The view of the ancient Eastern tradition on eroticism and sexuality, the conscious control of human sexual functions states that this process leads to biological reactions of transmutation.

The biological reactions that occur during intercourse with sexual continence determine the gradual appearance of a huge biomagnetic inner energy. Moreover, there is a process of modifying the energies resulted from this while they go through the different levels of the human being. To put it in different words, as this inner power, this inner energy reaches any of the seven chakras, they will cause special effects on any of these levels, and these effects may become permanent.

The process of elevating the basic energies (that is the vital and sexual energy) is called sublimation.
Consequently, sublimation is a complex process, which defines complex phenomena, apparently having nothing to do with sexuality and eroticism. The energetic resources of a person are usually resulting from the constant biological transmutation of the sexual potential more or less willingly controlled. The ideal would be to reach a high degree of control over these energies, so that we may use them at our free will.

As a result of the biological transmutation of the sexual potential energy, due to the conscious control of the sexual functions, the sexual impulse develops into an almost new energy, having a different frequency of vibration. This is the process of sublimation.

We may compare the process of the biological transmutation to the action of transforming the energy of a waterfall into a source of electricity. However, sublimation is the process that comes after, in which the electricity already obtained is transported through high tension wires to be used accordingly.

Likewise, the energy obtained through transmutation will generate a whole range of phenomena and processes. For a better understanding, we will resume the comparison to the water and electricity. In this case, such phenomena may be of caloric, sound, light, or magnetic nature. For the ignorant, there is no relation between a waterfall that constantly moves the turbine and the images appearing on the TV.

But if the waterfall stops spinning the turbine, our TV, though still functional, will not display those images anymore.

Sublimation is one of the strategies of waking up the latent sexual potential. It is a procedure that can be practiced by anyone who knows and understands the way it works.
Being a process that takes place later, after the transmutation, sublimation is different because it allows a true recharge with energies at all levels of the inner human microcosm.

In the Eastern tradition, SUBLIMATION is a “successful super-drive back”, which generates subtle powers (SIDDHI), happiness and euphoric integration of the human being in the cosmic harmony. Among all the other positive, beneficial effects, sublimation favors also social success and fast personal development.

Through sublimation certain instinctual energies are transformed into new, elevated aims. Sublimation focuses certain unconscious pulses in the superior levels of the being. They are detached from their primitive orientations and beneficial integrated in the inner world of the person.

For instance, altruism and tenderness can be explained through the sexual energy that is transformed and guided towards the affective level of the human being.

In Dr. ANDREW STANWAY’s book, “Erotic Touch” (ED. GUILD PUBLISHING LONDON 1987), he writes down, “There are few men who may rightfully sustain that they can have the so-called “dry orgasms” many times (orgasms without ejaculation). They can have repeated orgasms, all the physical, emotional and mental signs included and yet they do not ejaculate. This is most frequent with men who had discharged several times before. It may appear at some men who have even more intense experiences and who have not ejaculated at all for more than 30 days.”

Several eastern texts about erotic art state that the usual behavior of a man shows the control he has on the sexual energy and ejaculation. They include explanations on the methods involving both psychological and physiological aspects of this extraordinary performance.

Thought is the most powerful force in the Universe. Through biological transmutation, the huge energy will amplify at extreme the inner abilities, dispersing the usual limitations.

A gigantic, lifeless energy lies locked up inside each of us, in the form of the unexplored sexual energy. At a superficial level, one will think that the body is made up of matter only.

The experiments in the field of the biological transmutation made us realize that we are structured from an incredible quantity of energetic particles, which spin because of a mystery and which stay together because of a miracle.

In the case of these super intense erotic experiences in which the sexual energy is not wasted, the people (and even the couples) becomes spontaneously and gradually “radioactive” because of some biological transmutation reactions at low temperatures.

The phenomena of biological transmutation at low temperatures are easily released and maintained unaltered because of the constant engagement of the will, especially in the intense and profound erotic experiences.

A larger Universe opens up now for the person who has succeeded in sublimating this energy, a unique universe in which he or she is free to enjoy a blissful mystery each moment. Behind the smallest manifestation there is a fascinating, unknown feeling, yet so familiar.

There are hundred thousands of eV inside the sexual potential of every human being. A single thought is enough to gradually awaken and control this fabulous energy, in case of a blissful erotic experience. If not, it is being discharged outside us, making us lose almost unconsciously, an essential creative potential.