THE APPLE – attracts men irresistibly
This exquisitely delicious fruit is as rich in symbols as it is in vitamins. Considered the element leading to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden, the apple thus becomes a symbol of sexuality.

In antiquity, apples have always been used in love-spells. It was believed that if a woman slept with an apple under her armpit or in another intimate part of her body and the next day she would persuade the man she admired and loved to eat the apple, then that man would fall in love with her.

Moreover, it is a fact of notable importance that juicier apples are more indicated in the preparation of erotic games because their juice becomes richer and awakens the fire of passion in men.

CARROTS – solve love-issues
Many connoisseurs recommend them as an excellent help in love-problems. A very famous Arabic recipe recommends boiling carrots in milk. Peal half a kilo of carrots and then boil them in one litre of milk.

Eat regularly one cup three times a day, for at least seven days in a row and you will notice that your sexual appetite and performance are greatly improved. In addition, the ancient sages recommended eating raw carrots for increasing the size of the penis and for increased the sexual vigour.

TOMATOES – the love apples
Also named “the love apples”, tomatoes have an old reputation as aphrodisiacs especially to their smell and taste. The following Arabic recipe is recommended: tomatoes salad with fresh, chopped basil, topped with some olive oil and lemon juice. This salad is recommended especially for sexual appetite.

GARLIC – increase the vitality
The Egyptians considered garlic as sacred. An argument in this respect is that the archaeologists found garlic in Tutankhamens grave. In the ancient Greece the athletes chewed garlic to preserve their vitality before the Olympic Games and Plinius recommended crushed garlic and coriander mixed with white vine as an infallible sexual stimulant.

The aphrodisiac plants are natural products whose quality is to awaken sensuality, amplify eroticism and stimulate the erotic sensations.

In the East, they are considered as plants that give back ones youth and are an element just as important in the daily routine as diet or daily hygiene, and they are the premises of dream lovemaking. The sages have developed a genuine art of mixing the magic of these plants with their fecund imagination.

GINSENG – the root of life
Having the form of the precious masculine member, ginseng is an exceptional vitalizing plant. It has over 5.000 years of successful usage.

In Atharva-Veda, a classic treatise of Ayurveda it is said: “the ginseng provide both young and old men the vitality and strength of a bull.” The Western scientific community has acknowledged its powerful and genuine aphrodisiac effect.

It helps people who use it to experience more pleasure, with greater vitality. It helps men become more powerful, more in control of their sexual energy and more expansive. It enhances the sensorial acuity and therefore those who take ginseng can experience pleasure in a more refined manner, with a great number of delicious nuances.

The root of the plant is mostly used as powder. One may obtain the best results with 40 days of ginseng followed by 3 months of pause. Take 0.5-1 gram under your tongue, three times a day. The aphrodisiac effect is in most cases quick and pleasant, equally perceived by both men and women.

The tradition says that if a person desires to attract a man or a woman, that person may use a magic potion that has never failed.

Make a concentrated tea of several plants to which you add ginseng root, dried and grind. Crush 10 grams of cinnamon and green nutmeg, add nine black peppers, two or three cloves and leave to macerate for 3 days in alcohol of 60 degree.

Then add the 25 grams of ginseng root. This powerful aphrodisiac is taken three times a day half an hour before meals or before lovemaking. You will notice that your eyes become brighter and the other is indeed irresistibly attracted towards you. The juices of love become more abundant and more perfumed.

GINGER – burning passion
Have you ever tasted ginger? If you did, you understand why it can literally melt the ice from frozen hearts and it can rekindle the flame of passion, even if it has burned out a long time ago.

It relaxes all the tensions, opens us up towards the beauty and miracle of life, making us more confident in our own charm and power of seduction. It casts away the boredom, and brings up new ideas. Do not hesitate and drink a ginger tea any time you feel the need to get hot.

15 to 20 minutes before lovemaking take two spoons of liquid honey, mix with 2-3 grams of ginger and 1 gram of pepper. You will certainly burn in the exulting passion of love.