TantraFM Podcast 128 – *Aphrodisiacs – The wells of paradise-like love*, *The plants resonate with the planets*, *Shiva – The God of destruction. Part 3*, *Meditation X Communion with Shiva*

Apples, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, ginger. What do they all have in common? They are aphrodisiacs and today we bring you some sizzling recipes to heat up your nights. Next we see how in traditional medicine, the plants are associated with the planets, and they are correlated with precise astral configurations. Learn how to amplify or diminish the effects of the planets in your life by using certain plants. Finally, the last in the series of articles about the Hindu God of destruction Shiva. There are many stories in the Puranas about the origin of Shiva and we bring you a sample of them. We conclude with a meditation of communion with Shiva. Amaris, Tigerlily and Valentino will be your yogi hosts through these revelations.

TantraFM Podcast 127 – *The compression of the scrotum. Part 1*, *The compression of the scrotum. Part 2*, *Shiva – The God of destruction. Part 2*, *Meditation X Communion with Shiva*

Todays articles for men begin with a technique for the compression of the scrotum. This amplifies many of the benefits drawn from the practice of the testicular breathing. Amongst other benefits it reduces the risk of premature ejaculation, helping you redirect the surplus of energy from the pelvic level. Next we bring you part two of our articles about the Hindu God of destruction Shiva, who is believed to exist in many forms. Here are some of those forms as well as the great variety of symbolism related to Him. We end with a meditation called communion with Shiva. Your yogi hosts for the day are Tigerlily and Valentino.

TantraFM Podcast 126 – *Love yourself in order to love and be loved. Part 3*, *The Aphrodisiacs – Fountains of paradise-like love*, *Shiva – The God of destruction. Part 1*, *Meditation X Communion with Shiva*

We start todays podcast with part three of Love yourself in order to love and be loved. Get rid of negative behaviour patterns and truly start believing and loving yourself. Next find out the secrets of Aphrodisiacs, which plants to use for the maximum effectiveness. Then feel there resulting fountains of paradiselike love. In our final article we begin a series of articles about Shiva. He is the third god of the Hindu Triad and He is the god of destruction. We end with a meditation called communion with Shiva. Your yogi hosts for the day are Tigerlily, Amaris and Valentino.

TantraFM Podcast 125 – *Love yourself in order to love and be loved. Part 1*, *Love yourself in order to love and be loved. Part 2*, *Vishnu – The Sustaining God. Part 3*, *Meditation X Communion with Vishnu*

We start todays podcast with the articles entitled Love yourself in order to love and be loved. A fundamental condition in finding a lover to whom you can truly relate from the spiritual, intellectual, sexual, and emotional points of view is knowing your own qualities and having confidence in them. Get rid of negative behaviour patterns and truly start believing and loving yourself. Next we bring you part three of the articles about the sustaining Hindu God, Vishnu. This will be followed by the meditation of communion with Vishnu. Tigerlily and Valentino will be your yogi hosts through these revelations.

TantraFM Podcast 124 – *Breath, thought, and seed are in a close connection*, *Vishnu – The Sustaining God. Part 1*, *Vishnu – The Sustaining God. Part 2*, *Meditation X Communion with Vishnu*

Did you know that the breath, thought, and seed are in a close connection? As it says in the KALACHAKRA TANTRA Breath, thought, and seed are the three components of our divine potential. Therefore, these have to be in harmony and consciously controlled. The Yogi who truly manages to bring these three elements breath, thought and seed in union becomes in truth The Indestructible, endowed with transcendental spontaneity. Next we bring you the Hindu god, Vishnu. In the Tantric tradition, Vishnu is considered the master of sensuality and of waters. The erotic aspect is the first secret of Vishnu. Todays meditation will be communion with Vishnu. Tigerlily and Valentino will be here to keep you company.

TantraFM Podcast 123 – *Your breasts. Part 1*, *Your breasts. Part 2*, *Simple methods for equilibrating the chakras. Part 4*, *Meditation X Harmonious awakening of Kundalini and its ascension along the spine till Sahasrara*

The breasts are first of all important for breastfeeding the baby. However, this does not mean that they do not take part in the erotic life of the woman, through their important psychological role. Today we bring you part one and two of the article entitled Your breasts answering the many questions that you never knew who to ask before. After this we return again to the chakras, bringing ways and yoga positions designed to awaken and harmonize these secret centres of force. Today we focus on the last centre which is essentially a culmination of the other six Sahasrara. Also we give you a list of plants designed to awaken each of the chakras. Today’s meditation is the Harmonious awakening of Kundalini and its ascension along the spine till Sahasrara. Amaris and Tigerlily will guide you through todays show.

