The fourth Great Cosmic Wisdom in the Hindu pantheon is Bhuvaneshwari, or Bhuvanesi, as She is also named in certain areas of India.

This Great Cosmic Wisdom is worshiped as the Great Goddess who protects all manifested worlds. This attribute of the goddess is also suggested by Her name: the Glorious Queen, or the Governor (Ishwari) of the whole realm of creation, with all the worlds (Bhuvana) which are contained in Her.

In other words, She is the Divine Mother who protects the worlds and consequently the whole universe is Her body on which the numerous beings that exist are like jewels adorning her.

From a symbolic point of view, Bhuvaneshwari is depicted as a goddess with three eyes, sign of her complete knowledge of the manifested worlds, very big breasts (all the beings are nurtured and extract the essence of life from Her), and a smiling face, once again underlying the maternal aspect of this Great Cosmic Wisdom.

Her glory and greatness are signified by Her brightness filled with goodness that irradiates from Her, just as the rising sun or by the moon that drops the divine nectar (soma) from the goddess’s head.

Bhuvaneshwari sustains all the worlds, with the beings and things that are characteristic to all of them, in a gesture of perpetual blossoming of the creation.

In other words, we may say that Bhuvaneshwari is in fact the whole universe embodied as a deity. Her ardent worship attracts the cosmic vision of the Reality, surpassing thus any limits imposed by a certain opinion, or belief.

The goddess’s help is manifested mostly in the area of overcoming any types of false identifications and preconceived ideas, including ideas about social classes, race, religion, nation, etc., sublimating these at the level of global, superior understandings.

This general vision offered to us by Bhuvaneshwari (when our aspiration is sincere and ardent enough to make it possible), offers the yogi an intuitive understanding of the great mysteries of the creation, determining him or her to understand and perceive the indescribable reality of the infinite.


In the four Hindu Veda-s Bhuvaneshwari is known as Aditi, the Great Cosmic Mother, infinite and indestructible, the origin of all manifestation, the primordial space.

The light comes to life in Her and therefore She is the mother of all suns and of all the solar deities. The Divine Mother Bhuvaneshwari creates the space so that all the things in the manifested world could come up eventually.

Similarly, the space of our consciousness is created also by Bhuvaneshwari so that we are allowed to manifest as individuals in the world in which we exist.

Consequently, it has become obvious that on the level of the whole creation, space has several levels of manifestation, in a perfect harmony with the resonances of the subtle energies. For instance, in the physical space that is around us there is also the mental space, which is also infinite as the physical space.

This mental space also has several levels of subtlety, which culminate with the supreme space of the pure divine consciousness, which is beyond all manifestations. All these different types of space represent only various aspects and functions of Bhuvaneshwari.

According to the law of correspondences and analogies from the Eastern spiritual tradition the whole macrocosm is contained in the small, subtle space at the level of our hearts. In other words, the heart is the Bhuvaneshwari’s residence.

One of the infallible methods that allow us the communion with this Great Cosmic Wisdom’s gigantic sphere of force is to orient our consciousness towards a loving investigation in this mysterious, subtle space of our spiritual heart.


Because She represents the space, Bhuvaneshwari is complementary to Kali, who, as we know represents Time. The two goddesses represent thus the two main faces of the Great Goddess, Shakti, the infinity and the eternity.

In other words, we may say that Bhuvaneshwari creates in a certain way the stage on which Kali will perform Her dance of life and death.

This analogy of Bhuvaneshwari with the stage of the universe allows us to notice that the supreme goddess represents at the same time the observer, and the one who enjoys and is involved in Kali’s dance of life and death.

This is also an important theme for meditation, indicating one of the methods for the revelation of our Supreme Self through Bhuvaneshwari’s worship. Consequently, Kali creates the events in time, and Bhuvaneshwari creates the objects in space.

The deep understanding of these aspects is that all events represent nothing but “sequences” on the Divine Mother Kali’s gigantic consciousness (Time), and all locations in space are mere phases of resonance with the Divine Mother Bhuvaneshwari, who represents space.

