It is very important to perform these exercises in the beginning, every time when you attempt to perform the Yogic techniques that are necessary for your Tantra training; this will guard you from any unexpected, and undesirable accidents.

1. The initial awareness
First, let your consciousness take hold of your being. Shift from the street-consciousness, to a calm mood, removing for the period of the training all the unnecessary, secondary, evil, or obsessive thoughts, and replacing them with aspiration, and a positive mood of search of the beneficial, superior, and universally valid accomplishments.


2. Exercise 1
ptantra_2_9Roll the head very slowly, and amply, both ways, with eyes closed, and attention focused in the area of the throat-CHAKRA. Afterwards note the state of activation of this centre of force, and the mind becoming dynamic.


3. Exercise 2
Perform 5 hasty double-movements of the head: 2 twistings to the left, 2 twistings to the right, 2 bendings half-left, 2 bendings half-right, 2 movements backwards. Keep the attention focused upon the movement, and afterwards try to feel the fine vibrations in the area of the nape, arousing of the latent potential of the mind, and simultaneously the very fine vibrations in the area of the top, arousing of SAHASRARA (the “crown-CHAKRA”), lucidity.


4. Exercise 3
ptantra_2_12Move the head laterally (to the sides), as ample as possible, keeping the attention focused in the middle of the forehead. Afterwards, note the fine vibrations in this area, arousing of the mental command centre (AJNA CHAKRA), increased mental insight power, as well as free circulation of the energies through the neck, unity between the mind and the rest of the being.


5. Exercise 4
Flex the spine laterally, by moving one shoulder upwards and the other downwards; keep the head and pelvis steady, and focus the attention upon the movement. Note afterwards vibrating points along the spine, deep internal massage, and the healing of the possible sore zones (by focusing your energy upon them).

6. Exercise 5
ptantra_2_11Stand with feet apart, in angle, and with hands supported firmly on the thighs, as close as possible to the pelvis. The arms shall be perfectly stretched. Exhale through the mouth, inhale through the nose, and remain so, with the lungs filled up, concentrating upon the stream of cosmic energy running downwards through the spine (all the way till the root-CHAKRA). Exhale through the mouth, and relax. Repeat. Afterwards, note “elasticizing” of the spine, “expansion” of the rib-cage, and revitalisation of the entire body, irradiating from the spine.


7. Exercise 6
ptantra_2_10Massage the spot under the breast-bone with the thumbs of each hand, by turns, as deep as possible; clockwise with the right thumb, and counterclockwise with the left one. Concentrate on the massaged point, and afterwards note the relaxation, energization, and purification in the abdominal area, and the expel of some “toxic” energies at the level of the massaged point.


It is equally important to perform the relaxation every time, in the end of your session of Tantra training. This will guard you from possible disturbances, or accidents.

Lie flat on the back, with arms and legs slightly apart, palms upwards. Allow your body to become soft and heavy; relax all your muscular groups, note a feeling of abandonning the physical structure, and then begin a gradual, step-by-step relaxation of each part of the body, from toe to head, in the following order: left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, buttocks, pelvis and perineum, belly, back, chest and shoulders, neck and nape, face (chin, lips, tongue, jaw, cheeks, eyelids, eyeballs, eyebrows, forehead). Note the state of mental freedom, floating, loss of the outlines of the body, expansion of the consciousness, harmony with the Macrocosmos. Conclude with a grateful thought towards SHIVA, the great GURU of the Tantric YOGIN-s, and come back slowly to the common condition, noticing the harmonious distribution of the energies, harmony, calmness, self-confidence, vitality.