Fundamental Techniques of Erotic Massage: Kneading

Kneading addresses the deeper tissues and especially the muscles. It consists in getting the grip of the muscles and other deeper tissues and lifting them up, according to the elasticity of ones muscles and tissue and squeezing them between the fingers or fingers and palms through pressure in the deeper

1. Kneading in folds: This is what we may actually call a traditional method, as it applies on both wide and plat areas, and on the segments (arm, forearm, thigh, and shank).

You may vary on the pressure and on the length of the segment to grip on one time. Thus, you will recourse to a smaller grip (between the fingers), the medium grip (between the fingers and the palm), and the large grip (between the tips of the fingers).

The most common of these is the kneading in fold with medium grip: the fold of muscles and tissue is squeezed by the grip formed by the fingers and palm
of the hand, compressing the tissue with the palms, and benefiting from the pressure it puts on the deeper tissues.

Repeat the movement several times on the same place, and then move your hands longitudinally and transversally in the neighboring areas.

2. On plane surfaces, such as the back, and on the areas with a lot of flesh, such as the hips, get a grip of a long fold of muscles, with the fingers and the palms.

Get this grip tight, raise it and then press it on the deeper levels, without letting go of it.

After working on such a smaller area, move on to a neighboring part, until the entire back of hip is thoroughly massaged. This is the so-called wave

Of course, you will use this technique only if the elasticity of the skin and tissue allows it.

3. On the level of the circular segments, besides the traditional fold kneading there are also two special forms: circular kneading and winding kneading.

For both forms, get a grip of the tissue with a circular grip, with both hands. The circular kneading is done as follows: place both hands on the surface to be knead (in “bracelet” or “in ring”).

The muscles are caught between the fingers and the palms, and now this thing is done alternating the pressure on the right hand and on the left hand.

In both cases, the muscles will be pressed on the support plane, only that after each movement the pressure is weaker, and the muscles are relaxed.

The pressure force can be middle or small, according to the muscle volume and resistance.

The circular and winding kneading are done in the reversed sense in which the lymph and the blood normally circulate. For instance, in the case of the
feet, do this technique from the ankles to the thighs.

4. Another technical possibility of doing this type of massage is to use the fists on the buttocks or thighs.

5. In the abdominal area there is a special technique, besides the fold kneading we just described. Use the sides of your hands to massage this area without disturbing the energies involved in digestion.

All these kneading techniques are known and practiced for a long time.

1. Kneading favors the deep circulation and the elimination of the toxins.

2. Kneading keeps the muscles fit, preventing the appearance and manifestation of muscular atrophies.

3. Squeezing the muscles develops mechanically the elasticity, preventing the appearance of muscular breaking, as a consequence of sudden contractions.

4. Other muscular properties, such as elasticity, contractility, and conductibility are thus physiologically stimulated.

5. The above-mentioned are the explanation for the recovery of weakness, atrophy, and muscular insufficiency caused by prolonged immobility,
traumatisms, or by some muscular affections through massage, and especially through kneading.

Fundamental Techniques of Erotic Massage: Battement

The battement manoeuvres applied on the skin and soft tissues of the body are the most exciting techniques of massage.

They derive from “whipping with small branches” technique, which is the massage applied after steam baths, since the oldest times.

These manoeuvres are performed either mechanically or manually. They consist in applying rhythmical strokes with various parts of the hand.

The battement techniques are grouped in:
1. Rattling manoeuvres – which can be done using the sides of the palms, the fingers, or the inferior third of the forearms.

2. Treading manoeuvres – which can be done using either the palm and the fingers held so as to form a cup, or a dipper (treading “in cup”, “in cupping glass” or “in dipper”), or with the fist (the palm or
the sides)

3. Splashing manoeuvres

4. Percussion manoeuvres

1. The rattling manoeuvres are the most known and most used. A first form is the tangent rattling using the fingers.

For this technique, bring the elbows close to the trunk, palms out front, and the tips of the fingers “fall” perpendicularly on the surface of the skin.

This is the finest form of rattling, applied on the sensitive areas such as the abdomen and face. This is a surface manoeuvre, without getting to the deeper areas of the body.

It requires a lot of mobility and suppleness from the part of the masseur.

