The second center of force, Svadhishthana is located in the area above the sexual organs. It represents sensorial consciousness, erotism, imagination, and is associated with the creative potential energy.

On the psychic level this center of force determines: desires, imagination, hallucinations, sensuality, need of having a family. On a physical level it controls the assimilation, procreation, lymphatic system, and menstrual secretions.

The yoghic literature notes that the improper activation of Svadhishthana chakra may have as effect an aspiration of the psychic “downwards”, causing agitation and mental confusion.

People influenced mainly by Svadhishthana chakra are quite impressionable, have an active and vivid imagination, as well as the aptitude of verbalizing their perceptions, which makes them excellent in the professions involving guiding and healing.

The main idea corresponding to the second chakra is “respect each other”. It applies to any interactions we have with other people and to any new life-form.

From a spiritual point of view, each relationship we develop from the most formal to the most intimate has the role of helping us become more aware and to evolve spiritually.

The energies specific to the second chakra symbolize on the physical level all our relationships understood as being essentially spiritual messengers.

Through this interaction we discover as in a mirror, our own qualities and faults and we have the opportunity to enhance the good and eliminate the bad.

The energy characteristic to the first chakra represented by the group mentality is divided in polarities at the level of the second center. The polarity is male-female, man-woman.

Understanding this polarity equals with understanding the message transmitted by this second level. The existence of the dualistic energies ensure us that we are “attracted” in certain relationships in order to understand ourselves.

The opposites attract – this is a well-known law and this law determines us to assimilate from the people we have relationships with the very qualities they have, but we lack.

The challenge of this second chakra is learning to interact on a conscious level with the others, and this interaction represents a great support in our spiritual development.

Passing the limit of group choices, which we mentioned in a previous article as being related to the first chakra, now we need to learn to make the difference between positive and negative choices.

The choice is itself a process of creation. At this level, creativity is a form of evolution. The creative energy needs to be allowed to manifest freely and completely at this level, because this creativity pulls us up from routine, and limitations.

One of the lessons we need to learn is that choice is a creative act of our spiritual power and the responsibility of our actions is entirely ours.

Our inner power will never grow if we allow ourselves be seduced by temptations of money, fashion, uncontrolled erotism.

At this stage, a spread imbalance is the phenomena of mimesis, a proof that even though the person has overcome the first limit, that particular person does not have yet the inner strength required to plainly manifest his or her own individuality or qualities. All manifestations related to fashion, money, high-life affairs are connected to this level.

If we truly desire the control over our life, we do not need to go outwardly, but we need to direct our attention inside our own being. The sufferings and discontentments that we have to put up to never occur due to unfavorable social, external circumstances, but to our own thoughts and attitudes.

At this level we need to discover our genuine inner motives, the ones that make us act and react one way or the other.

At this point, our journey to perfection requires that we approach our relationships in a superior manner. We need to make choices in which we need to transcend duality.

As long as we focus on controlling other people, we maintain conflicts within ourselves. Seeing ourselves and the others closely united, we will gain a different idea about life.

Another characteristic of this center of force is the need of having a family. Unlike the first center of force, where essential was the fight for survival of the individual and of the group, here the stress is laid upon perpetuating the species.

At this level, the creative sexual desire comes forth. Here, sexuality is a way of expression, indicating an facility in relating to people around us.

The more open, the more profound is our attitude towards sexuality, the greater is our possibility of evolving spiritually. The control of the sexual energy is imposed at this level in order to be able to move forth.

For a better understanding of what the control of the sexual energy implies, we invite you to read from our site about transmutation, sublimation, orgasm and sexual continence.

“The person who concentrates intensely and meditates profoundly on this chakra and its corresponding energies never fears water. This person gains great psychic powers, great imagination, intuitive knowledge, and a perfect control over the sexual function and the senses.


Such a person will also know easily the astral worlds. Limiting passion, anger, attachment, vanity, jealousy, and other psychic impurities are easily and completely eliminated. Such a person’s body will regenerate and will know immortality.” (Swami Sivananda)