• a transformation or change of one chemical element into another, accompanied by a huge release of energy; Emerging discoveries in physics and biology affirm that the process of TRANSMUTATION is also possible at a biological level, at low temperatures. THE BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATIONS AT LOW ENERGIES REPRESENT AN AMAZING REALITY. Even tough in the modern physics it seemed that the TRANSMUTATION of elements can only be achieved at high energies, capable of breaking up the nucleus of the atom, in some particular cases experimental evidence show that there are other means, much more efficient and natural, to obtain the same effects, even at low energies, in the process of metabolism. In the human being the processes of transmutation occur constantly, at a lower or higher level of intensity, in close correlation to the sexual, affective mental and spiritual activities. In this respect we can compare the whole body to a suis-generis atomic reactor, which can release from the physical matter huge amounts of subtle energy.

    But what is the ultimate meaning of SEXUAL BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATION ?
    In the process of sexual union, the sexual secretions (i.e. sperm and respectively the vaginal secretions) are gradually transmuted into sexual energy which is accumulated in the subtle body (or the so called AURA). These extraordinary energies are the source of intense waves of pleasure, emotions and even spiritual experiences.

    The process of TRANSMUTATION plays a key role in the practice of SEXUAL CONTINENCE because. By retaining the sexual fluids and avoiding the ejaculation or explosive discharge for an indefinite number of sexual intercourses we create the premises for the TRANSMUTATION of matter (i.e. the sexual fluids) into subtle energy and the SUBLIMATION of the resulted energy into the higher planes of the human being. Consequently we achieve a wonderful state of vitality, unlimited sensuality, strong will, intense love, purity, mental power and spiritual communion with the Absolute. Ultimately the practice of SEXUAL CONTINENCE and TRANSMUTATION leads to the experience of the supreme state of consciousness, SAMADHI.

    Biological transmutation

    The phenomenon of transmutation of the sexual energy has as scientific basis the phenomenon of Biological Transmutation. Biological transmutation is the process through which a living organism can produce controlled nuclear reactions of transmutation (transformation of an element into another by nuclear reaction) at low temperatures, with slow release of huge quantities of energy. Biological transmutation of the sexual energy is therefore the transmutation, with slow release of a huge quantity of energy, of the atoms contained in the sexual potential through continence.

    The characteristics of biological transmutation are:

    – takes place in all living organisms at the cell level, in structures called Mitocondria, which occur in the cytoplasm of every cell. Mitochondria is the site of the cells energy production.
    – implies both fusion and fission.
    – the transfer is realized between atoms of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon (these being the dominant elements in the living beings).

    The process of controlled biological transmutation leads to the gradual awakening of the inner paranormal powers of the mind, reaching altered (higher) states of consciousness, awakening of intelligence, emotional balance, a state of constant happiness, etc.

    Louis Kervran (Univ. of Paris) was the most ardent researcher of biological transmutation, and his work in the field earned him a nomination for the Nobel Prize. Kervran elucidated several of these nuclear reactions and verified them:

    The vital phenomenon is not of a chemical order… The nucleus of the atom in light elements is quite different from what nuclear physics regards as the average type, the latter having value only for the heavy elements… Nature moves particles from one nucleus to another particles such as hydrogen and oxygen nuclei and, in some cases, the nuclei of carbon and lithium. There is thus a transmutation… Biological transmutation is a phenomenon completely different from the atomic fissions or fusions of physics… it reveals a property of matter not seen prior to this work. (4, 7-13)

    Kervran found that in nuclido-biological reactions, oxygen is always in the form of O, never O2; reactions with nitrogen occur only with N2, insofar as is known. The following reactions (shown in simplistic form) have been observed:

    Na23 + H1 Mg24         Na23 + O16 K39         Na23 – O16 Li7

    Na23 Li7 + O16         K39 + H1 Ca40         Mg24 + Li7 P31

    Mg24 + O16 Ca40         F19 + O16 Cl35         C12 + Li7 F19

    Cl35 C12 + Na23         Fe56 – H1 Mn55         2 O16 – H1 P31

    O16 + O16 S32         2 N14 C12 + O16         N14 + Mg12 K19

    Si28 + C12 Ca40         Si28 + C12 Ca40         P31 + H1 S32

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