Reaching thus the mysterious knowledge of the fact that Bhuvaneshwari is in fact the “base” on which we are supported and at the same time the subtle reality that impregnates us every moment, we get the capacity of practicing the highest and most elevated yogic techniques with utter success, techniques that may lead us in a very short time to the Supreme Spiritual Freedom.

Bhuvaneshwari is also correlated to the cardinal points the four main directions of space (north, south, east and west) are nothing but different visions or hypostasis of this Great Cosmic Wisdom’s presence, each of them having distinct qualities.

As a significant parallel, Kali creates in the same way what we name the “directions” of time, which as we know are the present, the past and the future. The Tantric spiritual tradition notes the fact that space is mysteriously particularized in time.

For instance, the spacial direction east represents almost always the beginning of an action, while the north represents the spiritual illumination. West is correlated to experience and the process of spiritual maturity, and south represents the fullness of the spiritual realization.

Because of this, we may state that in a mysterious way, space contains time and similarly time contains space. Each moment in time is characterized by a location and a direction or spatial orientation.

Philosophically speaking, a certain place from space (be it physical or subtle) represents only a reflection of our vision on that particular reality. If this vision changes, the place, the space in which it was will certainly move and change too.

Moreover, our visions or our imagination determine also the direction of our field of experiments. Thus, when we direct our minds to a certain space-time area, we will perceive various events and places that are characteristic to that particular area.

Therefore the tantric writings of the Hindu sages say that Bhuvaneshwari represents God’s very initial creative vision; in other words, Bhuvaneshwari represents the direction in which the Divine direct the attention towards the act of creation or the force of awareness of the manifestation.


The modern science has reached just lately the conclusion according to which space (named in the yogic terminology akasha) represents in fact the primordial “matrix” from which afterwards are born all the other elements (air, fire, water, and earth)for instance, the substance from which the earth is made is essentially a concentration characteristic to the space in a certain area.

Under this aspect of primordial substance from which emerges everything in the manifested world, Bhuvaneshwari is also known as Prakriti, or Mother Nature.

However, we need to remember that this primordial space, fundament of any ulterior manifestation is essentially pure consciousness and consequently it is an ineffable expression of endless freedom and bliss.

From a different perspective, Bhuvaneshwari is also Maya, or the cosmic illusion. Bhuvaneshwari spreads thus the infinite “threads” of the illusion in which ignorant people are entangled and thus they complicate their choices.

When we measure, appreciate, or compare the different things or situations in life, we simply fall into Mayas illusory trap, forgetting almost entirely the reality of the fundamental unitary space, the primordial matrix from which all things appeared.

Any manifested form is in fact a system of energy waves that exist based on subtle relationships, or resonances with the macrocosmic sources of energy from the Infinite.

Therefore, one of the important methods of transcending the illusion is to learn to see around us the sacred space of the Divine Mother Bhuvaneshwari, space that is in fact her gigantic, ineffable consciousness that surrounds us in a kind and loving embrace.

Consciousness is also the fundamental “field” in which all things and events appear and manifest. Consequently, a synthetic and effective awareness on this fundamental reality will immediately grant us the capacity of accessing any of her modalities of expression, through a simple act of focused will on our part.

Bhuvaneshwari is the space in which Gods endless will and love manifest. Indeed, always the pure and deep feeling of a sincere and unconditional love offers the feeling of space and infinite freedom.

Such sublime love does not limit a persons options and does not try to obtain or keep anything for itself, manifesting always altruistically.

On the other hand, the ineffable space of love represents a nurturing space granting the people who are capable of it as well as to their loved ones the possibility of growing and develop.

We may state that if love does not create the feeling of space and freedom, it does not represent a divine love, but it is merely the egoist expression of a possessive and non-spiritual affection.

It is known the fact that such affection leads the persons in cause to absurd states of suffering and attachment especially when it is manifested through a fierce jealousy.

The frenetic worship of Bhuvaneshwari makes possible even for such a person to transcend his or her pitiful limitations through the revelation of the fact that the genuine universal love has no form (it is not “contracting” and focuses on one person, or object), yet this real love is all the forms.

