In the greater part of the Eastern traditions, both the energy-laws that animate the Macrocosm and the laws that determine the movement and the vibration of the smallest subatomic particles in our cells are both of divine essence and are included in the same evolution-current.

The physical body is worshiped by the Tantrics as being the expression of the cosmic consciousness.

Inside this body, regarded as microcosm, in which there is the Supreme and all its manifestations, the Tantric achieves the perfect union with the Divine Absolute.

The Tantric teachings recommend the practitioner to use the physical body and the energies that sustain it as an infallible method to obtain the spiritual realization.

“Find all that you do not know from your body,
The supreme Matter dwells here,
How could you find it elsewhere?”
says the mystic Gasain Chand.

A great myth of the creation, from the Hindu tradition, offers us an essential key in understanding the nature of the mysterious energy that gave birth to the universe and all its forms.

In the beginning, the universal consciousness (Paramashiva) separated in two complementary divinities. Shiva, representing the spirit or the consciousness, is the “masculine” divinity, and Shakti, is the “feminine” divinity, whom Shiva needs in order to act and use his energy.

The entire manifestation is originated in the union of these two principles, male and female, symbolized by the linga – the male sex organ – and yoni – the female sex organ.

On the level of the physical body, they become the two sacred liquids, the sperm and the blood. Shakti is much worshiped in the East because She represents the matrix-force of life.

Worshiped as the mother of the universe, Shakti appears in India under various aspects and names: Uma, Kali, Durga, Parvati, etc.

For the Tantrics, each woman is the incarnation of Shakti, through the mystery of life she carries within her. She is thus worshiped as the Great Goddess, The Absolute Woman, seen in every woman and worshiped in the hearts of all initiates.

Immanent in the universe, Shakti enlivens every human being. In our body, the most tangible and natural manifestation of Shakti is the sexual energy.

The fundamental energy Kundalini, energy both human and cosmic, is often symbolized by a snake.

In the case of people, this snake is envisaged as coiled three times and a half at the base of the sacrum, in the force center Muladhara Chakra. Kundalini represents Shakti’s force in the microcosm of the human being.

One of the goals of the Tantric practitioner is to awaken this “snake of feminine energy” and to make it ascend along the spine through the six chakras, to the crown of the head, to be united with the pure consciousness residing there. When this occurs, the person experiments the state of Samadhi – divine ecstasy.

“Oh, Mother Kundalini! Coiled in the center of Muladhara,
you awaken the universe to the existence,
when you rise
in a wreath of flames
up to Sahasrara
where you are united with Siva.”

The Tantric adept needs to follow perseveringly the teachings of a spiritual master (guru), who knows the secrets of the subtle bodies and of the matter, so that the practitioner may awaken and control this energy.