TantraFM Podcast 122 – *The Pleasure Zones. Part 1*, *The Pleasure Zones. Part 2*, *Simple methods for bringing equilibrium to the chakras. Part 3*, *Meditation X Amplifying the fifth center of force, VISHUDDHA CHAKRA*

The human geography includes a series of pleasure zones unknown to many. These zones hide treasures of feeling and erotic experience and they can be discovered by touching, kissing, nuzzling, licking and nibbling them. Most men and women are not aware of their erogenous zones but today we will shed light on the erogenous zones of the body and help you to arouse them in the most delightful way possible. Next we bring you part three of the article entitled Simple methods for bringing equilibrium to the chakras, focusing today upon the fifth centre of force known as the throat chakra or in Sanskrit as Vishuddha chakra. The meditation of the day is further designed to awaken and amplify Vishuddha chakra. Tigerlily and Valentino will be your yogi hosts through these revelations.

TantraFM Podcast 121 – *Taoist sexual secrets. Part 1*, *Taoist sexual secrets. Part 2*, *Simple methods for bringing equilibrium to the chakras. Part 2*, *Meditation X Amplifying the third center of force, Manipura chakra*

We begin todays podcast by investigating some Taoist sexual secrets. In order to be able to listen to the celestial music with your lover, you have to learn how to tune in your lover’s sensations and feeling to be in harmony with your own. Next we bring you part two of the article entitled Simple methods for bringing equilibrium to the chakras. Today we focus upon Manipura and Anahata chakra. We will guide you through advices and practical yoga positions designed to bring harmony and equilibrium to each of our secret centres of force, the chakras. The meditation today will be designed to amplify the third centre of force, Manipura chakra. Your yogi hosts for today will be Tigerlily and Valentino.

TantraFM Podcast 120 – *FELLATIO – The penis worship*, *Do you want to be a special woman? Train your vagina muscles!*, *Simple methods for bringing equilibrium to the chakras. Part 1*, *Meditation X Amplifying the first center of force Muladhara chakra*

Fellatio is as old as the human race and is regularly depicted in the erotic art of all cultures. The later Indian love manuals give it particular attention and in today’s podcast we expose the hidden delights of this erotic art. If you want to be a special woman then we will teach you how to train your vagina muscles in the second of todays articles. In Western culture vagina exercises are almost unknown. Let’s take a look in Eastern culture to see what we could learn about feminine secrets. Finally we will guide you through some advices and practical yoga positions designed to bring harmony and equilibrium to each of our secret centres of force, the chakras. Today’s meditation will help amplify the first center of force, Muladhara chakra. Tigerlily will be your yogi host through these revelations.

TantraFM Podcast 119 – *The worship of the body – direction: ECSTASY! Part3*, *Erotic tips*, *The secret of successful meditation. Part 2*, *Meditation X The state of attention and lucidity*

How to achieve ecstasy through the mutual worship of the body? When you feel you are both ready, prepare to experience a sequence of sexual positions prepared especially for you, in this Tantric night you will always remember! Next we find out some very useful erotic tips about lovemaking that everybody should know. One of the most common causes for the failure of many erotic dates is the fact that one or both lovers are ignorant regarding some essential aspects of eroticism. Finally today we bring you part two of our article aimed to improve your meditation. Bringing practical advice and help to all sincere aspirants on their spiritual journey. The meditation of the day will be the state of attention and lucidity. Amaris, Tigerlily and Valentino will be your yogi hosts through these revelations.


Mental Concentration During Lovemaking, Part 2


As much as we focus ourselves on our own sensations and experiences, they become in this way more and more refined; we start to perceive all the senses at once, without thinking about them in a mechanical way. Thus, the sensations will be totally perceived as if we listen a symphony of life.

Feeling more and more often and profound the non-discursive experience of the sensations, we understand that we have this capacity and it is natural. Only the inner dialogue and the mental excitation interfere, hiding that direct and simultaneous ecstatic conscience of the all senses.

