offering love, happiness and joy fortify your body and gives it vigor, charisma, youthful appearance, harmony, and grace.

The physical body is a delicate and complex instrument, which responds promptly to the predominant thoughts with which it is “impregnated”. The habits of thinking will produce, sooner or later corresponding and proportional effects on your physical body.

A kind, loving, compassionate, good heart will always result in a pure, happy, harmonious life, and a healthy, beautiful and pure physical body. A tainted heart triggers along a tainted life, and a sickened body.

Psychology teaches us that every type of conscious behavior is motivated by well-defined unconscious processes, whose cause we sometimes ignore, but which always acts. Any idea that appears in the sphere of our inner consciousness is caused by resonances determined by our conscious or unconscious, past or present actions.

Any person aware of the action on his or her evolution should draw mentally the ideal portrait of the person he or she desires to be, and to influence the subconscious in this direction. Thus, slowly, the oppositions between one’s aspirations and actions will disappear.

This “work” with one’s own person is not easy. It always involves time, perseverance, and patience, but the results are certain to make a visible difference. Moreover, we should mention that investing in yourself is the best investment you could possibly make.

In the following we offer you the capital with which you may start your investment, in the form of some beneficial suggestions that may be helpful in different circumstances.

1. FOR SUCCESS: “I am united with the Divine Source of all that is good and pure. The superior inspiration manifests plenary through my being. All beneficial actions I start are successful because I always rely on the Sublime and Infinite Cosmic Power.”

2. FOR HARMONY AND ABUNDANCE: “The harmony manifests plenary through my being and around me, and my happiness grows with each day. I feel I am walking the divine path of success and abundance. The Divine Infinite Power protects me all the time.”

3. FOR STRENGTH DURING A NEW DAY: “I thank with all my heart to the divine forces for this new day that I start under an auspicious sign. I am totally convinced that success will flow in my direction during this day.”

4. FOR DEEP SLEEP: “This wonderful day passed on smoothly, and offered me exactly what I needed. I thank with gratitude the divine spirit for wisely ordering my life. I give thanks for this night of sublime inspirations, which accelerates my access to wisdom.”

5. FOR EFFECTIVE PROTECTION: “The pure, beneficial white light of the divine consciousness surrounds and protects me from all that is impure. Its blissful presence inside of my being neutralizes all evil, as I have become invulnerable and invincible because of her help.”

6. FOR GREATER CAPACITY OF DIVINE LOVE: “Lord Almighty, I aspire full of humility and confidence to you, and I ask you to increase my capacity to love in a divine manner. Give me strength to love your work and creation with all my soul. I am within you, and please help me to be always aware of your divine presence inside of my soul.”

7. FOR PERFECT HEALTH: “The beneficial energies manifested in the whole universe impregnate me. They operate within me, giving me back my perfect health.”

Whenever you use one of these ideas, repeat it for a number of times, so that your subconscious becomes impregnated with a firm belief in it. After repeating it for several times, conclude the session with a clear visualization of yourself in the particular situation you want to be in.

For example, if you ask for perfect health, visualize yourself enjoying perfect health. Your visualization should be clear, with as many details as possible, and also bright.

Final recommendations:
To achieve certain success, repeat the idea you chose 21 times a day, for minimum two months.

Eliminate any passing doubt that may come your way.

Keep in mind a clear image of your success, even long before it happens.

These ideas (as well as others that you may compose for yourself in the same manner, filled with beneficial suggestions and designed for your particular purpose) are a fountain of happiness, success and joy in the measure in which you believe in them.

Keep a light-hearted, detached and relaxed attitude, and even though things will not fall into place from the very beginning, remember that victory comes to those who know how to wait. Therefore, patience and exercise are the keys to your success.


“The mind wonders and is always restless, hard to keep an eye on it, hard to be kept in check; be as the wise man who subdue it completely in the same way that the trainer subdues wild animals.”


The deep search of our inner universe is an extremely important step in our erotic evolution. The impurities and the subconscious psychic obstacles that put a brake to our spiritual progress will be eliminated only if the atmosphere between the two lovers is one of complete honesty and self-sacrifice. When we look inside ourselves in order to think about the SELF, we will find a whole new world.

