Going over Shiva Purana, this highly important text of the Kashmir Shaivism we find the amazing story of the civilization that preceded us, a story about the past life of our generation.

Here are stated with crystal clarity two catastrophes: one that caused the end of the Assures’ civilization (over 60000 years ago) and one that lead to the destruction of the cities of Indus by the Arien invaders.

This event, which occurred with more than 2000 years BC, marked the beginning of Kali Yuga, the age of decline of humanity, from which we are also a part.

Shiva Purana gives us indications about the conditions that lead to the decline of a generation of humanity at the end of each cycle. Therefore, one should look upon the story of the Assures not only as a reflection of the past but also as a prophecy of a possible future.

There is an obvious parallelism between the events, religious conceptions, ideologies, social and moral theories that caused the destruction of the Assures and those that characterize our societies.

The history of the Assures also tells us how we can prevent the disaster from happening, through our moral and social convictions and ideas. This history, if properly understood and applies, may allow many of us to cross safely the cataclysm and to be a part of the golden age of the humanity.

The Assures, people with a great level of civilization, presented in the scripture as fervent worshippers of Shiva and His symbol, the linga have created and built three undefeatable citadels, with the help of the architect Maya.

These citadels were as follows: one, on Earth, made of copper, the second between earth and heaven, made of silver, and the third in the heaven, made of gold. Here, as in other traditions, we encounter the symbolism of the macrocosmic body, present in all the three essential universes: material, subtle and divine.

Shiva Purana tells that the Assures were powerful people, with dark, long, curly hair, heroic, learned in the art of war, religious, open at heart and owners of a knowledge that included the use of solar energy and solar light for various purposes. They lived in their wonderful citadels, without caring much about the rest of the world. (cf. Rudra Samhita (1), 5.1., 10-78).

Shiva, principle of Time, the only measure of Space, is the only God that had the power of destruction and transformation. Therefore, He is the one the Gods turned to when they wanted to annihilate Assures and their wonderful citadels.

The Arien gods sought Shiva’s favors in order to be able to destroy the Assure citadels. Yet, Shiva, the God of the just and righteous, could not let Himself be dragged into this dispute.

“The Assures, He said, are without sin and are my respectful worshippers. I could destroy them only if they turned their back to me. Thus, the Arien gods went to Vishnu and He said: “you cannot destroy these citadels unless you obtain the help of the Master Shiva” the Arien gods organized then a great sacrifice in Shiva’s honor.

From the fire emerged numerous malefic and armed spirits (Bhuta). Although these spirits were all directed to the citadels, they did not manage to harm any of them.

Vishnu explained this new defeat thus: “as long as they worship Shiva, and His mysterious symbol, the phallus, all their desires are fulfilled and the vedic religion is threatened. You have to make things so as they denigrate Shiva, the only God who protects them, and the only God who can destroy them.” (cf. Rudra Samhita, 5.3., 30-50.)