Techniques to Control Male Sexual Energy, Part 1



Sexual continence involves a total aware control of the sexual function during lovemaking. This implies the total experience of the love fusion having the possibility of reaching many orgasms by the two lovers. This kind of love fusion doesn’t end with ejaculation for man or with an explosive discharge of the erotic, sexual fluids for woman.

This technique is also known as coitus rezervatus (refraining the ejaculation) or karezza.
Both lovers, changed between them the sexual energies, but they totally refrains themselves from the orgasm with discharging of sexual energy. The man admits to have the orgasm with ejaculation only when both lovers want to have a baby.

This kind of sexual fusion was named by Dr. Stockham “coitus rezervatus” or “sublimated coitus”.
Karezza recommend also taking total breaks during the moments of intense erotic pleasure. During these breaks the erectile penis should remain immobile in the woman’s vagina, while the lovers are enjoying the mutual transfer of the erotic energetic fluids.
Dr. Stockham stated that by this technique it is achieved the youth and life prolongation. Also the vitality increases.

For women, the control of sexual energy is often spontaneously and implies in very rarely cases a minimum training.
For men, the sexual energy control and the stopping of the ejaculation for long periods (weeks, months, years) implies a gradually and perseverant training.

The stopping of the sexual energy discharge, by the retaining within the body of the sexual fluids of both lovers doesn’t lead to the impossibility of procreation. The man can have the orgasm with ejaculation when they want to have a baby. The researches proved even that in the case of the couple that have practiced the continence the babies are more health and vigorous.

What is happened with the spermatic liquid of the man that practices the sexual continence?

Usually, this is the most frequent question raised by a man when hears about the sexual continence for the first time.
Far being harmful, a long time seminal retention leads to the biological transmutation of the sperm and make possible the sublimation of the huge resulted energy in the superior levels of the human being. This is happened moreover if the retention is accompanied by adequate techniques of raising energy in the superior levels of the human being such as yoga exercises, intense intellectual efforts etc.
Therefore, by transmutation, the sperm is transformed in energy and it is not stock leading to the somatic disturbers.

The beneficial effects that accompany the practicing of the sexual continence are felt different according to the power centre (chakra) that was awaken and harmonized through sublimation of the sexual energy.



Usually the men tend useless to cling to the feeble pleasure that they feel during the orgasm with ejaculation. Even if they understood intellectually the necessity of the sexual continence, they prefer to follow this instinctual way. This fact is caused by the laziness, commodity, or simply by the less of their spiritual mobilization that can draw them out of this morass of animalic sexuality.

To justify in any way his inferior tendency he will try to find various external pretexts. In fact, the reason is only the animal tendency that comes from the subconscious mental. For this reason, it is necessary, for those that are still confronting with such inferior tendencies, a hard training, and an adequate inner discipline.

In this sense, the yoga practice could offer the necessary and sufficient conditions to successfully practice the sexual continence.

One of the most efficient methods to avoid the discharging of the sexual potential is to practice ASVINI MUDRA for long time periods. ASVINI MUDRA means the strong contraction of the anus muscles and maintaining this contraction as long as possible.
This technique, which is extremely simple can be easily done in the “dead” times during a day (during bus or car traveling, etc).
Though it seems to be something extremely simple, yet ASVINI MUDRA has amazing effects in obtaining a very good control of the sexual energy if this technique is sufficiently practiced.

This process implies the successively contraction and the relaxation of the urinary sphincters during the micturate.
The process permits to get the skill of control the sexual mechanisms and to have the consciousness of some process occurred during the discharging. It permits also to anticipate and to avoid the climax, to experiment the orgasm without wasting the sexual energy.

Do not confuse the states of unsatisfying or impotence, when the man doesn’t feel erotic pleasure, with orgasm without sexual energy discharge, which it is strongly euphoric and regenerating.

To obtain a perfect sexual continence you have to start the intercourse having a transfiguration vision of the erotic attraction between a man and a woman and keep this transfiguration during lovemaking. Both lovers have to understand that the sexual attraction has its roots in the primordial attraction between the masculine principle and the feminine one; these two principles govern the entire creation. That is why the lovemaking with sexual continence is a spiritual path through which the lovers can immerse themselves into the primordial love that springs from the fusion between masculine and feminine principle. Thus the lovemaking with sexual continence is a way of rediscovering the UNITY.

Practical advices:
Do not rush and take sufficient time and a lot of patience and love.
For the beginning you have to learn to penetrate your lover very slowly and to be aware of the pleasure states that occurs.

If you feel that the excitation increases very much, you have to slowly withdraw the penis so only 1-2 cm of it remain in the vagina. Stay motionlessly in this position. (In the case that you feel the ejaculation impends, quickly withdraw the penis, with a suddenly move).

