One of the fundamental practices recommended by the Tantric masters in order to achieve the control of Kundalini is the practice of sexual continence followed by a sublimation and transmutation of the energy resulted from here.

This is one of the most direct ways of becoming aware of our inner Shakti. In this case, the sexuality must be understood as a genuine ascesis on the spiritual path.

The Hindu people have always respected the woman and considered the sexual union as the most sacred act, an act of worship. In this respect, the Tantric texts are categoric: “we cannot find God without love”.

During the famous Tantric ritual, Maithuna, the masters recommend the contemplation of one’s beloved as the incarnation of the divine Shakti.

The union between the man and the woman reproduces the primordial union of Shiva and Shakti, and therefore the two lovers approaching lovemaking from this point of view have a great chance to experience the cosmic ecstasy.

However, Shakti is the one who attracts the cosmic rhythms and who gives proper impulse, when needed.

This is why it is so important for the man to think and consider the woman’s energy, as this energy kindles the fire of his desire and awakens his inner Shakti.

He needs to be united with Shakti for a long interval of time, to be impregnated by her magnetic energy until he is invaded by the “divine vibration” of the spirit.

However, in order to allow Shakti to manifest completely the frenzy of her love, the Tantric man needs to know how to control the flow of his own energies.

The main ascesis consists in sublimating the sexual energy so that afterward he would be able to open up his being towards the liberating mystic ecstasy.

To accomplish this goal, the Tantric men learn how to control their energy using yogic techniques. During lovemaking, this capacity allows the retention of the sperm at one’s will, and its transmutation into energy.

While each ejaculation leads the body into decrepitude the inner ascension of the energy awakens the sleeping energy, Kundalini and attracts the union of the consciousness (Shiva) and energy (Shakti).

This transfiguration, when made consciously, surpasses by far the ephemeral pleasure of the ejaculation. Moreover, it purifies all the levels of the being, including the physical level, granting one’s body youth, brightness and serenity.

The final stage of the Tantric initiation consists in discovering one’s androginal nature that appears when the feminine and the masculine aspects are perfectly balances within.

The Tantric practitioner will be thus able to disperse himself of the physical lovemaking. His ecstasy no longer depends on his union with another human being, but it expresses a state of permanent love, a reflexion of the inner union of the consciousness and the energy.