We can continue and visualize the same phenomenon in three dimensions. Let’s say we have a glass cube full of a certain liquid in which tiny particles are in uniform suspension (see fig.3).

By making all six sides of the cube vibrate simultaneously, we will notice that the particles in suspension will accumulate in certain areas (nodes) giving birth to symmetrical 3D shapes. This looks very much alike to the structure of a crystal.

In this case we created a system of 3D stationary waves. We can say that these stationary waves are in fact the sound of that 3D structure (this shows that there is a direct link between form and sound). The stationary waves created order in an substance that had no definite form (it was amorphous).

When a vibration energizes a substance, it will produce certain zones of ‘fullness’ and of ’emptiness’, in other words zones which have the nature of a particle (nodes) and zones that have the nature of a wave (energetic field). This complementarity wave-particle is a fundamental duality of the whole manifestation.

If we look carefully at waves in a pond, we observe that even though water moves up and down in a wave, it (water) does not advance (it stays in the same place).

This becomes even more clear if there is a little piece of wood floating on the water: the wood moves up and down, but does not go anywhere. In other words, a wave can travel long distances, but water stays where it was before.

Therefore we can say that a wave is a perturbation (disturbance) that propagates through a medium. The medium though does NOT advance in the direction of the disturbance.

A wave is something that can travel from one place to another without being a material particle or a flux of particles.

Waves manifest in all phenomena of the Universe, from the everyday noises, whose frequencies are from a few cycles/second to tens of thousands of cycles/second, to the radio waves, whose frequencies are between 500 and 15,000 million cycles/second, to the cosmic radiations, whose frequencies are over 1 followed by 22 zeroes cycles/second!

The mental and psychic waves have even greater frequencies, but the nature of these vibratory processes is similar. Their frequencies depend on the quality and refinement of our thoughts and feelings (for example the frequency of a feeling of love is much higher than the frequency of a feeling of sadness).

According to Dr. Arnaud, a french scientist, all vibrations of the physical world are between almost zero and 1 followed by 22 zeroes cycles/second. This represents the lower octave of the Universe (physical world).

According to the same scientist, the vibrations of the astral and mental world are between 12 followed by 32 zeroes and 96 followed by 39 zeroes cycles/second! In the eastern tradition it is known that these frequencies continue to rise as we access higher levels of manifestation.

How are these vibrations behaving in the living matter? Do we have receivers for each gamut of vibrations? Do we / can we perceive all vibrations?

The vibratory energies are classified according to a scale of vibratory levels described by their frequency of vibration. The frequency defines the quality (type) of the energy. The amplitude defines the quantity of the energy.

The vibratory frequencies are dependent on the inherent (intrinsic – existing as an essential constituent or characteristic) properties of the emitter or receiver. Thus, for example, the vibratory frequencies received by the ear are between 16 and 20,000 cycles/second.

The eye receives vibrations between 1 followed by 14 zeroes and 1 followed by 15 zeroes cycles/second, etc. In this way, every sense organ functions and can interpret only certain determined frequencies.

The range of perception of the five senses is extremely limited compared to the whole range of the frequencies in the Universe. Besides the five sense organs, the human being has also other senses (receivers of vibratory energy), which most of the time are latent (dormant)(for example, clairvoyance), but which can be awakened through appropriate training.

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