Another rattling variant is the “whipping with small branches” technique. For this, spread the elbows from the trunk, the fingers slightly bent and spread; the fingers touch the skin at a small distance from one another, in an alert rhythm, stroking with their lateral-dorsal sides.

When stroking the skin and when hitting themselves, the fingers produce a certain characteristic sound, similar with “whipping with small branches”.

Yet another rattling manoeuvre is done with the side of the palms. In this case, the elbows are close to the trunk, palms out front. The massage of this region is done with the side of the palm. This is a more incisive manoeuvre.

In the variants of rattling with the tips of the fingers, using the sides of the palms, the fingers, or the inferior third of the forearms, the arms need to stay close to the trunk, and the forearms need to stay close to the massaged area, so that the strokes are not too high or too powerful.

The intensity of the strokes needs to be reduced when applying the strokes on a sensitive area or tissue, and it needs to be medium or even high when applying the strokes on large muscles or thick layers of less sensitive tissues.

The rhythm usually indicated for rattling is very alert, but in certain areas – for instance the head – it can be also done slowly.

2. The treading manoeuvres are done with the fingers close to one another and the palms forming a cup (treading “in cup”, “in cupping glass” or “in dipper”), or with the fist.

The treading in cup is less harsh, and because of the air compressed between the palm and the skin, the strokes cause a special muffled sound.

The treading with the fist is a powerful manoeuvre, indicated especially in the muscular and less sensitive areas (thighs, buttocks) of strong, healthy

There are 2 variants: treading with the fist (when the fingers are closed into the palm, and they massage the skin) and treading with the lateral of the fist (with the fist closed, stroke with the side). These manoeuvres are a bit tougher.

Less tougher are the treading manoeuvres done with the fist partially closed, so that between the fingers and the palms there still is a small space, ensuring the elasticity.

Fundamental Techniques of Erotic Massage: Vibrations

These manoeuvres consist in impressing the tissue with a large number of oscillatory movements per the unity of time.

They perform small dislocations of the skin, and tissue, as well as various undulant pressures. These manoeuvres can be applied manually or with the help of certain machines named vibrators.

The vibrating movements are similar to a continuous trembling and result from the alternative contractions of the muscles of the arm, palm, and fingers.

In the case of manual vibrations, there is a large scale of techniques: manoeuvres done with the tips of the fingers, with the palm of the hand, with the hand, with the fingers, with the fist.

The mechanical, rhythmical and uniform vibrations can be adjusted in terms of the frequency and amplitude of oscillations, in rapport with the size of the area to be massaged, with the thickness and sensitivity of the tissues on
smaller areas, on a short, medium or long interval of time.

The fine and long manoeuvres are claming, reducing the skin and superficial tissues sensitivity causing a sensation of numbness, warmth and relaxation.

The ampler and more powerful manoeuvres determine an activation of the deeper local circulation, which is exteriorized in cutanat hyperthermia.

The vibrations are combined with the softening, friction and pressure manoeuvres, contributing to the increase of their efficiency.

Their effect is calming, relaxing and decongesting, reason for which their are indicated in the treatment of both painful and congestive affections of the internal organs, of the lesions accompanied by muscular contractions, and in the case of psychic tensions.

The mechanical vibrations done in a rapid rhythm with increased amplitude have a double effect, preventing the deposit of the adipocites, concomitantly with their mobilization from the fat.

Therefore, these methods are indicated in the treatment of cellulite and obesity.

A larger look on the effects of the principal massage manoeuvres gives us reasons to say that they are reflected mainly on the blood circulation.

Through the same massage techniques the sympathetic system acts on the veins from the striate muscle, in a vas-dilatation sense as a consequence of the predominance of the beta receptors from the vascular wall.

The energetical massage manoeuvres determine also the activation of acetyl-coline, which is the chemical mediator between the terminal parasympathetic fibres and the sympathetic and parasympathetic ganglionar
fibres, responsible for a peripheral dilatation in a first stage, so that after it contributes to the appearance of the compensatory adrenosympathic
reactions, which release adrenaline.

These are only some of the complex intimate reactions generated by a simple massage. The detailed effects we just mentioned refer to the arterial circulation and only the implication of the nervous system in the peripheral
vascular adjustments is capable of explaining their persistence in time.