At this step, the direct perception makes the pure subjectivity become identical with the pure objectivity and in this way there is no longer any difference between them, there is no longer any duality neither in perception, neither in sensation nor between the lovers. In this way the lovemaking gets an exceptional cosmic and spiritual value.


We have to empathetically experience what the lover feels while we touch her/him with our hands, caressing her/him with love, or doing anything else that is mutual accepted by both lovers, feeling in this moment what she/he likes or not.

We can feel the entire body, with all our body while we happily and lovely hug our lover, amplifying at maximum the intensity of the hug. As much as we concentrate more easily at the direct perception of the sensations, we will experience more various sensations in the entire body.

In this way, we will be able to experience with an ecstatic happiness the active and passive aspects of the touch, feeling in the same time, every caress, every point of contact with the lover, every given or received caress.

So we can feel what the lover experiences while we touch her/him. We will be surprised by the fact that we can perceive our lover’s sensations through our own hands or other body parts.

We can focus our attention either over the feeling experienced by the one that is touched, or over our feelings, or we can perceive both sensations in the same time.

The active and the receptive touch are identical experiences in essence; moreover when the merging of the lovers is amplified. The way in which the lover feels when she/he is touched is not different from the sensation felt by us through our hand, because there is a communication that gives birth to the same language.

The important element is to experience directly these states without saying, “it is soft, it is wet or hard” and by not letting any other comments, that can shadow the direct perception, interfere.


The taste sense is very well harmonized with the touch sense and with the smelling.
It is known that there is compatibility between the tastes of the lovers, and it is realized that this compatibility influences very much the sexual compatibility. The taste sense is connected with the subtle sexual centre of the human being – Svadhisthana Chakra, and that is why the taste’s compatibility of the lovers reflects their sexual compatibility; an amplifying of the tasting sensations immediately leads to awakening and accumulating sexual energy.


Through the smell sense can be felt either by ourselves, or together with out lover, we will enchant our natural perfume together with the added perfume, taking also into account the perfume of the soap, of the shampoo, of the room and also the perfume of the air.

It is important to know how to choose the perfumes and the essences that can accompany us in our erotic games, so that we can be magnetically attracted by the savour of our body smelling or of the smelling of the atmosphere created by us.


The visual sense is also very important because the eye perceives in semi-darkness too, often even with more profound echoes in the human being- the colours, the forms, the clothes, the brightness and the reflection of the bodies, of the hair or of the ornaments.

Often, during lovemaking the face becomes brighter being itself an expression of the happiness, of the generosity and of the ecstatic fulfilment.

While we are watching, we let the images come to our eyes and we spontaneously abandon ourselves in perceiving all that is in our visual field, without identifying each thing. Our eye can be fixed anywhere it wants to. It is the case of staring (keeping the eyes open but without seeing) that constitute the magical and intimate frame of where we are making love.

Then we can fix our eye over a detail, that becomes dear, important and saint, and at the end we will be back to the seeing of the all. Then we can focus our attention at something else, by spontaneously sending it the magnetism of our look.


There is no limit in what we can create or feel during the erotic game. Each of these generates a sensation, a reaction, and an emotion that doesn’t need a future description.

The sounds emitted by each of them, the breathing, the laughter, the groan, the noise of the lips and the tongue, the voice music when there is something to be said, the love whispers, all of these can amplify the erotic desire and experience.

We can feel the silent vibrations of our bodies that are hungrily touching each other as much as they are hugging full of love and harmony. In this way we become receptive to those pure, archetypal, divine sounds without needing to analyse their meaning. We simply hear them as a celestial music that brings happiness. In this way, we permit the sound to penetrate our ears without needing to comment on it.



The “I Am” Feeling

Please read our disclaimer and make sure to consult your
yoga instructor before you use any information presented here.

In order to perform this simple and effective technique we need a mechanical hand watch. We should take it off and place it so that it reaches the height of our eyes.

Then, in a state of detachment, and calmness, we will begin to stare at the secondary hand of the watch, without any moments of pause. At the same time, as you stare of the secondary hand of the watch, focus your attention on your inner state.

In this manner, you will perform the synthesis of two apparently opposing attitudes, the expression of two opposed tendencies of your mind: an outward attitude, expressed through the staring at the watch, and an inner-directed one, expressed through the focus on your state of mind.

