by Dinu Roman


In the act of lovemaking the
couple embodies the dyadic wholeness of the Supreme. Tantric
sexual union resonates with the very foundational energies of
the Universe: it captures, magnifies and re-directs the essential
Cosmic Power of Life. It is therefore not by chance that sexual
intercourse brings the most intense emotional experience that the
human being can have while in the flesh. Therefore Tantra
uses it predominantly to create that overwhelming unifying
energy. The erotic impulse stirs up the Kundalini
energy so that it can rise, through the subtle duct of power
along the spine, to the highest center of power above the
head. This process renders the adept immortal:

"Loss of semen is loss
of power.  Exposure to sexual stimulation arouses this
power; controlled the power is like steam in a boiler, no
longer random."

"The Yogin
who can protect his Bindu (semen),
overcomes death; because death comes by discharging Bindu,
and life is prolonged by its preservation."

Yoga Pradipika,
III, 87

is under the control of the mind, and life is dependent
on Bindu.  Hence, Mind and Bindu
should be protected by any means."

Hatha Yoga
, III, 89

In this vision, intercourse
becomes a genuine cosmic process at the level of the unified
microcosms of the couple, who tries to reproduce the cosmic union
of Shiva and Shakti,
i.e. of Consciousness and Energy.

  "In Yamala
or ViraYogini
tradition [Tantric schools],
there is physical union (Samghatta)
between Vira (the male) and Yogini
(the female). The purpose is only to stimulate NityaAnanda
(the eternal beatitude) by means of the contact of the sex
organs. This contact gives intense delight [for the body and

A text by Abhinavagupta

In this sacred act a savant
analogy intervenes where physical postures (Asana-s),
gestures (Mudra-s), colors, sounds
(Mantra-s), musical rhythms and
perfumes blend to create a paradise-like 
environment. Thus, intercourse serves a purpose much
superior to that of sensuality.  his precise analogical
correspondence leads to a profound intermixing between the level
of the chaotic multiplicity in which we live and the Unique
Macrocosmic Reality.  Through frantic super-sensual fusion
of the subtle complementary principles, man and woman realize the
alchemical sublimation of the sexual energy. This phenomenon,
which leads to a gradual liberation from the painful limitations
of Space and Time that restrain terrestrial life, propels man and
woman towards the cosmic ecstasy (Samadhi).


Stated with extreme simplicity,
orgasm is an intensely beatific state of consciousness and
canceling of ego, with profound harmonizing, relaxing and
regenerative effects.  Male and female ejaculation is only a
complex physiological process of explosively energetic discharge
with a dim manifestation of a brief, incipient orgasm,
experienced in a selfish unilateral way.  During
ejaculation, the energy is quickly wasted and for no purpose
(except when conception is wanted).


The most important differences
between an ordinary orgasm with ejaculation and Tantric
successive orgasms without ejaculation are
illustrated in the following comparative analysis:


(with ejaculation)