Inspire deeply, hold your breath; contract the pelvic muscles (the anal sphincter muscles and PC muscles).
Simultaneously focus your mind over the sperm retention. Imagine your sperm retention. Imagine that an inner alchemy force transforms your sperm in energy. This will help you to avoid ejaculation.

Then focus your mind in order to sublimate the enormous energy that is contained in the sperm. Sublimate it in psychic, mental and spiritual energies by letting the energy of love to suffuse you.

After this short break, that can last 10-50 sec or more depending on your necessity, you can gradually and cautiously resume the penetration movements. If you feel that the excitation is still very intense, you can do many times the above-mentioned method.

The method is also valid for your lover having an increased efficacy if both of you practice it simultaneously (even in the case that one of them hasn’t reached the preorgastic level).


  • At the beginning you have to prove a huge will and tenacity.
  • At the beginning it is better to practice the above-mentioned technique sooner the preorgastic level than latter, when there are less possibilities to successfully stop the ejaculation process.

Sexercises, Part 2

womaPART 2

The next step in becoming a master in the art of lovemaking is the following:

Try to find all the positions in which you can contract your vaginal muscles. Find the suitable rhythms and induce the force you desire.

A very important aspect in performing these Sexercises is the breath. Exhale the air from your lungs, and remain like this, without forcing yourself. Then inhale, and retain your breath with your lungs filled with air.

Now begin to contract your vaginal muscles as many times as you wish, before exhaling. It is very important that during two successive contractions you relax your muscles as this relaxation helps you get a better control at this level.


Contract and relax your muscles at a moderate speed, 20 times. In time, increase the speed and see how you like this.

Contract your muscles, keep the contraction for 3 seconds, relax them the following 3 seconds, and repeat 20 times. Gradually increase the time of the contraction from 3 to 20 seconds.

Contract and relax your muscles as if you simulate a heartbeat. Continue like this for 3 minutes in a row, without pause.

Speed up the SLOW PUMPING. Make sure every muscles is completely relaxed before the next contraction. Continue for 3 minutes, in a row, without pause.

Women prefer several positions in which they perform best these contractions. From these positions, you may chose the one that is most suitable for you. Or maybe those that are most suitable…

Experiment with each individual position, in order to make the best possible decision.

SITTING POSITION: Sit on a chair, with your knees apart.

THE MISSIONARY POSITION: Lie down on your back, with your knees at your chest and spread.

THE FEATHER POSITION: Lie down on your back holding one of your knees at your chest and the other leg stretched.

LATERAL POSITION: Lie on one side and stretch the leg that is below on a 90 degree angle with your body, supporting it on a pillow. The other leg is slightly bent from the knee.

THE RIDING POSITION: Sit with your feet widely apart, knees slightly bent. Bend over a little bit, but keep your spine straight. This position will also force the inner muscles of the thighs, and this will offer you greater flexibility during lovemaking.


Strengthen Your Sexual Muscles!

xxThe ancient masters of lovemaking from India and China viewed the human body-mind “mechanism” as a bucket full of energy with holes in the bottom where life energy leaked out. These holes are the urethral opening and anal opening and, in the woman, the vaginal opening also. It was believed that when the sexual muscles were strengthened through special exercises they sealed the bottom of the bucket.
The Eastern sexual exercises that we are about to present in the following lines were developed in cultures that placed less emphasis on the genital orgasm. The development of sexual muscles represents a way to achieve, intensify, prolong and control the pleasure in both sexes and also contributes to your growth as a human being.

What kind of sexual muscle do you have to strengthen?
Before you start sexual muscle squeezing, it is most important that you locate the exact muscle involved. The anatomical name of this muscle is the pubococcygeus muscle. It’s called the PC muscle.

How do you find your PC muscle?
It stretches between your legs, from your genitals and your anus. It is part of the pelvic floor in both sexes.
The standard way to find your PC muscle is to stop and start as you urinate. Do this several times. Women need to keep the legs open wide so that the muscles in the buttocks don’t add confusing signals. Another way is to pretend to hold back a bowel movement and tighten anal muscles or you can try the direct approach. Insert a well-lubricated (use vegetable oil) finger into the anus and squeeze. You will feel the anal muscles as well as the PC muscle. Women can gently place their index finger or middle finger in the vagina and squeeze. The vagina will grasp the finger, perhaps quite firmly. It may even push them out. The PC muscle itself can be felt in the vagina as a ribbed muscle about one and a half inches in.