The beneficial influences of the massage are also reflected on the content of the blood vessels: thus, a massage session will be followed by a slight increase in the haemoglobin as well as of the number of leucocytes and haematites.

These modifications are explained through the reflex stimulation of the organs and the mobilization of the blood from the deposit organs.

Before Beginning Erotic Massage

In the following we will introduce you to the roles of the masseur and the receiver of the massage, as well as the most comfortable positions during the massage.

In order to properly receive a massage all you need is the will to accept and the desire to enjoy your lovers gift to you.

Your capacity of allowing your lover to have full control during the massage will govern your capacity to receive pleasure. Be ready to accept the form or the model the massage will take.

This does not mean that you have to continue with the massage, if you find an unpleasant or disturbing aspect of the massage. Keep your right to say “stop” at any time, if you find it necessary.

Also, keep in mind that the massage is meant to enhance your sensitivity to ecstatic, enlightening experiences. For some people, this beatitude can be difficult to stand. No matter what you do, make sure you enjoy your body.


When your lover receives a massage, he or she needs to have the spine straight and relaxed. For the first part of the massage, the preparation and the front, your lover will lay on the back. In order to be relaxed and comfortable, and to have the spine relaxed and straightened, it may be useful a rolled blanket underneath the knees and a small pillow under the head.

Make sure that your lovers legs are stretched, not crossed (definitely avoid that!) and symmetrically placed. Verify if his or her body is stretched and the head aligned with the spine and feet.

For the back, when your lover will be facing down, it is recommendable that you placed a rolled blanket under his ankles, as this will lift his legs and will ease the pressure on the knees.

For the face-up position, roll a small blanket and place it under the knees so that the spine is relaxed. Also, place a small pillow under the head. For the face-down position, use a small rolled blanket under the ankles to ease the pressure of the knees.


As the masseur, do your best to free your mind of any sexual reward. Devote yourself to the operation of healing, and empty your mind, so that you can be a vessel filled with Gods healing energy, transmitted through your hands. Your purpose is to serve, heal or give pleasure.

In order to give your lover a sensual massage you need to feel fine, and natural. Sitting or standing, straighten your spine and relax your shoulders. Breathe deeply, slowly and regularly.

You do not need to spend extra energy or make any special efforts. All you need is enough energy to keep the form of your arms. The more you relax your body, the more Gods harmonizing and healing energies will flow to your hands and from here to your lover.

Make sure that the starting point and then all the rest of the movements come from your inferior abdomen. Let your hands be simple instruments to transmit the energy of love. Almost all the essence needs a cursive, gentle touch, as you walk your hand over the water.

Moving your hands freely over your lovers body you will direct the flow of the energy to the sexual center. While you do this, your lover may experience a tremendous state of sexual arousal, located in the area of the genitalia and of the abdomen.

If you feel that you or your lover are to aroused, stop and place your hands in one of the pause positions so that the energetic circulation will slow down, and your lover does not perceive the same sexual rush.

Synchronize your breath with that of your lover, to help the relaxation process focus all your awareness in your palms, then inhale and exhale together with your lover.

Although this may seem way too simple to you, the results are amazing and surprising. When you feel more peaceful and balanced, you can start again the massage and transmission of the sexual energy.

A well-done massage will reflect the transfer of the energy to such a degree that your lover will feel complete and fulfilled.


During the massage, you will sit on your heels. You might discover that your knees and shanks might hurt. In this case, place a rolled blanket between your heels and buttocks. Focus on your own spine, torso and head. The spine should be straight as much as possible. The upper part of the chest and back is wide open, with the shoulders and armpits relaxed.

Fundamental Techniques of Erotic Massage: Softening

The movements used in the manual massage – known as manual techniques – are very numerous and varied. Some masseurs modify and combine old methods or try to create new movements to impress through their diversity and complexity.

The massage techniques have suggestive names according to the type of the movement or its influence on the tissues.

According to the effects of the organism, the massage techniques have been divided in two great groups:
1. Main or fundamental techniques

2. Secondary, helping, or completion techniques

They are named main or fundamental because regardless of the characteristic of the area they work on, they are indispensable from the massage session. Working the soft parts of the body is methodical, one after the other, from the surface to the depths.