(outward-bursting energy). Inevitably, the erotic energy
is lost permanently and uselessly. The intensity of a
following sexual act diminishes greatly compared to what
was felt at the beginning.
(inward-bursting energy). The erotic energy sublimates
and is transmuted in ever more refined forms of energy
which are gradually accumulated in the depths of our
being, producing extremely refined and intense states of
pleasure and expanded consciousness. The intensity of the
following sexual acts increase constantly and do not
diminish in the end.
Lasts a very
short time, creating a nostalgic state of frustration due
to the partial lack of fulfillment (especially for women,
who need a long time to reach the peak of excitement).
Beyond time,
lasting indefinitely therefore is contiguous with
Infinity. Ocean-like state of beatific fulfillment felt
by BOTH man and woman as a shared feeling of happiness
and joy of living which expands the perception of
pleasure. The two lovers become gradually aware of the
God(dess) within. Man can share woman’s multi-orgasmic
capacity without losing the erection.
In the physical
body only.
Inside as well
as outside the physical body, in the subtle invisible
body and in the surrounding environment. All beings and
objects seem to make love at the same time.
Playing with
the other.
Playing within
yourself with a simultaneous, telepathic perception of
the other through empathy, "I feel the other
as if he/she is myself."
Dependency. Independence.
The other "disappears" due to the spontaneous transfiguration.
Both man and woman expand endlessly their merged
consciousness into the Universe.
passive/man active.
active/man passive.
Easy, calm and
quiet breathing.
A reflex or
instinctual act leading to loss of control, an
unconscious, animalistic, irrepressible experience.
and fully controlled act leading gradually to ecstatic,
erotic abandon and happiness which lasts as long as two
to three days after a successful Tantric
followed by slow wavelike movements to which the other’s
body answers tenderly and insatiably in a perfect
Limited sexual
availability due to the exhaustion which follows
ejaculation. This leads gradually to a state of permanent
fatigue and drowsiness which can manifest as instinctive repulsion
for the other or as lack of self-esteem.
sexual availability making possible an overwhelming
erotic experience of a paramount intensity which can last
eight to ten hours without interruption –providing
that BOTH man and woman perfectly yet effortlessly
control the sexual energy. The erotic vitality of the
couple amplifies leading to a clear state of inner power
and of complete sexual fulfillment.
Fear of
undesired pregnancy. The use of contraceptives has many
unhealthy side-effects such as hormonal imbalances
leading to obesity.
freedom of any restrictions or fears. Because of the
total semen retention irrespective of the duration of the
sexual act, pregnancy is out of the question when
undesired. Man becomes a completely safe lover and his
woman will never have to use contraceptives when she
makes love with him. This leads to a totally natural
birth control.
selfish desire, possessiveness and jealousy.
desire transcended into fulfillment, leading to a state
of peace with oneself and of tender happiness which
overflows to other human beings as love and compassion.
Due to the huge
loss of sexual energy, the sexual experiences become less
and less fulfilling and, through a reflex mechanism, the
psycho-mental potential decreases.
Due to the
complete transmutation and sublimation of the sexual
power, the psycho-mental potential is increased leading
to the awakening of paranormal powers (telepathy,
clairvoyance, etc.). A state of overwhelming euphoria
grows gradually, opening the couple to positive,
affectionate feelings. Dramatic increasing of vitality
leading to the shortening of the need for sleep and
awakening of the creative imagination and lucidity. Man’s
virility and woman’s pluri-level multi-orgasmic capacity
awakens and amplifies to the highest extent, leading to
ever more fulfilling sexual experiences.
The dynamics of
the couple decreases with time and desire transforms
quickly into habit. Monotony kills the desire and the
relationship becomes ever more trivial.
The dynamics of
the couple is enriched every day with new and amazing
discoveries of the other’s inner world and, through
reflection, of one’s own inner profile. Desire transforms
gradually into genuine and pure love, a feeling
rarely known by humans and which grows constantly, fed
with new and unexpectedly delicious experiences. Habit
cannot survive due to the hyper-intense and spontaneous living
in the ever-changing present


In Tantra,
sexual union is one of the possibilities offered to man and woman
to concentrate and direct the consciousness’s activity toward the
Supreme Being. Due to the enormous intensity of this union, the
consciousness of both partners develops and fuses, at the
beginning between themselves and later with the Cosmic
Consciousness. The indescribable beatitude then felt embraces all
things and beings. All that still subsists is a never-ending
thirst for unity, only a Lover and a Loved-one.

is a genuine and exceptional form of yoga
which puts sexuality in its right place, recreating the missing
spiritual dimension of the sexual experience. This practice
expands the human consciousness to the greatest extent and
considerably enriches the knowledge of Man and the Universe. At
the same time, through the surprising links established among
apparently heterogenous phenomena and scientific facts, Tantra
opens the road toward infinite horizons, where many extraordinary
discoveries wait for the tireless practitioner.