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Mars Across the Zodiac, Part 2

      PART 2 MARS IN TAURUS This planetary position is not beneficial for the Martian energy, the immobile Earth of the Taurus decreasing the Fire, which is Mars’s specific element. The persons who have this position are endowed with a strong vitality, but they lack dynamism and sublimatory power. They are difficult to […]

Mars Across The Zodiac, Part 1

PART 1 Mars’s position in a certain zodiacal sign can tell us important things about the manner in which a particular human being uses to act, the type of will (s)he manifests and what gives her/him a dynamic, active disposition. In a man’s natal chart, Mars tells very much about his masculinity, especially from an […]

Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 2

Let’s continue our study about how to begin a relationship with a person from a certain zodiacal sign. Here are two more signs, quite different from the previous. Don’t you forget that these are only general tendencies. Do not apply them blindly! Sometime an obvious thing doesn’t work because people are different. So… GEMINI You […]

Love – The Magic Of Simplicity

We live our lives in a permanent rush. We keep inside “synthesis” of experiences that we had. We keep past loves, victories as well as defeats. But when we think of love everything is seen in a totally different light, more alive, special, and mysterious. It is possible that we do not remember what we […]

A Perspective on Venus’s Position in the Zodiac, 5

VENUS IN CAPRICORN It is not very favorable to the sentimental and erotic life. The persons who have this position tend to take their friendship very seriously, being responsible, mature and reticent in beginning a more intimate relationship. They control their feelings up to the point of completely inverting them. They are very sober with […]

Come To Shambala

SHAMBALA CALLS YOU Many are called, but few are chosen. Here counts, of course, the way in which the human being is capable of responding to this call with great love and abnegation, abandoning personal interests, vanity, and egoism, in order to walk on the right spiritual path, a difficult path undoubtedly. Concerning the presence […]

Love Transfer in Tantra

      This theme has been treated with sentimentalism, lack of experience and superstition for a long time. Now we have to bring in a new light, opening and lucidity onto it, to see this subject regarding love transfer in its ineffable bright nature. We often encounter the expression “love exchange” regarding a love […]

Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 8

AQUARIUS The Aquarius is attracted by the persons who are spontaneous, original in what they are doing and saying, cultivated, open-minded, friendly, with a constant preoccupation for the humanitary issues, flexible in their opinions, idealistic. If you want to approach a native from this zodiacal sign, you should be a communicative person, unselfish and concerned […]