The sequence of the five fundamental techniques is the following:

1. the softening (effleurage)

2. the friction

3. the kneading

4. the battement

5. the vibrations

They are called secondary because they complete the action of the main, fundamental techniques. The secondary techniques are usually intertwined among the fundamental ones. Some of the secondary techniques derive from the fundamental ones, and come to complete the basic techniques.

The most important secondary techniques are:

1. sifting and rolling

2. pressures

3. tractions and tensions

4. shaking

5. pinching


This technique normally targets the teguments. It consists of rhythmical, soft sliding over the body, applied either with the back of the hands or with the palms, in the sense of back-turning blood flow of the venal and capillary blood-vessels and in the sense of the blood flow of the lymph in the space and lymphatic vessels.


The initial, introductory softening – is named like this because any massage session will begin with this technique. The variations it allows range from long, lingering gliding of the hands up to short and more vigorous movements.

However, keep in mind that this is an erotic massage. The rhythm and the intensity of the work will grow gradually, as the movements have a stimulating character. They aim to “warm up” the receiver for the next techniques.

The final softening should be performed in the very end of the massage session. It has the following characteristics: the rhythm and intensity will decrease gradually, so the effect will be calming and relaxing.

The succession of the movements will be reversed from those of the introductory softening – the masseur will start with short vigorous movements and will end with long lingering movements.

The massage should be circular, in the sense that it should begin and end with the same technique.

The rhythm of the gliding should be a bit faster than the flow of blood through the veins. As we indicated in the definition of the softening, their sense is determined by the superficial blood circulation or the return of the blood in the veins through the capillary veins, and the flow of the lymph in the spaces and lymphatic vessels.

Thus, the gliding on the arms and legs will be from the extremities to the joint point with the body. On the trunk, the gliding follows the sense of the circulation towards the heart. On the throat and neck the movements are from the head to the shoulders and shoulder blades.

The softening is performed with:
The fingers – use the tips of the fingers. This technique is addressed mainly to small round surfaces.

The palms or the back of the hand – the fingers may be either spread or held together. It is applied to plane, straight surfaces, such as the back.

The pressure of the movements will be superficial and it will be exercised strictly on the nervous endings and vessels of the skin. When you desire to act more forcibly on the blood circulation in the deeper tissues, especially in the muscles, you need to use stronger methods, performed with:

the hands

the exterior sides of the hands

the fists

Consequently, in the softening methods, the pressure applied is adjusted to the nature and consistency of the tissues and especially to the needs of the person receiving the massage.

Fundamental Techniques of Erotic Massage: Friction

The softening is a surface manoeuvre, addressing mainly the derma and epidermis. The friction addresses mainly the subcutanate tissue, represented by the hypoderm.

In some parts of the body, the subcutanate tissue also contains muscles. For instance, at the face and neck, where the hypoderm is slightly present, the action in the massage through friction acts also on the facial muscles.

The friction consists in the pressure applied to the soft subcutanate tissues on the profound strata, or on a tough plane (bones or cartilages) and in their moving in the limits of their own elasticity.

We can do the friction using:
the tips of the fingers

the face or the back of the hand

the fist – the nodes of the fist

On small portions use the tips of the three middle fingers: the index, the middle finger and the ring finger

On larger portions – the manoeuvres will be done using the sides of the palms, the entire palm or the fists.

On very large portions: work with both palms and fingers spread

According to the sensitivity of certain segments or areas, we will keep in mind the following:

On sensitive portions we will apply the friction with the thicker and softer part of the palm,
on the larger, less sensitive parts of the body we will work using the closed fist.

On the small areas we will apply the friction using one hand, and on a large ones using both hands, simultaneously and symmetrically.

The sense of applying the friction is different, according to the anatomical particularities of each segment. The movements may be circular or ellipsoidal.

On the ligaments, and tendons, the sense of the friction is linear and the friction will consist in short and rhythmical come-and-go-movements.

The Achilles tendon will be fractioned using the “clench” technique, either with the thumb and index or the sides of both hands.

Another sense of applying the friction refers to a particular case, the “undulate” or zigzag friction which is required down the spine, descending from the neck to the buttocks.

After the intensity applied, the friction is divided into: superficial, medium, and profound.

The pressure can increase or decrease at any moment. We accentuate the pressure of the manoeuvre inclining the fingers or the hand or applying the free hand over the other, to add to the pressure.

