Love your fellows with kindness and transfiguration. Find in each of them those qualities that truly deserve to be loved and admired.

Think of the others before thinking about yourself at least 7 times a day and thus you will feel that the love you give them comes back to you, infinitely.

Location: the fourth energy center, Anahata Chakra is located in the physical body in the area of the cardiac plexus.

Represents: compassion, emotional tranquility, detachment and unconditional love.

Symbolical representation: the consciousness of love and empathic communion with other beings, abnegation, self-giving.

On the psychic level: endless and everlasting love for your fellows, compassion, altruism, empathy, acceptance, self-giving.

On the physical level: it coordinates the activity of the circulatory system, respiratory system and immune system.

Specific reactions in the case of energetical disturbance: the person in which the energies characteristic to Anahata Chakra are disturbed will suffer because of dramatic, even tragic situations. Such people will have problems with the thymus, the endocrine gland corresponding to this center of force.

Characteristic element: the subtle energies of air.

Sense organ: skin.

Sense: tactile sense.

“The person concentrating and meditating on Anahata Chakra may easily have out of body experiences, he or she may easily “fly” to another realms, into paradise-like universes or into another person’s body, experiencing the other person’s states. Such a person becomes the instrument of the divine cosmic love and obtains all the other divine qualities.”

From a mundane perspective, a person with awakened Anahata Chakra will have a well-developed artistic sense, mastering art, poetry, or prose.

In a human being the awakening of Anahata Chakra allows the experience of sublime states of love as well as the intimate, mysterious communion with the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Let us remember the wonderful vision of Sundar Singh: “And I began to pray: “O, Lord, You who are everywhere,You who are the water of my life, have mercy on me and fill me up with your Holy Spirit and with your love, so that nothing else could get inside of me ever again.


I want only You inside my heart, for ever and ever. I do not want blessings, I want You, only You. I do not want the world, I do not want the vanities, I do not want its glory, I do not want the sky. I want You.

Because for me you are the sky. In you I found my peace and tranquility of my heart. My heart is for you, not for any other beings. Therefore, my heart can find its peace only in you, Father, the one who seeded in me this thirst for peace and You.

Tear from my heart all that is against you will, come and dwell inside of me and lead my heart to wherever you desire.

When I got up, what did my eyes see? A being made of rays of light, of a beauty beyond all words was standing in front of me.

Although that being of light did not say a word, although I was not able to look properly at it because the tears filling my eyes were hindering my sight, a wave of love was coming from that being and a divine light was filling my soul.

I recognized immediately the Lord. I came from the rock and I fell before Him. He had the key to open the gate of my heart and to fill it up with His love. I could see nothing in me, nor around me. I could see only Him.

Obviously, the heart of man is the temple and throne of God. When the Lord picks up a heart to come into, the heavenly sky and kingdom get to life inside that man’s heart.”

Other great mystics reveal to us their experiences:

“But God where is? It is in missing Him. Where there is nothing but consuming love. In the very point in which love burns and is not consumed. This is where the “sight” of God is. And in this space, all in flames, occurs the mysterious meeting beyond mind, between the beloved God and a soul in love with Him. In the heart.”

Saint Simon tells us about this encounter:
“I am speechless at the sight of His beauty and kindness and when I see how the Creator opens up His arms and comes upon me and reveals His infinite Glory to me.


Thinking how fast can someone reach to His heights, I immediately find Him splendid and shining radiantly from my heart. His light appears from outside and all of a sudden we find Him inside of us, from which He springs forcefully like a burning fire.”

One of the most elevating Christian spiritual practices is the isihast prayer, the prayer of the heart, which implies that the practitioner repeats Jesus’ name constantly and without stopping.

The repetition of the prayer “Lord, Jesus Christ have mercy on me!” leads to experiences impossible to describe, an announcement on earth of the happiness awaiting us in the other world. Such bliss is saved for those who seek God in the simplicity of their loving heart.

“I felt that the prayer was now getting down from lips to my heart; it seemed to me that my heart was repeating the words of the prayer with every pulsation, with every beat, all by itself.


I no longer repeated the words with my lips. All I did now was to listen carefully to the sound of my heart. It seemed that my eyes were sinking inside my heart. Then I felt a slight pain and an overwhelming love.

This love was for Jesus Christ. I felt that if I only saw Him, I would fall at His feet I would hold them in my arms and I would kiss them thousands of times.

I would thank Him for the gift of love He has given me. Then I felt in my chest such a beneficial warmth that one could not possibly tell or describe.”