Along with this double focus, we have to focus also on the idea: “I am…(your name) and I am here now. I am.” We will try – as much as possible – to keep our mind focused only on this idea, while we follow detached and focused the secondary hand of the watch.

We stay perfectly aware of our person, of our name, of the place we are in. The mental repetition of our name should not lead to a superficial identification with our ephemeral “I”, but instead it should awake in us the consciousness of our unitary, divine consciousness.

For a better understanding of this technique, we mention that we do not need to keep in mind this idea in an “obstinate”, egoistic manner. Ultimately, this mental focus on the idea of “I” should become even non-verbalized, “felt”, perceived intuitively.

This exercise requires more than a simple thought about our existence, but the awareness of it. We should go beyond the thoughts and concepts to the direct, mysterious, and absolute knowledge of our existence.

At this level, we will notice that this revelation is perfectly accessible to us, and due to a spiritual intuition, this experience will awaken inside of us something bright, extremely important and real.

This very simple and important technique that will help anyone to get a step closer to the revelation of one’s self, makes us discover that it is perfectly possible for each of us to awaken and reach the real awareness of the Self.

Even at this level, we will have different thoughts. The images, feelings, aspirations will keep on coming and going, just as before, but we will perceive SIMULTANEOUSLY a different perception, just as a witness takes part detached and uninvolved to an event.

This witness-consciousness will become a permanence in our lives and it will awaken and amplify inside of us a supra-mental force meant to alter, analyze and even stop the flow of thoughts, images and so on.

This force is strong enough to catalyze the revelation of the divine self, Atman. Only at this stage, we may say that we have a stable inner structure, like an axis of our being, bringing along a real and perfectly aware consciousness of ourselves and of the world.

Thus, being detached and preserving this witness-consciousness, we may say that we are on the right path in distinguishing between the Supreme Self (Atman) and the illusion of this world.

Effective Techniques to Increase Attention



1. Examine one object in all its aspects and determine the various relationships between it and other objects in its vicinity. Analyze all its characteristics: composition, qualities, state, origin, destination, causes, effects, history, etc.

2. Examine a design or a plan containing a lot of details, and then reproduce as many of them as you can, first mentally, and then on paper, attempting to as remember all of them.

Focus on the main features of the item you selected, and then the secondary ones, so in the end you will end up by remembering even the smallest details.

3. Analyze in your mind visual impressions (objects you saw or landscapes you admired someday), things or songs you heard in the past, tactile sensations, and finally olfactive and gustative impressions.

4. Try to determine a person’s character or feelings according to the tones of voice, the shape of the body, characteristics of the physiognomy and the nature of their attitude and gestures.

5. Propose yourself to eliminate from your behaviour all useless, clumsy or mechanical gestures and replace them with balanced gestures.

6. Try to speak rarely, focusing on the idea you wish to express, and on the words you use. Make a habit of this exercise and remove all words with negative connotation from your vocabulary.

7. Suspend any movement of the body and any involuntary mental activity, in other words dismiss any uncontrolled, anarchic thoughts. Go back on the track of your thoughts to the point where they began, where there is no divergence, no duality and no agitation.

After all these exercises, appreciate the quality of your memories, so that you may appreciate your attention to its true value. Perform these exercises several days in a row and pay attention to your progress.

The last of the seven exercises we presented in this article rpresents a superior stage in the process of concentration of attention and ultimately it allows us to open up new inner universes, whose depths and vastness may enrich us tremendously.

Keep in mind: The focus of the mind is better if you have a definite purpose patience, tenacity, vigilance, and continuity in your fight against the mental disorder and agitation.

In time and with practice, the power of your mind increases, eliminating the useless preoccupations and desires. If additionally you practice mauna (the discipline of silence) for an hour or two each day, associated with pranayama, you will be soon surprised by the power you feel growing inside of you.

Caution: The power of the mind is practically limitless. Consequently, the more it is focused, the stronger it will become. The ultimate meaning of life is to focus on God. This is the supreme duty of any human being.

Maya, the cosmic illusion that makes us identify ourselves with our physical body, social position, name, reputation, and forget our divine essence hinders the importance of this duty from our eyes.

