“I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.”

Albert Einstein


In the following, we bring to your attention a parallel between the tantric philosophy and quantum mechanics. The purpose of this set of articles is to determine you to experiment and find the Ultimate Truth in your soul – God’s ultimate consciousness, so proclaimed by both modern science and Tantrism.


The goal of Tantra, similar to that of modern science, is the study of the natural laws and of the human being.
Tantra has discovered for thousands of years facts that the modern science is beginning to become aware of.
The principles of Tantric philosophy are sustained by the new discoveries in cognitive psychology and physics.
Tantra considers that the fundamental reality of the universe is consciousness. Before time and space, at the origin of universe was the Supreme Consciousness.
Each human being has a divine “spark” inside of her, which is the consciousness, the essence of each human being, the ultimate source of her happiness and fulfillment.
The philosophers discussed for centuries the nature of consciousness, but the Tantrics are intimately acquainted with it through meditation and introspection.
We cannot transpose into words any form of knowledge, therefore nothing could replace the direct experience of the levels of consciousness during meditation.

The quantum mechanics redefines the classical notions of particle, location, and move.

  • One example – in the quantum mechanics, the position of a particle is not always precisely determined; generally, the position of a particle cannot be exactly determined, instead it is described merely as a series of possibilities. This probability function enunciates the fact that the particle is in an infinite number of positions, simultaneously!!!
  • Another example of thinking in quantum mechanics – the trajectory of a particle between two given points, let’s say A and B, does not follow an unique trajectory, but it follows simultaneously all the possible trajectories between A and B, according to various coefficients of probability.
  • Thus, the movement and place as known in the classical Newtonian physics are redefined within this system of quantum mechanics. Instead, we have a new type of paradoxical mechanical processes.


A mysterious quantum reality, governed by paradoxical laws is to be found behind the empirical universe.

  • Suppose we have an atom of Uranium, and that this atom may emit a neutron. This process is called radioactivity. The classical physics tell us that at a certain point the atom either emitted of it did not emit the neutron.

    The quantum physics proves that the states corresponding both to the emission and to the non-emission of the neutron are in fact simultaneous, with certain probability coefficients. This over positioning of these states is valid for as long as there is no measurement taken. When we observe the state of the atom, the over positioning (the function of the wave) “collapses” and the result of the measurement will be one of the two possible states.

    If this seems totally impossible, do not fret! Not even Einstein could believe this fact in the beginning, and he tried to prove the opposite for years. Nonetheless, the overwhelming proofs in the experimental field of the physics sustain this interpretation.

  • In other words, the matter is in a quantum state of over positioned states, in which all possible evolutions are simultaneously manifested in a probabilistic manner. However, we will not be able to observe this quantum, intrinsic state of the particles – each time we make an observation, the wave function will collapse and of all the probabilities, only one will remain, according to the corresponding degrees of probability.
  • The state of quantum over positioning of states is beyond any capacity of direct observation. We, as human beings, cannot perceive this form of matter. The quantum universe is not directly perceivable, while the physical world, as we perceive it is merely a singular “possible” case, a particular case of the quantum universe.

    The title “real world” belongs now to the quantum universe, including here all the over positions of states and all its mysterious, obscure phenomena – at least to a person with a common level of understanding.



  • On the most profound level of the universe there is a hidden, mysterious world. The physical world is merely an illusion of the perception. For thousands of years, in Tantra there has been the concept of Maya, the cosmic illusion. According to the Tantras, God created Maya in order to hide the reality and fundamental truth of the universe, by leaving to the eye an incomplete and finite image.
  • Therefore, many tantric masters asserted that the world is an illusion; however, this statement was not meant to discourage any of us in our efforts to self-discovery, as they consider that the key to go beyond the illusion of Maya is Maya itself.
  • The yogis consider that the physical universe (the objective, exterior universe) is not the only possible reality, but there are many other universes (for instance the astral universe and the causal universe).
  • These universes are subject to laws quite resembling to those governing the quantum mechanics. Therefore, the assertion that Tantra did not wait for the discovery of the quantum mechanics in order to sustain valid ideas is correct.



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