“With my eyes closed, focusing all the forces of my imagination, I would look upon my spiritual heart. In the beginning I felt I was getting confused, but after a while I began to realize my heart and its movements and through my breath I was able to insert in it and then to take out of it the prayer of Jesus, as the saints teach us.


Inhaling, I would look with my spirit in my heart saying: “Lord Jesus Christ” and exhaling the air I would say: “have mercy on me”. I began with one hour of prayer per day, then gradually I increased the number of hours to several hours and finally to the whole day.

It took me about three weeks until I felt some pain in my heart and then a very pleasant warmth and an unimaginable joy. This joy gives me the desire to continue to pray.

I felt a burning and overwhelming love for Jesus and for all of God’s creatures. My eyes were in tears. My weak thoughts were clear now and my mind seemed to see things clearly. My soul was praising the Lord ceaselessly and my heart was lost in a sea of joy.”

Rumi: “Love is the only constant in this universe. Love comes from the infinite and is eternal.”

The deepest and most uplifting feeling a person can experience is love. Love is ours, and yet it does not belong to us. It comes from God without ever having left Him. It is eternal and eternally creative.

What do we understand through love? What do we experience through love? Each of us sees and understands according to the awakening of their souls.

There is no tenderer path leading to God than love. Silent and tumultuous, passionate and candid, bright and invisible, uttered and unspoken, yet always in bloom, love is what keeps us alive.

Tomorrow when you wake up, look at the things around, the trees, the stones, the animals, the people and see this love everywhere. Wake up 30 minutes earlier tomorrow. Wash up and come back to your room.

Sit in a meditation pose and relax the whole body. For seven minutes, focus on the Yantra of the Great Cosmic Power Bhuwaneshwari and perceive the expansion of the heart chakra, Anahata Chakra.

Close your eyes and focus on Anahata Chakra, breathe deeply 21 times and direct the energy into the heart center. You will gradually perceive the activation of Anahata Chakra.

Now open your eyes and look at the world as if you were in Anahata Chakra. You may even imagine that you have a gigantic eye in Anahata Chakra, looking at the world through it. You will feel you soul opened and happy that it can comprise the whole world.

You will also perceive a gigantic sphere of force, filled with love and radiating love in Anahata Chakra. Close you eyes again and stay like this for a while.

Become aware of the fundament of all things in the universe: love. Come back gradually, open your eyes and go to your daily routine, remembering to look at the world through your heart.


Placed at the level of the cardiac plexus, it corresponds to the empathic, affective, elevated states of universal love and compassion.

The subtle corresponding element is air, vayu tattva. Anahata Chakra has 12 directions or energetical channels of vibrations of the cosmic energies. The yogi who activates his Anahata Chakra 100% will become the instrument of manifestation of the divine love. At this level there is also the reflexion of the essential Supreme Self, under the form of the individual soul.

Anahata Chakra marks the meeting place between the energies of the first three centres of force and the energies of the three superior centres of force.

We live our lives in a constant, perpetual rush. We carry inside of us “synthesis” of experiences. We carry past loves marked by victories and loses.

However, when we mention love and we recall the feeling, all things become bright because of a mysterious, special and alive radiance.

It is possible, even very likely, that you do not recall what happened three years ago, on January 7, but you definitely remember the moment when you met your lover or when you decided to be together.

Before your eyes, the images begin to follow one after the other. These moments are those that touched you most deeply, sometimes they made you cry, other times they made you smile.

If you experienced a great, exceptional love, you undoubtedly felt you are a beautiful, powerful person, with a special mission meant only for you to fulfil.

After a time, after this love came through your being and destroyed the last remains of the ego, you felt a stronger and better person, although apparently without any ground for it. And your love became more intense, more conscious and more elevating.

Love is constructive and creative, and it unites and elevates those who experience the feeling. It is a regenerative principle and it transforms boredom, scepticism or loneliness. The works of art, poetry music, all these have love as an unseen ingredient.

Love is real, just as real as we are. Love is not a sterile intellectual concept, but it is a mysterious magic of our whole being. As long as even the existence and growth of a single spade of grass are not the work of accident and chance, the fact that in the universe exists a person who loves you is more than meaningful.

We are here, on earth, mostly to manifest the divine love for those people who deserve it and above all, to manifest our love for God.

Few people know that the easiest way to be transformed into a better person is through love. Love is the only valid parameter to measure the value and importance of all things. Shared love is the destiny we all have to fulfil, when we deserve it.

Loving is the easiest and most natural way of living ones life.

Each person feels the need to love, even before having the chance to do it. If a person experiences a state of pure and overwhelming love, sooner or later this love will attract a similar love in return.

“Trust and transfiguration are the virtues of love.”