Or, in Swami Sivananda’s words:
“The total sum of all pleasures of this world is nothing compared to the exquisite bliss you experience in deep meditation and concentration. Do not abandon this practice. Continue it with patience, perseverance, happiness, tenacity and trust. Thus you will succeed.”


“The mind wonders and is always restless, hard to keep an eye on it, hard to be kept in check; be as the wise man who subdue it completely in the same way that the trainer subdues wild animals.”


The deep search of our inner universe is an extremely important step in our erotic evolution. The impurities and the subconscious psychic obstacles that put a brake to our spiritual progress will be eliminated only if the atmosphere between the two lovers is one of complete honesty and self-sacrifice. When we look inside ourselves in order to think about the SELF, we will find a whole new world.

Self-analysis will help our senses become more refined and elevated. On the contrary, sexual routine lead to the death of these senses and this is why introspection is extremely valuable.

When one of the lovers depends exclusively upon the other as a material and comfortable support and not as a permanent inner search, the result may be a lack of balance that can affect the relationship.

Real love does not find real ground when it is “planted” in a fantasyland of selfish desires of one or the other of the two lovers. And, of course, this will not allow the perfect, dreamy love game to exist. On the contrary, the relation will progressively limit it, leading to a no-way-out situation.

The failure in love or marriage happens mainly because one of the two does not meet the other’s expectations. This informs us that there is no real, honest intimacy between them and that one is more selfish than the other. In such cases the couples may go on living, but in a atmosphere of interior separation from the other.

There is a wonderful and clear affirmation on self-knowledge in the famous Chinese philosophical work called “Tao te king” from the 6-th century B. C. The author, Lao Tse, says: “Knowing another confers wisdom; knowing the spirit confers enlightenment; self-control creates a huge inner power.”

The search of our inner universe or the self-analysis represents both a jumping board and a life-support. It gives you a great mental power necessary to the spiritual progress. This search is in fact a personal practice and we will not make the mind powerful with sterile conversations. One gram of practice means tones of theories.

Yet a positive self-analysis increases the ability to observe intuitively a lot of subtle aspects, creating a state of special receptivity. By objectively analysing our own person, we will be able to eliminate the different negative impressions and doubts that always tend to diminish our relationships.

Truth and honesty in a couple lead to spontaneity and break conventionality and routine. Allow yourself to be wrapped up into the desire of knowing your true SELF and eliminate fear and doubt forever.

Self-analysis is a preliminary step in the meditation technique. It can take place at any moment of time and it is an internal thinking process, completely different from the chaotic action of our minds.

This inner search starts through observing the relationships that we have with things and events around us. Try to see all the experiences as connected to each other and also to you. Observe even the apparently most unimportant details and cultivate a firm yet detached attitude. Examine well everything that comes to you and try to understand the reasons behind each action or situation.

A simple method in order to practice self-analysis is sitting comfortable in front of a mirror, closing your eyes and making your mind empty of all thoughts. Then, slowly open your eyes and look at the image in the mirror as if you would meet that person for the first time.

Observe the impression it has on you. Also notice how the changes in your facial expression concords with your thoughts and emotions. Try to establish a certain relation with your image in the mirror, relax your face and keep your breathing under control.

If you notice certain negative thoughts, bring the equilibrium back in your attitudes and emotions by using breathing in order to stabilize the psychic. Imagine that you replace such negative attitude with a positive one and try to feel the “new ego” as the real and most wanted one.

Then, slowly, close your eyes, trying to assimilate this experience, imagining it as being all over your being, at all levels.

The essence of meditation is using your mind in order to achieve Self-knowledge. In a first phase of the process, different exterior objects might help you, but be careful not to rely on them exclusively. For example, the candlelight may prove of real help.

Take a candle and light it. Look at the light and focus all your thoughts on it. Then compare your attitudes with its dance. Imagine that the flames destroy and burn all your mental impurities.

Then close your eyes and project the image of the flame right between your eyebrows and keep that image burning here. Put your whole being in this interior light and use it in your analysis as guide to your essence.

By knowing yourself you will be able to know other persons as well. Do not criticize before making all your mistakes right. Through an efficient self-analysis you will grow a special power to introspect. Such introspection requires courage and honesty.

A perseverant and rigorous analysis will eliminate all the interior obstacles in order to create a wonderful inner potential for the tantric love. This analysis is the most direct path to the non-duality experience and mystical conscience.

