“The mind wonders and is always restless, hard to keep an eye on it, hard to be kept in check; be as the wise man who subdue it completely in the same way that the trainer subdues wild animals.”


The deep search of our inner universe is an extremely important step in our erotic evolution. The impurities and the subconscious psychic obstacles that put a brake to our spiritual progress will be eliminated only if the atmosphere between the two lovers is one of complete honesty and self-sacrifice. When we look inside ourselves in order to think about the SELF, we will find a whole new world.

Self-analysis will help our senses become more refined and elevated. On the contrary, sexual routine lead to the death of these senses and this is why introspection is extremely valuable.

When one of the lovers depends exclusively upon the other as a material and comfortable support and not as a permanent inner search, the result may be a lack of balance that can affect the relationship.

Real love does not find real ground when it is “planted” in a fantasyland of selfish desires of one or the other of the two lovers. And, of course, this will not allow the perfect, dreamy love game to exist. On the contrary, the relation will progressively limit it, leading to a no-way-out situation.

The failure in love or marriage happens mainly because one of the two does not meet the other’s expectations. This informs us that there is no real, honest intimacy between them and that one is more selfish than the other. In such cases the couples may go on living, but in a atmosphere of interior separation from the other.

There is a wonderful and clear affirmation on self-knowledge in the famous Chinese philosophical work called “Tao te king” from the 6-th century B. C. The author, Lao Tse, says: “Knowing another confers wisdom; knowing the spirit confers enlightenment; self-control creates a huge inner power.”

The search of our inner universe or the self-analysis represents both a jumping board and a life-support. It gives you a great mental power necessary to the spiritual progress. This search is in fact a personal practice and we will not make the mind powerful with sterile conversations. One gram of practice means tones of theories.

Yet a positive self-analysis increases the ability to observe intuitively a lot of subtle aspects, creating a state of special receptivity. By objectively analysing our own person, we will be able to eliminate the different negative impressions and doubts that always tend to diminish our relationships.

Truth and honesty in a couple lead to spontaneity and break conventionality and routine. Allow yourself to be wrapped up into the desire of knowing your true SELF and eliminate fear and doubt forever.

Self-analysis is a preliminary step in the meditation technique. It can take place at any moment of time and it is an internal thinking process, completely different from the chaotic action of our minds.

This inner search starts through observing the relationships that we have with things and events around us. Try to see all the experiences as connected to each other and also to you. Observe even the apparently most unimportant details and cultivate a firm yet detached attitude. Examine well everything that comes to you and try to understand the reasons behind each action or situation.

A simple method in order to practice self-analysis is sitting comfortable in front of a mirror, closing your eyes and making your mind empty of all thoughts. Then, slowly open your eyes and look at the image in the mirror as if you would meet that person for the first time.

Observe the impression it has on you. Also notice how the changes in your facial expression concords with your thoughts and emotions. Try to establish a certain relation with your image in the mirror, relax your face and keep your breathing under control.

If you notice certain negative thoughts, bring the equilibrium back in your attitudes and emotions by using breathing in order to stabilize the psychic. Imagine that you replace such negative attitude with a positive one and try to feel the “new ego” as the real and most wanted one.

Then, slowly, close your eyes, trying to assimilate this experience, imagining it as being all over your being, at all levels.

The essence of meditation is using your mind in order to achieve Self-knowledge. In a first phase of the process, different exterior objects might help you, but be careful not to rely on them exclusively. For example, the candlelight may prove of real help.

Take a candle and light it. Look at the light and focus all your thoughts on it. Then compare your attitudes with its dance. Imagine that the flames destroy and burn all your mental impurities.

Then close your eyes and project the image of the flame right between your eyebrows and keep that image burning here. Put your whole being in this interior light and use it in your analysis as guide to your essence.

By knowing yourself you will be able to know other persons as well. Do not criticize before making all your mistakes right. Through an efficient self-analysis you will grow a special power to introspect. Such introspection requires courage and honesty.

A perseverant and rigorous analysis will eliminate all the interior obstacles in order to create a wonderful inner potential for the tantric love. This analysis is the most direct path to the non-duality experience and mystical conscience.

“Always be vigilant and conscious in everything you do: when you walk, sit, eat, sleep, and so on. Avoid hiding your own imperfections and also avoid talking about the others’ faults. It is difficult to master the thoughts, but with perseverance in controlling your mind will finally lead you to success. Be conscious of the fact that the one who meditates, the object of meditation and the act itself are inseparable.”


Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman at Awaken Visions Galleries.