Shakti is the essence of Bliss; it is the power of love. BHAKTI, or devotion, is the impetuous force of faith.”

Devi Purana


For the one who enters the path of self-discovery, there are two important things that are required. They are the basis for the journey he has started. First of these two things is bhakti, which means faith and devotion. This quality makes the impossible become possible.

On the spiritual path, faith makes doubt disappear, while devotion helps him come closer to the final aim. Keeping faith in divine ideals, the human being will be able to overcome any obstacle. Faith is not a substance, it is a profound feeling; generally people cannot say why they believe, they simply feel (or do not feel) that.

The erotic feeling stimulates faith. Eros, as a state, can create the conscience of a state without relation to time, a non-dual one. One of the Eastern affirmations asserts that “Time lives inside a troubled mind.”

Faith is an experience that is outside the limits of time, a stable one, that can transform physical love into super-sensorial union between the “god” and the “goddess”, the highest attributes of our being.

A true erotic experience exists somewhere outside time. The two lovers evoke their faith in the other, reaching the non-dual essence within them. Test your faith through self-analysis; open up your heart so that this faith can increase and last.

Be devoted to everything that you believe in and, especially, to the colossal power of your sexual energy, that can be awakened and elevated through sublimation. A couple united by their faith and devotion to each other can experiment their essential nature, as god and goddess.

The second extremely important thing on the spiritual path is Shakti, the Divine Energy of creation, which is the feminine manifestation principle, the one that penetrates and conquers all. The term has lots of meanings, but all of them refer to the energy of creation.

This energy is situated first of all in the genital area of the human being. It represents the power of transformation, an extraordinary , ascendant and liberating force that can lead to complete ecstasy.

It is also the power of the orgasm, the thrill of pleasure , and the sudden inner vision. Shakti exists on several levels of manifestation at the same time, from the physical to the subtle one.

When Shakti is evoked during sexual union, the couple can awake in their bodies a powerful creative energy. The recognition and adoration of Shakti opens up the path to real love.

There is a well-known tantric affirmation that says “The lover without Shakti is nothing but a corpse.” Shakti concentrates herself especially in woman and she is the one who gives her the power of giving life to another being.

But there’s a “tantric feminine side” in every man and it manifests especially as sexual energy. This natural (bisexual) quality, which every human being possesses, subsists from our origin till the complete, transcendent union, of both sexes.

Trying to suppress this natural androgynous in order to create a perfect “male” or a perfect “female” lead to serious psychological disturbance in the West.

The Taoist as well as the Tantric learning says that it is very important to recognize the reversed parts when practicing mystical sexual practices. This does not mean that the man has to become “effeminate” and the woman “aggressive”.

It talks about the freedom of thought, of allowing the erotic game be more spontaneous and blissful. Admire and adore equally the feminine and the masculine qualities. Try to understand the mystery of life through the subtle game of masculine and feminine principles.

Everything that exists in this infinite creation is nothing but a Natural Creative Force emanation. In this phenomenal world, the feminine principle, or Adi Shakti (the Original Shakti), is everywhere and this is why it has to be adored as such.

The man’s attitude towards a woman reflects directly his own attitude towards life. Thus the man will always pay attention to adoring the feminine principle in his lover, in any other woman, or in him.

The woman will also have to admit her goddess qualities and try to embody them as much as possible. When the man has the spontaneous vision of his lover as the embodiment of the Supreme Shakti, the Creation Goddess, the women will respond with BHAKTI, pure faith and devotion. Thus she will become his highest priestess and the initiator in the mysteries of love; then he reveals himself to her as the Master and Supreme Lover.