“Always be vigilant and conscious in everything you do: when you walk, sit, eat, sleep, and so on. Avoid hiding your own imperfections and also avoid talking about the others’ faults. It is difficult to master the thoughts, but with perseverance in controlling your mind will finally lead you to success. Be conscious of the fact that the one who meditates, the object of meditation and the act itself are inseparable.”

Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman at Awaken Visions Galleries.

Mental Concentration During Lovemaking, Part 1

In 1970, Masters and Johnson made popular a new technique that they called “sexual focusing”. This technique simply consists in focusing one’s attention on the sensations that occurr during lovemaking, without letting one’s mind to loaf.

Applying this technique during foreplay or during massage exercises was the first step in curing sexual dysfunctions for both men and women.

Similar to the Concentration (Dharana) phase in Yoga, the sexual concentration is an absolutely necessary phase for reaching the perfect harmony in couple, by favouring the focusing of the very powerful energies that take place during lovemaking and guiding them to the high levels of the human being.

We don’t have to see the method of achieving a meditative attitude during lovemaking as an exercise, as an instrument or as a technique performed in order to obtain a purpose in the future – the sexual performance, the mystique experience or anything else.

It is better to see it only as a way to go deep inside of us, in the present moment, in what we are doing and in what we are experiencing, therefore a way to stop our thoughts.

There are more aspects of eros we can firmly focus our attention on, in order to eliminate any other thought, in this way driving ourselves close to the subtle plans of the mystique conscience. These aspects of the lovemaking can be active or passive.

Let’s take as an example, the touch: we can either concentrate our attention on given touches that represent the active aspect of touch, or on received touches that represent the passive aspect of touch. Also, the aspects of erotism can be general or specified, depending on how many sensations are perceived in the same time.

Yet, the most beautiful feeling is the feeling of merging with the lover and with the entire Universe. This phenomenon appears step by step through continuously refining of the transfiguring act.


The stopping of the thought has become a popular technique. In the arsenal of Western therapeutics, this technique has entered powerfully after the 70s, being used as an active and direct treatment in the fixed idea (monomania). It came in contrast with the psychoanalytic method which was slower, more indirect, though in a certain direction – more comprehensive.

The idea that a person can direct her perception and attention, performing in this way a certain control over his/her own cognitive functions, is applied in order to modify the sexual behaviour. It proves to be very useful especially when the sexual dysfunctions are generated by a disturbing mental pattern that occurs during the lovemaking.

As much as we start to focus ourselves on the sensorial, direct perceptions of the erotic act, it becomes obvious the idea that “these thoughts occur to me” and that “I am not these thoughts”. Therefore, we will let those thoughts pass over us and go out of our conscience without giving them any value or becoming attached to them.

As soon as we will become aware of the fact that the thoughts are external to our being and that just by feeding them and by accepting them we make them alive and sustain them, we will easily realize that it is easy to stop their activity.

An efficient way to begin is to ignore them and not pay any attention to them, by making efforts to concentrate over the sensations we feel while making love.

With the time passing, the stopping of these thoughts will occur spontaneously, while the person is paying attention only to the orgasmic and sensual experiences.


1. In case that certain inhibitory thoughts or certain thoughts, which are disturbing the harmonious lovemaking occur, because of some psychic traumas in connection with the sexual activity, you must have in mind to concentrate yourselves over the most intense sensation (tactile, visual, tasting, smelling) you feel.

Let yourself be absorbed by this sensation, let yourself become one with it. As much as you melt in this sensation, experiencing it at maximum intensity, you realize that any disturbing thought will disappear, letting the place free for the pleasure and for the happiness.

Doing the same with the other sensations, you will realize that the intense experience will free hidden forces in your own human being. As soon as you achieve this experience, you will realize that the thoughts easily disappear and they will be kept ever under the control.

2. You are ready go to bed (after they have undressed and had a shower). She is lying down while you softly caress her back sensually.

You have to concentrate yourself only on the sensation you receives from touching her skin and the harmonious forms of her body. In the same time, the woman has to focus her attention on your caresses.

She mustn’t let her mind be disturbed by other thoughts. She shouldn’t think of anything else. In this way you won’t let your minds wander. By concentrating on your sensations you can be more aware and fully experience all the sensations.