To know a woman is a trip to the unknown, a challenge of creation, a genuine spiritual path that starts from the finite and ends in the infinity.

This stairway to the essence of the woman is built from the stairs of the physical, psychical, mental and spiritual knowledge, and melts in the ecstasy of the complete merger with the eternal feminine.

Therefore, the Tantric and Taoist masters revealed the mysteries of lovemaking involving sexual continence, through which, starting from the physical union of the man with the woman one may get to their mystical,
divine union, reconstructing the primordial Unity.

However, this is not an easy path, as it may appear at a first look. This path involves plenty of qualities, beginning with physical ones and ending with spiritual qualities, which the two lovers engaged on this path
have to acquire in their being.

So far, in the articles from this section we insisted on obtaining the control of the energies through the techniques of sexual continence, as this represents the first step to be made on the Tantric path.

In parallel with the effort to control the sexual energy, the man needs to try and know the woman deeper and deeper.

Only thus he will be able to merge with her and only thus he will be able to reach the divine ecstasy.

Keep in mind that merging and being united with someone involves love, as love is the only bond of the creation.

Consequently, this knowledge should come from love, it should be achieved with love, and it should generate love.

The West has focused predominantly on the individual, as fundamental unity of the society, orienting the people towards the development of their
own qualities and personality.

This exacerbated tendency lead to the break between the man and the woman in the modern societies.

This does not mean that the awakening and development of ones own qualities is a wrong orientation; nonetheless, when this orientation does not leave room for the awakening of the superior consciousness, within the couple, which is the true fundament of the creation, it becomes destructive.

The man and the woman were not created to fight one against the other, but to please one another endlessly and to achieve through their union also the
union of the opposites.

On the other hand, the East represents an oasis of wisdom regarding the man-woman relationship. Lovemaking was always considered in the East as a source of health, harmony and ecstasy.

The newly weds would receive “bedroom books” from which they would learn how to please one another.

Unfortunately, in the West such a tradition is out of the question; there has never been a preoccupation in teaching a couple the secrets of lovemaking, and the only source of erotic knowledge are the pornographic movies and magazines.

It is obvious that they are not a genuine initiation in the mysteries of
lovemaking. Hollywood lovemaking is not an authentic lovemaking; it is simply quick sex.