Self-analysis will help our senses become more refined and elevated. On the contrary, sexual routine lead to the death of these senses and this is why introspection is extremely valuable.

When one of the lovers depends exclusively upon the other as a material and comfortable support and not as a permanent inner search, the result may be a lack of balance that can affect the relationship.

Real love does not find real ground when it is “planted” in a fantasyland of selfish desires of one or the other of the two lovers. And, of course, this will not allow the perfect, dreamy love game to exist. On the contrary, the relation will progressively limit it, leading to a no-way-out situation.

The failure in love or marriage happens mainly because one of the two does not meet the other’s expectations. This informs us that there is no real, honest intimacy between them and that one is more selfish than the other. In such cases the couples may go on living, but in a atmosphere of interior separation from the other.

There is a wonderful and clear affirmation on self-knowledge in the famous Chinese philosophical work called “Tao te king” from the 6-th century B. C. The author, Lao Tse, says: “Knowing another confers wisdom; knowing the spirit confers enlightenment; self-control creates a huge inner power.”

The search of our inner universe or the self-analysis represents both a jumping board and a life-support. It gives you a great mental power necessary to the spiritual progress. This search is in fact a personal practice and we will not make the mind powerful with sterile conversations. One gram of practice means tones of theories.

Yet a positive self-analysis increases the ability to observe intuitively a lot of subtle aspects, creating a state of special receptivity. By objectively analysing our own person, we will be able to eliminate the different negative impressions and doubts that always tend to diminish our relationships.

Truth and honesty in a couple lead to spontaneity and break conventionality and routine. Allow yourself to be wrapped up into the desire of knowing your true SELF and eliminate fear and doubt forever.

Self-analysis is a preliminary step in the meditation technique. It can take place at any moment of time and it is an internal thinking process, completely different from the chaotic action of our minds.

This inner search starts through observing the relationships that we have with things and events around us. Try to see all the experiences as connected to each other and also to you. Observe even the apparently most unimportant details and cultivate a firm yet detached attitude. Examine well everything that comes to you and try to understand the reasons behind each action or situation.

A simple method in order to practice self-analysis is sitting comfortable in front of a mirror, closing your eyes and making your mind empty of all thoughts. Then, slowly open your eyes and look at the image in the mirror as if you would meet that person for the first time.

Observe the impression it has on you. Also notice how the changes in your facial expression concords with your thoughts and emotions. Try to establish a certain relation with your image in the mirror, relax your face and keep your breathing under control.

If you notice certain negative thoughts, bring the equilibrium back in your attitudes and emotions by using breathing in order to stabilize the psychic. Imagine that you replace such negative attitude with a positive one and try to feel the “new ego” as the real and most wanted one.

Then, slowly, close your eyes, trying to assimilate this experience, imagining it as being all over your being, at all levels.

The essence of meditation is using your mind in order to achieve Self-knowledge. In a first phase of the process, different exterior objects might help you, but be careful not to rely on them exclusively. For example, the candlelight may prove of real help.

Take a candle and light it. Look at the light and focus all your thoughts on it. Then compare your attitudes with its dance. Imagine that the flames destroy and burn all your mental impurities.

Then close your eyes and project the image of the flame right between your eyebrows and keep that image burning here. Put your whole being in this interior light and use it in your analysis as guide to your essence.

By knowing yourself you will be able to know other persons as well. Do not criticize before making all your mistakes right. Through an efficient self-analysis you will grow a special power to introspect. Such introspection requires courage and honesty.

A perseverant and rigorous analysis will eliminate all the interior obstacles in order to create a wonderful inner potential for the tantric love. This analysis is the most direct path to the non-duality experience and mystical conscience.

“Always be vigilant and conscious in everything you do: when you walk, sit, eat, sleep, and so on. Avoid hiding your own imperfections and also avoid talking about the others’ faults. It is difficult to master the thoughts, but with perseverance in controlling your mind will finally lead you to success. Be conscious of the fact that the one who meditates, the object of meditation and the act itself are inseparable.”


Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman at Awaken Visions Galleries.