Lie on a bed or on the floor for minimum 10 minutes. Close your eyes, and visualize firmly and clearly the “growth” of your energetic body. Make it grow more and more, perceiving the cosmic beneficial energy that allows its growth.

Continue to expand your aura until you have reached the ceiling of your room, or the sky above, in case you are outdoors.

Get used to this sensation gradually, performing this exercise for two-three days in a row before clearly and definitely begin to notice its effects: a vitalizing, euphoric sensation, as well as a state of inner peace.

Further on, visualize your aura growing even more, beyond the room. Thus your aura may become as large as the place you live in. Expand your aura even more, as much as you can.

The limits do not exist. You may even feel your aura is as big as your town or the whole planet or even the solar system. Expand your aura until you feel you have the whole universe inside of you.

Perform this expansion technique for seven days, and then repeat it reversed (contraction) for another seven days.

Lie in bed or on the floor, just as mentioned before. Perceive your body and then begin the contraction stage as follows:

Imagine your body becoming small, until it is the size of an atom, and further more, until this atom ends up dissolving into something unique and eternal that resides within you.

At the end of the seven days of practicing this technique, you will realize that you can become so small from a subtle point of view, that you almost cannot “locate” yourselves.

Through this experiences, you will realize as well that through the expansion stage you can become as infinite as the universe, and through the contraction you cam become as small and invisible as an atom.

Therefore, perform these exercises for seven days in a row, just as described above.

Among the beneficial effects you will notice in just ten-fifteen minutes of daily practice for two weeks are: state of inner harmony, plenitude and happiness, balance, and in the advanced stages, the practitioner may even attain samadhi.