Gods infinite love gives birth to the desire to create and then to follow then the wonderful spectacle of the Creation. From this perspective, Bhuvaneshwari creates the worlds in which the endless power of the divine love manifests.

This divine game (Lila) is continuously effervescent because space (akasha) represents an infinite potential energy, which is always updated in the infinite ways and forms of the manifestation.

Therefore, the yogic spiritual tradition says that the whole universe comes from the infinite space of the Divine Consciousness. Especially for those struggling to become artists, or creators, the devotion for this Great Cosmic Wisdom, Bhuvaneshwari, will prove unbelievably helpful.

This devotion will help them create a sacred space inside their beings. At the same time, creating a certain space, we become free from stress and tensions, which are merely limited forms of our conceptions, preconceived ideas and attachments.


In other words, the endless space can be assimilated to repose, rest, peace and perfect equanimity. This ineffable state is granted through Bhuvaneshwaris grace and consequently one needs to obtain Bhuvaneshwaris grace in order to find supreme peace and tranquillity.

Bhuvaneshwari represents the power of openness and infinite expansion, of equanimity in spirit and profound peace that contains in it all things and that cannot be disturbed. Indeed we will be able to understand this assertion better when we evoke the tantric teachings referring to Bhuvaneshwari.

These teachings say that the goddess is the originary space from which emerges any being and any thing. Bhuvaneshwari represents the Void in its creative form, from which then emerges the creation and which sustains the creations further development.

It is important to underline the fact that this void is not the void anterior to the creation, which is transcendent and which is represented by the Great Cosmic Wisdom Dhumavati. From the point of view of the location, Bhuvaneshwari is everywhere in the space.

Practically, we can say that we are always in Bhuvaneshwaris sphere of consciousness but beyond this reality that implies a macrocosmic reality, the goddess represents more the very subtle space of our hearts in which is contained mysteriously the whole manifestation and which at the same time represents the sacred place in which we may become one with the consciousness of our Supreme Immortal Self, through spontaneous, beatific revelation.

Bhuvaneshwari offers you the enlightment and revelation of the Self. To what concerns the iconographic representation of Bhuvaneshwari, it resembles to the representation of Tripura Sundari, radiating a beneficial state.

As we mentioned in our previous articles, Bhuvaneshwari has the colour of the rising sun, with the crescent moon on her forehead, four hands and three eyes. In two of her
hands she holds a chain and respectively a stake, and with the other two hands she makes the gestures of casting away the fear (abhaya mudra) and the gesture of offering the wonderful spiritual gifts (varada mudra).

Sometimes she is represented with a lotus and a jewel bowl in tow of her hands, and in other cases her left foot is placed on a jewel bowl.

Bhuvaneshwari is sitting on a bed resembling a throne, which consists in representing the five forms of manifestation of the God Shiva, as we described them in the article about the Great Cosmic Wisdom Tripura Sundari.

From this throne, Bhuvaneshwari controls and organizes the movement of the entire universe. Different gods and goddesses who serve her and immediately obey her orders surround Bhuvaneshwari.

Meditating with great perseverance on this beautiful goddesss form, the sincere practitioner may obtain her infinite grace, become even enlightened, and reveal his or her supreme Self.

Another modality through one may obtain her grace is to meditate on the reality of the infinite space. Another method is to develop and refine within ourselves the attitude of detached witnesses in the manifestation, witnesses who simply observe the various events, things, beings that may cross our paths, but without becoming ever identified with these aspects.

Another modality is to try perseveringly to eliminate from our mind the idea that surrounding names and forms represent the Reality.

This method is very resembling to the practices from Jnana Yoga, and are based on the fact that everything we know is based on an over positioning of names and forms, which are in fact just conventions, over an unknown presence, which is nothing
else but the creative void supported by an infinite energy.

Of all these spiritual processes of worshipping the Divine Mother Bhuvaneshwari, becoming perfectly detached from the illusionary nature of the dual aspects of the cosmic illusion and manifesting a sincere and complete openness towards finding the Supreme Truth represent the most indicated ways of adoring Her and also of honouring the charming presence of the Great Cosmic Wisdom Bhuvaneshwari.