Transcending the physical love you can reach the state of detachment from the body, yet you may still be dependant on the other. If your lover, for instance becomes distant, then you are left alone again.

Therefore, this is the next step to be taken. When you feel you reached a spiritual communion with your lover, you need to be aware that you also have to go beyond his or her soul.

You need to “use” it, so to speak, as a gate of access to what lies beneath this wonderful soul.

In the beginning, you may get to perceive ones soul through a first transfiguration, then through a further transfiguration you get to go beyond this soul, and see what is above, an essential, archetypal manifestation, an aspect of the divine consciousness, the divine love, a certain worshipped deity, in fewer words, a higher sphere of consciousness.

Only if you reach this level you can say you have succeeded in becoming free from the dependence on the others soul, as well as from his or her body.

Furthermore, even if at a certain point your lover leaves, not only physical but also with the soul, you can still remain connected to what you had before, and this is the real path of freedom.

We feel the need to state again that we are not talking about indifference, or that their love is gone, it simply means that it has just begun.

True love cannot occur between two helpless people leaning against each other for help and support.

Because there cannot be love between a man and a woman who have not surpassed the physical or the emotional level, being dependant on each other, physically or emotionally.

If two powerful people, each cherishing their freedom stay together, then this means that what keeps them together is not the dependence, but something a lot deeper: LOVE.

Only when you are no longer dependant on the other you can offer him or her, your true love. Generally speaking, the beginners on the Tantric path easily go beyond the first level, the body, but somehow the ones who really manage to go beyond the second level are few.

In Rajneeshs vision, the first step from sexuality to love has been taken, but there is more work to be done.

Even embellished, the soul of another person is seen in a very personal manner, and one gets to be dependant on this beautiful soul.

Thus, when the woman becomes more and more attractive, you see in her still this individual, strictly human soul, nothing more, and then you grow attached to her.

Now, there is another step to be taken, quickly after reaching this stage. In addition, in this step, the transfiguration is the key.


Regardless of the form of Tantra that you practice, right after consecration, you should move on transfiguration.

What is in fact the consecration? It is a draft of the path you are about to go on. No arrow will ever reach the target if not shot on the right direction – the direction of the target.

You may not shot an arrow hoping that maybe the wind will blow in the right direction and it will take the arrow to penetrate its target.

Most often, even if shot on the direction of the target, the arrow may not reach the center. Likewise, a sexual act begun without consecration hoping that during the actual act you will manage to give it a spiritual orientation is a tricky thing to do, and it means only one thing: failure.

This is why this consecration in the beginning is so important: it prefigures the final state, the spiritual fusion, the ultimate aspect into which the two lovers transfigure themselves.

If the clear, precise direction is set in the beginning, then the chances of getting there grow considerably. If lovemaking goes into the profane direction, the ejaculatory orgasm, then this trip is missed.

Consequently, consecrating the lovemaking represents the sacred act of offering the consequences of lovemaking or in other words the fruits of lovemaking to the immortal spirit – Atman, present in each of us.

Thus, the lovemaking becomes like a sacrificial fire, in which the limited individualities of the two lovers are sacrificed.