by Dinu Roman


The phenomenon of transmutation of the
sexual energy has as scientific basis the phenomenon of
Biological Transmutation. Biological transmutation is the
process through which a living organism can produce
controlled nuclear reactions of transmutation
(transformation of an element into another by nuclear
reaction) at low temperatures, with slow release of huge
quantities of energy. Biological transmutation of
the sexual energy is therefore the transmutation, with
slow release of a huge quantity of energy, of the atoms
contained in the sexual potential through continence.

The characteristics of biological
transmutation are:

  • takes place in all living
    organisms at the cell level, in structures called
    Mitocondria, which occur in the cytoplasm of
    every cell. Mitochondria is the site of the
    cell’s energy production.
  • implies both fusion and fission.
  • the transfer is realized between
    atoms of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon (these being
    the dominant elements in the living beings).

The process of controlled biological
transmutation leads to the gradual awakening of the inner
paranormal powers of the mind, reaching altered (higher)
states of consciousness, awakening of intelligence,
emotional balance, a state of constant happiness, etc.

Through consciously and effortlessly
controlling the sexual function (orgasm without
ejaculation) of the human body, complex reactions of
biological transmutation take place, leading to a slow
and continuous release of an enormous quantity of energy,
which can be directed, through sublimation to higher
levels of being, for a specific purpose (magical,
spiritual). Tantra teaches secret
techniques (for example Oli Mudras
or Shakti Mudras) through which
the biological transmutation can be initiated and
accelerated into the practitioner’s body (both man
and women).


teachings use sexuality for completely transcending
it. Even at the level of ordinary sexual
experiences, the couple sometimes has the strange and
powerful feeling that sexual intercourse releases a
tremendous energy inside the human
psyche. Frequently superior and nostalgic truths can
be inferred in this state. Pedro McGregor in his famous "Psychosexual
" confirms the Tantric
teachings concerning sexuality. Our burning sexual
or emotional beatitudes are nothing other than a
degenerated mysterious enthusiasm. Our highest and
noblest spiritual yearnings, the whole of our
transcendental and sublime potential, would be somehow
imprisoned in matter, i.e. in sexuality. This
enthusiasm is materialized, therefore limited, absorbed
and inert.  It is logical to consider that a
conscious change in our sexual behavior and in our most
intimate attitudes could act as a magical spring,
releasing truly super-human energies in the same way that
a controlled mutation in the intimate structure of the
atom can release a tremendous amount of nuclear


Therefore, another important
characteristic of the Tantric
Way is that
spiritual growth is realized through extreme intensity of
energy  spontaneously born during the passionate
living of intense emotions, including both sexual and
non-sexual emotions. The Supreme Existence reveals itself
instantaneously during the tumult of violent emotions
such as extreme terror, vivid curiosity, deep compassion,
total anger, profound pleasure. 

order to penetrate into the Supreme Reality,
everything that is at hand is to be considered as a
modality; because, as the Trika
system puts it, the human being must not submit to
any restrictions (in order to attain the

When controlled and directed by a lucid
mind, this paramount intensity of the extreme emotions
creates the instantaneous welding of all levels of the
human being (physical-sexual, emotional and
mental-spiritual) which are normally disconnected and
therefore acting independently. Thus, the
practitioner becomes aware of the inner abyssal power
that lies within himself and starts to bring it to the
surface. The transcendence of the inferior levels of
consciousness is realized through an exceptionally
frantic living of every moment of everyday life.  In
this way, the duality disappears into the flashing unity
of the Supreme Consciousness, without change (Nirvikalpa).