poza58-1ASTEYA means “not stealing”. This implies not to take something that is not yours, to use something only the way it is supposed to be used or the way it is permitted to be used.

ASTEYA requires therefore lack of greed. Wishing obsessively to have something that somebody else has, even if it is necessary or valuable for us, leads to lack of balance and unhappiness.

The Sage VYASA said: “ASTEYA is realized when the yogi, free from any desire, refuses to take possession of things that belong to others.”

Therefore, if somebody wants obsessively something that belon gs to another person and takes it, he is a thief. If he does not take it, then it is not a thief but he doesn’t follow ASTEYA either.

ASTEYA is when you do not take and do not desire something valuable that belongs to another person. ASTEYA implies also to refrain from any kind of injustice, to let everybody have exactly what he / she deserves.

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