Force, as it is said in most TANTRIC texts, comes out from deep knowledge, which, in its turn proceeds from direct experience. Therefore, it is necessary to begin with the simplest techniques, and then go on gradually to the most intricate ones.

Some of the training techniques appear very simple in the beginning, but they should not be passed over superficially. Each part of the Tantric techniques presented here should be performed exactly as described, in all details, even if some of them may appear unnecessary, or even not entirely “logical”. The rhythm of a person’s individual evolution largely depends on the ardour and perseverance in the training. Thus, some will reach faster the supreme capacity of transmuting entirely their erotic energy in psihomental force, reaching thus superior states of consciousness, extraordinary capacities (SIDDHI-s), and much improved accomplishments in the field of the daily life.

The training practices are structured according to a 3-steps model:

1.- the enhanced perception,
2.- the perfect control,
and 3.- the masterly direction of the force.

Out of these, the control of the sexual energy is the most important for the beginners, and should be brought to perfection; the stage of perception will interest specially those who have problems in this sphere (cases of frigidity, for instance). The direction, as last stage, represents the logical continuation of the process of control, allowing the spiritual use of this highly amplified sexual energy.

The techniques are of two kinds: individual techniques, and techniques for couples. The individual techniques address to beginners, when alone. However, they should not be deemed as being themselves a goal, serving only as instruments for reaching certain accomplishments; therefore, as soon as proficiency in their practice is achieved they may, and shall be abandoned in favour of the superior Tantric techniques for couples. However, first one must reach a certain mastery in their performance, as it has been said. The above mentioned specification has several reasons,.out of which one of the most important is that the so-called individual practices have common points with the process of masturbation, which is nowadays so much widespread in the West (to the point of vast abuse). Although modern society teaches youngsters “masturbation techniques”, as well as its presumable advantages, the age-old Tantric Tradition does not share at all the
same view. There are, besides the loss of energy brought about by ejaculation or explosive orgasm, a lot of other factors that indicate masturbation as a negative habit, but the discussion of these factors is too large for the possibilities of a beginners’ course. Suffice it to say that it may create phenomena of partial autism, or isolation from the Reality, develops certain forms of egoism, and a certain artificiality of behaviour. Actually, as anyone will be able to note by the practice of these techniques, there is a great difference between the lone sexual training, and the outer reality – the “world” – the communion between two lovers in an effervescent sexual play.




of awareness (perception)

The sounds: AUM
. Learn them, and use them only in connection with these techniques.
They may be tuned with loud voice, uttered barely audibly, or best may be repeated mentally. The YANTRA
of one’s own imagery, or creative imagination should accompany the MANTRA.

“MAHAKALA looked upon the mirror-reflection of the body that KALI
had given to him. And he touched gently his body, to know the sensations of pleasure
that sprang from it. And KALI directed his touch, and taught him all there was
to know.”

You know what your body looks like, but precisely because living with it everyday you may not appreciate it at its real value, of sensitive and sensual organism. TANTRA urges you to get to know your own body in the “Tantric manner”, a more uninhibited method.

Stand nude in front of a large mirror. Focus your attention on your lips, and bring the index and middle fingers of your right hand to your lips. Imagine that another person is generating these sensations to you, and repeat the Awareness MANTRA once. Now bring your left hand to the nipple of the right breast. Concentrate
on the form of the nipple. Realize your sensitivity. Feel the nipple harden. After you repeat two Awareness MANTRA-s, move the hand away. Let you left arm drop to your side. Now gently stimulate your left breast with your right hand, while repeating twice the Awareness MANTRA. Now fold your hands and let them relax against the abdomen, just below the navel. Say the MANTRA. Parting your hands, slide them downward, through the pubic hair. With the index finger and thumb, encircle your penis at its base, and tighten your fingers around it while you repeat the Awareness MANTRA. Then move your hands away from the penis, without touching any other part of it. Relax the arms. This has been phase one of the technique.
Now close your eyes. Concentrate on the detailed YANTRA-image of yourself in the nude – your reflection in the mirror. If you have trouble in establishing the image, open your eyes and look again at the reflection of your body in the mirror.


Touch your lips, nipples, and penis again. Repeating the touch will help fix the image in your mind. Eyes closed, repeat the sequence. Touch your lips with thefingers, while mentally picturing that the hands touching your lips belong to someone else. Repeat the MANTRA as you do this. Then move your right hand fingers to your left breast, stimulating the nipple as before, maintaining the image of someone else’s fingers touching the nipple. The sensation of pleasure will enhance as you say the MANTRA. Do the same thing with the right nipple, and then slide the hands downward, with the YANTRA of the image of someone else’s fingers grasping the base of your penis, applying a slight pressure.
Now repeat the technique yet another time, with your eyes closed, but this time imagine that the hand is yours but it is touching the lips, nipples, and penis of someone else. Let your fingertips sense the soft outline on another’s lips; your fingers sense the hardening of the nipples of another person’s breast; your hands slide through the pubic hair; your fingers encircle the base of a penis belonging to another person – all exploring the body of someone else. This deceptively simple technique is both relaxing and stimulating. If you practise it in the morning, it will make you feel sensually alive and well all day. When repeated in the evening, it will put your body in a state of restful relaxation.