“What is love if not the desire to surpass ones limits, of getting out from ones inner limitations?”

“Love is the greatest of all human happiness, because it is the supreme effort a person attempts to escape the inner loneliness.”

“Love is charming and delightful: it gives us the sense of our existence in its real variety and value. In love everything changes, all things become meaningful. Through transfiguration, a mysterious divine paradise emerges from nothing.”



“Even when we do not suspect it, love is the supreme law of the universe. It is a mysterious law that governs and rules every existing thing, from the lifeless atom to the union as a couple of two persons. All our thoughts and actions go to it as to a divine centre of irresistible attraction.”

Love is what gives people the power to dream and follow their dreams. Love gives birth to the mysterious aspiration of self-knowledge.

If you feel you no longer have this wonderful feeling of love towards a person, or something really important in your life, then it can only mean two things: either you were never able to love, or that you forgot to look inside of you, where this love is still present.

Love knows that the things of the mind are flicker and are subject to change. Therefore, overwhelming, pure love turns even the most pitiful person into a winner.

Love is…just like this. You just perceive it, in your moments of joy and happiness, through your loved one. However, love does not need that.

Love does not rule over anything and does not want to be ruled. Above all, love offers something, and it requires nothing in return. Sit is divine simplicity in action and living.

Love is an earthly reflexion of heavenly love, and therefore it does not have any boundaries or limits.

If there is love, it is everywhere. And if there is love, it will exists from now on, for ever.

Love is the ineffable, overwhelming, and divine feeling that makes us feel we grow in our consciousness that makes us feel we are one with the infinite. Love is mostly manifested through the sublime aspiration of becoming united with the “object” of our love, with the person we love dearly and deeply.

The emergence, persistence, and development of this feeling in the sphere of each individual is intimately connected to the formation and crystallization of ones personality.

The yogis have always considered the feeling of love as extraordinarily important and often characterized it as an essential value-criterion of the degree of a human beings spiritual state of elevation.

It is a measure of the fact that in the most intimately individual part of a person, he or she who loves has the possibility of acquiring the qualities of love itself, that is infinity and divinity. Consequently, true, genuine love is a very simple modality of overcoming or transcending ones ego.

“The most beautiful love one can experience is the love of God. He is our eternal lover and our souls are his beloveds, and when the soul meets the greatest lover in the whole universe, then the divine love begins.” (Paramahansa Yogananda)

“Oh, Lord, when I dwell in the house of my mortal consciousness, I think I love my parents and friends; I imagine I love my birds, animals, and possessions. Now, after I entered the temple of omniscience, I know you are all I love, manifested in the shapes of my parents, friends and all creatures and things. By loving you, my heart knew how to love everyone. Being loyal to you, I am loyal to all of them. And I love everything.” (Paramahansa Yogananda)

For a better understanding of the Anahata chakra, we introduce to you the explanations of the following terms:

Harmony – concordance, accord, matching the component elements of a whole. Philosophical category that expresses the adherence of the parts, the coherence of the interior and exterior, the unity of the form and content, the unity of the contraries. Harmony is often considered as foundation, attribute, or effect of the beauty.

Transfiguration – procedure of inner alchemy that makes possible the resonance with subtle divine energies from the macrocosm. Through transfiguration, the elements of the exterior reality, distilled by the noble vision, imagination, and power of expression of the person capable of transfiguring are transformed into a new, elevated, spiritual reality, source of a form of ecstasy.

Through the example of artistic expression, the transfiguration represents the proof of the active and creative role of consciousness. The sublime artistic expression, capable of recreating the reality with new, and deeper valences brought the art the name of magic mirror of reality. Transfiguration plays an important part in sexual continence and in the art of divine lovemaking.

Empathy – resonance that is awakened and amplified through the yogic practice, allowing a superior psychic and affective communication with other people, or sometimes with beings from the unseen worlds.

Generally speaking, we all know that a mother knows intuitively her babys needs and feelings. This apparently mysterious connection such as between the mother and her child is naturally related to the fact that initially the child is one with the mother.

Empathy is an intuitive modality of knowing the others, because it ensures a form of affective communication and immediate, sentimental transposition, making possible the identification with other persons, in various situations of life.

Through certain psychological techniques and best through certain yoga techniques, a person can normalize and improve his or her experiences and perceptions. A powerful, beneficial, positive emotional experience “charges” the person in question with positive energy, stimulates the mind, and euphorically “colours” the soul.

The study in the field of psychosomatic confirms the fact that disturbing, negative emotions cause various heart, liver, and/or brain diseases, and in the same time they deeply affect the consciousness of the physical body.