Dose the intensity of the pressure after the sensitivity of the skin and tissue and most importantly taking into account your lovers indications. Be gentle on the sensitive areas and vigorous on the less sensitive ones.

From a methodical point of view, the friction is simple when applied with the fingers, sides of the hands, palms, etc. on small areas of the body. It is also stimulating for the nervous central system and for the peripheral nervous system, when applied in a fast rhythm. In the therapeutic activity this method is applied as either stimulating or calming method.

Creating a Sensual Atmosphere for Massage

Creating the scene, the atmosphere for the sensual massage implies not only physical action, but also psychic, spiritual actions. In the following, we will present to you how to create the proper atmosphere for the sensual massage, from all the above-mentioned points of view.

It is rightfully worth dedicating a little time to prepare the room you are about to use for the sensual massage. There is nothing more disagreeable than to interrupt the massage in order to look for a pillow, a towel, essential oil or something to drink.

If both lovers will give and receive the sensual massage, in turns, you may prepare the room for the massage together. This is a very good start.

Make sure you have a warm, intimate room, where nobody will disturb you. A good surface to lie down during the massage would be a mattress or several blankets placed on top of one another.

You may also use the regular massage table, but this does not allow such an intimate contact between the lovers as does the mattress or the blankets. If you use massage oil, make sure that it has been warmed up previously to the massage, and that it is at hand.

The room should be also kept at a steady, warm temperature. Cover the parts of your lovers body that you do not massage with a large towel or a thin blanket. A small pillow of another blanket will help him sit more comfortably.

In order to create a genuine celebration of sex and eroticism, embellish the room with flowers, burn a little incense, and decorate the space with various object pleasurable to the eye and charged with spiritual value.

Improve this romantic atmosphere by using a diffuse light, created either with colored light bulbs (red and violet are the most recommended), or with candles. You may also play some relaxing music in the background, as its effects are guaranteed.

You may take a bath at a shower together before beginning the massage. This is a wonderful method to forget the daily worries and to make you both feel relaxed, safe and clean.


The massage oils allow the hands to slide slowly and sensually over your lovers body without tensions or frictions. They also nourish the skin. Choose between the fragranced or non-fragranced oils.

Of the later category, vegetal oils, such as the sunflower oil or raisin oil are perfect. The olive oil is a little thick, and mineral oils, such as the baby oils are not well-absorbed by the skin, therefore use them only if you have no other options available.

You may discover that the fragranced oils have a more pleasant effect. There is a close connection between the smells and the sexual excitation, partly due to the fact that some fragrances contain perfumes that resemble or imitate the smell or the human sexual hormones and pheromones (messenger substances created by our glands).

The musk is the most known and common of these substances, and it smells like the male sexual hormone, the testosterone. Fragranced oils have been used since the ancient ages in the sexual rituals. They will charm both lovers.

Producing your own massage oil is easy, amusing, and much cheaper than buying an already created massage oil. As a base, any type of vegetal oil without smell and with the right consistency will probably do. Add a few drops of perfume, or essential oils, in the combination that you choose and here it is!

Keep in mind that smell is a very personal matter. Make experiences with the essential oils until you find a smell that you really like and enjoy. Try the rose, musk, ylang ylang, orchid, vanilla, or cinnamon essences in the combination that you like, as they are beneficial to the techniques of the sensual massage.

Once you created the massage oil, keep it in a sealed bottle in the refrigerator. If you store it is a airy, warm place, it will become impossible to use. Warm the oils recipient before the massage by placing it in a pot with hot water.

An Introduction to Sensual Massage

Touch is the oldest form of communication. Moreover, it reveals the unsuspected capacities of the body to receive and give pleasure.

The refining and enhancing of this pleasure leads the person to awakening one’s latent capacities of experiencing intense, total orgasms and thus the person is allowed to have a glance at the Absolute.

This is why the people need to awaken their sensuality and this capacity of experiencing orgasms, not for the sake of pleasure, but because sensuality is a divine gift that can be used to rediscover our Creator.

In the East, massage was part of the daily body hygiene, just as bath, gymnastics, and teeth brushing. Moreover, the Kama Sutra mentions that the sensuous massage is a revigorating ingredient that can be included in the foreplay.

