The G Spot and other Sensitive Areas

You may have heard of a special place in the womans vagina, which drives her mad with pleasure when touched.

This place is often called the G spot, named thus after the doctor Ernest Grafenberg, who described it for the first time in 1950.

Although not a new idea, the presumption about the existence of the G spot is still controversial, some women discovered it, others not. The current theory is that the G spot is a “collection” of glands, channels, blood vessels, and
nervous endings, surrounding the womans urethra.

Consequently, where is this place? The great majority of the women who say they discovered this point locate it at about 4-5 cm inside the vagina, on
the upper anterior vaginal wall, right behind the pubic bone.

Nonetheless, there are some women who discovered their G spot more in the back of their vagina.

When a woman is not excited, the G spot is more difficult to discover, but you can feel a prominent portion of tissue. When it is stimulated, it can grow up to the size of a coin, or even more, extending on the vaginal wall.

Some specialists suggest that the best way to discover it is right after the orgasm, when the G spot is stable and dilated.

They recommend that you hit it gently with a frequency of once a second, and to experiment with both light and deep penetration. Another suitable moment for the stimulation of the G spot is when your lover is close to the orgasm.

It is more likely that she will enjoy these light strokes if she is already aroused. Try to touch her clitoris with your tongue while you stimulate her G spot with the finger and you will see how much pleasure you will cause to your lover.

You should know that some women feel a slight discomfort or a sensation like urinating when their G spot is discovered for the first time, so you should
talk your exploration plans with your lover and let her know that if this reaction appears, there is no problem.

It may take about a minute until the discomfort is replaced by pleasant sensations. If this feeling of discomfort or fear of urination persist,
you may suggest that she finds it herself.

She will discover it easier if she seats, or if she fears that she will urinate, suggest that she goes to the bathroom before making love, so that she will be certain that her bladder is empty.

Lovemaking in the missionary position does not touch the G spot. It is a lot easier to stimulate this point with your penis if your lover is lying on her stomach, and you penetrate her from the back, or if she is on top and she can adjust the stimulation as she likes it.

Also, the shallow penetrations are better for the stimulation of the G spot. In order to find more about the stimulation of this point with the fingers, read the article Lovemaking and the G-spot




If you look at your lover’s vagina and superimpose on this image the image of a clock with the 12 hour aligned with the clitoris, then you can find the G spot usually somewhere in between the hours 11 to 13.

Some women say that their most sensitive areas are in the areas 4 or 8 of the clock, at about half distance of the posterior vaginal walls.

There are in these areas nervous endings that could explain the sensitivity of these areas.

If you already tried light penetrations in various directions, you might have discovered that your lover has erogenous areas known only to herself.

Keep in mind that the role of this exploration is only to please your lover, and not an attempt to find special places or buttons that trigger her arousal.

Make the stimulation of the G spot a part of the variety of pleasures you are willing to offer her.

For some women, the anus is an erogenous area, and for others it is a completely insensitive area. You need to ask her and see how she feels.

If you both are interested in the anal part of lovemaking, then it is best if you start gently and sensitively, and to make sure you have enough lubricant.

If you feel her anus contracting while you stimulate it, then you need to be less intense in stimulation. If necessary, you can use as lubricant a natural oil, such as virgin olive oil, or sun flower oil, or some non-irritating cream.

As compared to the rest of the feminine anatomy, the breasts are relatively simple in terms of structure.

The nipples rest on the darker circles of the areola, and they become erect when stimulated. Men usually turn over to the breasts as “buttons” of excitation.

Nonetheless, although many women like the immediate stimulation of their nipples, most women prefer a light and gently stimulation in the beginning.

Generally, try a circular massage of the breasts in order to increase her arousal and anticipation, before touching her nipples. Keep in mind that few women experiment a lot of pleasant sensations when their breasts and/or nipples are touched. So do not get disappointed.

Bring your fingers together and press gently before touching the nipples, as this will increase the quantity of the energy in the area and it will stimulate it.

When you touch her nipples, perceive the magnetic current flowing between your fingers and her nipples.

Touching the nipples with the tongue can be very effective, as through the tongue can circulate an enhanced quantity of energy.

Sometimes, just as in the case of men, the nervous paths of the nipples require an activation, that can be achieved by means of gradual, light stimulation.

Nonetheless, your lover needs to approve of this slow, gradual opening.