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Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 1

Taking into consideration that every person is such a complex individuality, there are no astrological prefabricated recipes, but there are certain general tendencies and predominance, which should have in mind when we take to somebody from a certain zodiacal sign and if we don’t have yet the necessary qualities, we can at least not to […]

The Zodiac “Play,” Part 2

In order to experience harmony and plenitude in our relationships with the others, we have to manifest, according to the context, the role that can polarize the human beings with which we interact, realizing that the Universe can exist just because of the perfect playing of these polar roles at a cosmic level. LEO: THE […]

The Zodiac “Play,” Part 1

Walking along the path of innumerable reincarnations, the human beings begin to identify the pilgrims they are with the path they are crossing, up to one day when, remembering all the other paths they are crossing, the pilgrim fulfills his mission – he becomes a Cosmic Man. For the sage, all roles are permanently accessible […]

Love Nuances and the Main Powers of the Signs

In every Zodiacal Sign love is reflected in a particular way. Let’s see how: ARIES: love at first sight (flashing love) TAURUS: sensual, stable love GEMINI: ‘teenage’ love CANCER: intimate love (the joy of being together) LEO: protective, kind-hearted love VIRGO: pure, platonic love LIBRA: soul-to-soul love (love for love’s sake) SCORPIO: deep, passionate love […]

Masculine Zodiac – Aquarius & Pisces

PART 3 SHARE HIS FANTASIES Your Aquarius lover loves the latest news, but we are not talking about latest inventions in kitchen robots. This man is thirsty for anything that will bring him new exciting sensations. To obtain this, you need to take a walk into a shop where you never dreamed of setting foot. […]

Masculine Zodiac – Aquarius, Part 2

PART 2 DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SEDUCE A AQUARIUS? Now it is the time for a truth test. Are you really a non-conformist person as your Aquarius wants, or you are secretly scared by the romantic rebellions that say “the rules were made to be broken”? Deep down, your Aquarius lover is […]