Unfortunately, western civilization considers touch a taboo subject and lovemaking as a handy means of releasing the so-called tensions and stresses accumulated.

This vision on lovemaking and touch determined the modern man to lose the ability to enjoy his or her own sensuality. This is also the root-cause of the modern man’s hunt for strong sensations – the incapacity to perceive and enjoy one’s own sensuality.

In fact, for many people touch has become a lost language, while it continues to be an essential form of nourishment – a source of health, relaxation, joy, and happiness.

Nevertheless, what is sensuality? In the true sense of the word, sensuality means sensorial sensitivity. A truly sensual massage seeks to make a person rediscover one’s sensorial sensitivity, to rediscover the capacity to enjoy the pleasures of the senses.

Do not take sexual excitation for sensuality. The sensual massage opens the gates of the sensorial universe. This is why it needs to be considered and experienced from the correct point of view.

The modern man will be surprised to know that for the human being, the tactile sensations received through the palms and skin are the basic catalytic elements of a complete sexual experience.

However, in order to experience and rediscover one’s own sexuality one will have to focus on the sensations.


When you prepare to give and receive a massage, the first thing to do is to take your mind from all the daily problems. Tell yourselves that the time to come out from the cycle of the daily problems has come and that moments of relaxation and intense pleasure await you.

Abandon yourself to this wonderful experience together with your beloved, regardless of the hypostasis of receiver or giver in which you are. Drop, each in its turn, all mental, psychic, or physical barriers and open up your whole being to your own sensuality.

The state of the person giving the massage is very important. This state of offering something special to one’s beloved should come out of an inner state of plenitude and profound love.

Remember that the sensual massage is an act of love, so it has to come out of love, to express love and to generate love and joy. If you feel the slightest pressure at the thought that you are about to give a massage, you had better postpone the massage for a further moment.

Also, if you are tired, do not embark into this experience because it will lose its valence of means of awakening the pleasure. It should be a total, complete experience.

Another essential aspect is that it has to touch your lover for your own pleasure. Do not try to arouse your lover. You had better try to discover what makes you both feel good.

This advice may seem a paradox for an ordinary person, but those who are initiates in the art of lovemaking, it is all clear: during a sensual massage, the empathy is very much awakened, which makes the transfer of the emotional states between the two be quite quick.

In other words, if one of the two lovers will experience a great state of pleasure, it will shortly and intensely be experienced by the other lover as well.

Nonetheless, just as you focus on your own pleasure coming from touching your lover, you need to be receptive to the sensual answers coming from your lover. Thus, you will know how to correlate the massage with the sensorial map of your lover’s body.

Be complete in the experience you have when giving a massage. You forget all about yourselves, all there is your lover’s body, immersed in the pleasure given by your skillful hands.


Giving a sensual massage is an art. Nonetheless, knowing how to receive one is just as much an art – the art of being able to abandon one’s own entire being into someone else’s hands.

When you are given a massage, relax completely and become aware of your own receptiveness. Relax your body and focus as much as you can on your sensations. The term “focus” may sound improper associated with the massage, but in fact being aware and focused on the sensations bring about the relaxation that accompanies the massage.

Become perceptive and quiet your mind. Allow your body to speak its own language. Be glad that you offer your beloved the possibility to manifest freely and express his or her feelings directly through touch. Enjoy the beatitude of the caress, melt in the ocean of ecstasy and return the thrill of beatitude in your beloved.

Regardless of the benefits that the sensual massage brings, there are certain situations in which it is not recommended. Here are these situations:
When your beloved has a skin problem, a contagious disease or fever
When your beloved has a severe swelling or acute inflammation in an area of his or her body
When your lover has severe physical traumas
When your lover has tromboflebitis, do not massage those areas
When your beloved has severe psychic problems


In the contemporary man, stress and acute lack of self-confidence lead to a chronic tension in their body. This tension blocks the circulation of the blood, and of the energy, which in their turn decrease our capacity of functioning normally.

Finally, these blockages create obstacles in the path of the joy brought about by sexuality and the ability to experience prolonged, intense orgasms.

The role of the sensual massage is to ensure the free circulation of the sexual energy. Thus, the energy stuck in our fears will be released and the inner conflicts that surround our sexuality and our relationships will be solved.

The sensual massage may lead to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling sex life.