It is a highly effective aphrodisiac for both men and women. It has a revigorating effect, is very nourishing, and leads to the quantitative increase of the secretions of the sexual glands, and in small quantities (2 teaspoonfuls a day) it helps adjusting the body weight.

Its energetical value is quite high, and because it is easily assimilated by the organism it is a very effective and precious energizer.

It is used as such as an aphrodisiac, or as support for medicinal plants or other remedies with aphrodisiac effects.

It is known and reputed as an aphrodisiac in the erotic arts of the great majority of the people around the world and is considered a love-elixir. In the mythology of many people, honey is depicted as a celestial gift from the gods.

An Arabic scientist, named Djenilouss recommended several hundreds years back: “the person who feels weakened should drink one glass of thick honey before going to bed and eat 20 almonds and 100 pine seeds. This diet should be observed for 30 days.” This recipe has not lost its validity, despite its age.

Another simple and famous recipe consists of one yolk of an egg, one spoon of liquid honey, 100 ml of warm milk, and a little cardamom powder. This recipe is recommended for weak men.

The honey is recommended especially in liquid form. Warming it up leads to a decrease of its curative value, due to the annulment of its enzymatic properties (a temperature above 45 Celsius degrees destroys the enzymes).

It would be ideal to use honey obtained from one plant only. For a more pronounced aphrodisiac effect consume forest, sunflower, fir or acacia honey, and avoid as much as possible poppy and linden tree honey.

Honey is especially suited for the preservation of vitamin-fruits such as sea buckthorn, hibiscus, blackberries, etc.

They are a very energetical aliment (the energetical value of the nuts is 660-710 cal/100 gr.), with a high content of proteins (14%), fat (63%) and glucides (15%). They are extremely rich in zinc, copper, and vitamin E, containing also small quantities of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.

The nuts are recommended as aphrodisiacs for both men and women, especially for those having to deal with physical weakness, anemia, etc. The nuts are said to stimulate also the sperm secretion.

People suffering of or predisposed to sclerosis of the arteries should eat nuts, as they are reputed as an anti-sclerotic remedy. Their energetic value is comparable to that of the meat, and they still hold the advantage of being much, much healthier. Moreover, they are easier to digest as compared to other aliments of the same consistency.

The nuts contain great quantities of the F2 vitamin, which makes them highly recommended in the treatment of impotence and sterility.

The F vitamin is a new name for what we used to know as unsaturated fat acids. The F vitamin plays an important part in the assimilation of the A vitamin and especially E vitamin, essential in preserving one’s sexual potency.

Another very indicated cases in which these can be used are the diabetes and enuresis (uncontrolled nocturnal urination). We remind you that there is a very close connection between the urinary apparatus and the genital apparatus. In many traditional texts there is the mention that controlling one’s urinary potential equals controlling one’s sexual potential.

Making nuts an important part of your diet is advisable also if you go through a tough stage from a physical or mental point of view.

The nuts are extremely Yang, therefore they amplify the Yang, masculine energy of a person.