How do you strengthen your PC muscle?
Once you get the hang of it, you can do squeezes writing, reading, walking, sitting, working watching TV, listening to music and so on. You may find that a tightening of the muscles in the stomach and thighs happens no matter what you do at first. This is common. But after the first few days or weeks, when you have completely isolated the muscle, these extra contractions should be hardly noticeable.
Once you have definitely found the PC muscle, start with quick or short squeezes. Contract the muscle 30 times at about one a second or faster as one session. Do two sessions your first day. Gradually build up to 100 twice a day. When you can comfortably do 100 quickie contractions twice a day, add sustained or long movements.
Long squeezes are simple. Instead of holding the muscle contraction for a count of one, hold it for a count of three. Start with 30 of these per session, two sessions a day. Build up to 100 each session twice a day. Take your time. Avoid straining. The PC muscle is just like any other muscle. If you overdo it, it will become sore.
Make the contractions focused and concentrate on the physical sensations. You may find this easier if you close your eyes. Learn to relax between contractions. Relaxation is just as important to your control as the contraction itself. If a man learns how to relax the sexual muscles during intercourse, he can prolong the lovemaking as long as he wants. In other words, the man will control the sexual energy and he will be able to make love for hours without having ejaculatory orgasm.

Use the power of imagination
You can use precise mental images to guide the strengthening of your PC muscle. Mind, energy and body are intimately connected. So, use the power of your mind to strengthen the sexual muscles.
Women can imagine that their vagina is a tunnel made up of several muscular bands that can contract or expand at will. These circular bands of muscle are seen growing in size and strength with each contraction.
Men can imagine that the PC muscle is a steel cable running between their legs, which they can tighten or loosen at, will. The steel cable should be seen as growing thicker and stronger with each repetition.

Use positive affirmation
Don’t be surprised if the exercises stimulate erotic feelings while you are doing them. The contractions of the sexual muscles produce the growth of sexual energy. This is the reason for which these exercises have to be accompanied by other methods for sublimating the sexual energy. Otherwise, you will become irritated, nervous and irascible. A simple method is to use positive affirmation during each contraction. With a quick PC muscle squeeze say a short positive affirmation such as “Love” or “Beauty”. With a long PC muscle squeeze you can say a longer affirmation such as “Love is my religion”.

Benefits of the PC muscle exercises:

  • Make you get more in touch with your genitals and sexual feelings
  • Improve the blood flow to these areas (which can be quite healing in itself)
  • Make orgasm voluntary
  • Eliminate frigidity


Virtuoso status is achieved and maintained only by working out daily.

Sexercises, Part 1

flammes-jumelles-5As any other art, the erotic art has its apprentice hood as well. Therefore, the first and very important step in any training is to understand the principles it is based upon.


Surprise! Now we will learn together nothing more and nothing less than some famous SEXercises!

First of all, ladies, you will learn how to contract your muscles. It sounds easy, but we can assure you it is not so. Many women hear this for the first time. They are as astonished as if one told them to move the tip of their nose.

Any woman may become an expert in the art of the contractions, but as any other muscles, the vaginal muscles also need persevering training in order to become more toned and dynamic.

Where are these muscles we discuss about? Close your eyes and imagine that you are now inside your vagina. Courage, allow yourself to do this at least in your imagination.

Go deeper now. There they are. They are circular, apt to perform very powerful movements. These muscles can be the source of unsuspected pleasures for both you and your lover.

Once you’ve learned the concentration on these muscles, you will be able to control them better. Constant repetition will help you memorize the path through which a certain muscle is activated or only a part of it.

Now contract your anal muscles as strongly as possible. Then contract your vagina as if you wanted to prevent something from coming out of it. Now contract your urethra as if you cannot urinate.

Then contract all these muscles in the same time. Make sure that the muscles of the buttocks and of the abdomen are relaxed.

If you find it difficult to find the muscles to contract, this is a sign that you are not yet very familiar with those muscles.

However, you may analyze your inner structure.

In the following, you will learn the classical contractions that a long-term training is based upon. They are the already famous Kegel contractions.

Master them and you will definitely master the art of lovemaking. Contract the pelvic muscles and remain like this for 5 seconds. Then relax these muscles completely.

Inhale deeply and place your hand on your abdomen during the following contraction. Thus you make sure that the abdomen is relaxed.

You may even insert one finger inside your vagina in order to detect the contraction of your intimate muscles. Try to obtain long contractions, up to ten seconds.

Begin with 15 repetitions of this exercise and then increase the number gradually, until you reach one hundred repetitions per day. You may perform these exercises in the morning, before getting up, or anytime during the day, even in the car or at work, in front of your boss.

Since it is crucial for a woman to perform these exercises, you may begin with short and easy movements.

These short and easy contractions are definitely better than nothing, but if you do aspire to a greater achievement, perform the exercises as we described them. And since the master is made by (S)exercise…get to work!