The entire circulation, and economy of the energy in the human body-system is centred around the 7 centres of force – also called CHAKRA-s – that govern over all the forms of energy that enliven a human being.

They are the regulators, and coordinators of the flow of the various energies, and at the same time act as genuine antennas for the energy exchange between man and the Universe, or between different human beings. The 7 CHAKRA-s are placed outside the physical body, and therefore may be perceived only by clairvoyance, or partly by certain sophisticated hi-tech devices. The 7 CHAKRA-s are, in their order:

1. MULADHARA, at the lowest tip of the spine, and in the area of the perineum; connected with the lowest, and most dense (or “heavy”, gross, slow-vibrating) forms of energy, symbolically called the Earth-energy. Related with the vitality of the being, the energy-battery of the human radio-set. Here are the premises of the mysterious energy KUNDALINI, the potential of cosmic fusion.

2. SVADHISHTHANA, three breadths of finger above the root of the penis for men, and clitoris for women; connected with the Water and Moon energies, and the instincts and their accompanying emotions. The mass-consciousness.

3. MANIPURA, at the level of the navel, connected with the Fire, and solar energies, and dynamism, ambition, ego, expansion, will.

4. ANAHATA, in the middle of the chest, corresponding to the Air energies, and to the affective and aesthetic feelings.

5. VISHUDDHA, in the area of the neck, connected with the energy of the Ether (or AKASHA TATTVA), and with the intellectual intuition, and purity.

6. AJNA, in the middle of the forehead, also called the “third eye”; connected with the Macrocosmic mental energies, and the extraordinary capacities of the mind: telepathy, clairvoyance, hypnosis, etc.

7. SAHASRARA, over the top of the head, allowing the opening towards the Supreme Absolute, and granting the condition of wisdom, and Enlightment.