Brahma, The Creator, wanted it to be that way and thus he created the Principle of the Universe; the Primary Energy came out from him and the Mind came out from this energy. Then there were the subtle elements and from them the multitude of worlds. Finally, from this world’s humans’ actions came the chain of cause and effect.”

Mundaka Upanishad


In order to progress on the love path and to complete oneself, the human has to adopt an inner creative attitude, which means a positive mental attitude. This has to express the dynamic of life and has to spring out from an ideal, a purpose in life.

Such an attitude is better called and categorized as “the cosmic optimism”. It consists in recognizing and identifying oneself with the primary energy that created everything. The creative attitude gives us an advantage because it gives the possibility to contact the source of our own being, along with the unlimited capacity of spiritual evolving.

This attitude has to put a mark on our behaviour every moment and to be the pillar that we lean on in the every day life. It means trust, the recognition of the Divine in each and every one of us, the belief that we are the embodiments of some superior principles that we can only reach by spiritual knowledge.

The creative attitude is itself a part of the evolution process.
The worldly, physical boundaries can be easily overcomed by approaching such a creative attitude and by applying it with wisdom.

Foe example, in the same way there have been notable successes in commerce. The ones involved in this kind of activity can mobilize so that they imagine they are full of beneficial, attractive energy. It makes an unbeatable barrier for doubts and negative emotions.

As far as the Tantric sexuality is concerned there are so many barriers that have to be overcomed. And a bracing, creative attitude is also the one that works wonders by eliminating a lot of doubts, uncertainties. It works, at the same time, as a great virility force.

Impotence and sexual frustration are direct effects of lack of sincerity and affective openness. It will finally lead to a feeling of inner emptiness. For these people life has no meaning.

By looking up to high spiritual ideals all the time we will feel full of a creative attitude and permanent creative capacity. Gayety and a contagious good mood will open doors to wonderful possibilities for you.

And when such a state appears while making love with sexual continence there will be incredible types of wonderful feelings and emotions in your lives.

“Saraswati, Brahma’s spouse, shines even more then the light of ten million moons. The celestial fire is purifying her jewels. She is the Mother of the Vedas; she is the Nature itself and the Master of Arts and Science. Sarawasti is smiling all the time and she is unbelievably beautiful. Her body is covered with a lot of jewels and pearls.”

Saraswati Stotra


Brahma is the name of the creative aspect (face) of the Divine. His symbol is the golden egg or the aura. In Tantric cosmology Brahma represents the embodiment of the entire creation. Because he governs all destinies and things in the world it is very important and necessary for you to “become Brahma” or that “Brahma to be in your favour”.

Eastern teachings say that you can become a certain thing by identifying with it. Thus, by identification, the power of creativity is in your hand at any time.

By seeing the identity between your own being and creation there is a new conscience that radiates from the “centre” of the Golden Egg. An efficient technique of identification with Brahma and with the universal creative energy is that of imagining and visualizing yourself as surrounded by an aura in the shape of an egg, shining, golden-yellow or by an aura full of positive energy; imagine how bright rays, full of warmth and force go from this aura and spread around lightning and feeding the life.

The senses are Creativity’s instruments. Their origin is in the inner subtle Brahma’s domain. They have their manifestations in the physical reality and you know them as the organ of senses: the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the ears and the skin. Esoteric tradition considers the mind to be the instrument of a sixth sense.

Saraswati is the name that Hindi people gave to the feminine counterpart of Brahma. She is seen as “The Master of the 64 Arts” from which the art of loving is considered as first and the most important. The feminine energy or the Shakti represents the Creator’s power.

Without it there is no creation. Thus Brahma and Saraswati make the inseparable Cosmic Couple, as well as the Creative Aspect and the Creative Energy. This dual principle belongs to every creation act. The unity between these two primary principles is a very important thing in the Tantric erotic game.

When the two lovers identify themselves with these high ideals all the aspects in relation with their intimate relationship take the form of extremely important and profound significance. This thing is extremely important in the Art of loving.

Saraswati’s Symbol is an Indian musical instrument with seven strings known as Vina. The shape of this instrument makes you think of a woman’s body and the sound that it produces is just like a wonderful voice. Vina represents the “senses’ instrument”, Brahma’s pleasure. By playing this instrument Saraswati expresses her joy that no one has ever seen before.

The seven strings of Saraswati’s instrument symbolize Nature structured in its evolution: the seven rays of creation, or the natural order of the transformations that we see all around us.

In science we can find this division to seven in the periodical chemical elements table. In music there are seven notes in the scale; the ray of light divides into seven basic colours and there are also seven evolutionary stages in the Tantric theory. This principle of seven belongs also to the esoteric literature.

Both Brahma and Saraswati must be visualized with a golden light shining through. Just like the sun they spread a blissful, creative light, filled with energy. By identification with these superior Truths, any couple can advance a lot on the Tantric path.

This identification supposes that there is a specific, abstract meditation and an interior special power. By becoming “Brahma and Saraswati” the Tantric couple will be able to evoke the archetype that created them and that defines them.

“Except for Brahma, who is the Supreme Self, there is only space. Besides space there is the air. Besides air there is fire. Besides fire there is water. Besides water there is the earth. Besides earth there is vegetation. Besides vegetation there is food. Besides food there is the body and there is also the entire humanity.”

Taittiriya Upanishad


“When there is a complete identification with Saraswati, all 64 arts become immediately known. Saraswati is the Mother of the four Vedas, the Auspicious Goddess.”

Saraswati Stotra


“Brahma initiated the process of creation. After dividing itself into a man and a woman these two made love. Thus appeared the entire category of mortals.”

Shiva Purana



Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman at Awaken Visions Galleries.