Thus, Visnu invented a stratagem to end the Assures’ virtuous existence and actions and He created a strange character, a pervert being named Arihat (=the destroyer of all pious beings).

Arihat was supposed to preach a puritan, lifeless religion, mainly based on materialism, in which there was no creator, the manifestation had no purpose, and the only thing that was responsible for any stage of life was hazard.

Through cunningness, Arihat and his new disciples managed to infiltrate to the king of the Assures and to persuade him of the superiority of the new religion.

Inspired by Vishnu, and betrayed by the perfidy sage Narada, the kind approved his initiation into the new religion and its preaching into all the three citadels. Thus, all Shiva‘s spiritual rituals and all the Assures’ power drawn from this cult decayed. (cf. Rudra Samhita, 5.5., 1-60.).

This was the reason for which Shiva approved the destruction of the Assures, but not before asking the new Arien gods to recognize His authority as shepherd (Pashupati) of the “flock” formed from all the beings of the world (celestial, human, animal and vegetal).

This is how part of the Assures’ wisdom related to the Shaivite cult could be transmitted across generations, in a secret tradition and despite the new Arien religions that developed in Kali Yuga. Shiva had to remain the supreme and mysterious God.

After the destruction of the three citadels, by Shiva himself, Arihat and his disciples were advised by Vishnu to retreat into the desert and wait for Kali Yuga there.

Then, they will be able to spread again their message among ignorant people, whose vanity made then easy to control and corrupt, leading them thus to decline and the final explosion that will end the human race. (cf. Rudra Samhita, 5.4., 19-21.)

The history of the three citadels represents the end of a great civilization, who reached a high technical level. Is it a story about a distant past, or a premonition of the future? Maybe a little bit of both.

What is really important is the message that clearly gets to us: a change for the worse in the Assures’ religious, social, and moral conceptions was able to cause the end of a civilization.

The cult of the shivaic phallus, symbol of the principle of life, the practice of Tantric yoga and the seeking of the understanding of the cosmological realities and natural laws were replaced by sentimental, puritan, egalitarian and negative notions.

The times we live in are bringing before our eye a worrying image: due to a strange sense of vanity, people seek to change the divine order, the natural order of things, replacing it with a human order, which opposes so-called moral virtues to the magic of the divine rites, and neglects the spiritual powers.

This attitude of ultimate denial of the universe’s divine order, can only lead humanity to disaster, as history taught us.