COMMON NAME: French Liliac


HISTORY: There are no ancient references to this plant, as it was completely ignored by the ancient people. It appears in the botanical literature for the first time in the XVI-th century.

DESCRIPTION: An erect glabrous perennial, about three feet high. The leaves are alternate, oddly pinnate, and stipulate; the leaflets are smooth, lanceolate, and mucronate. The flowers are in loose, with the axillary racemes longer than the leaves. A wild flower introduced from southern Europe, and found by road-sides and waste ground mainly in the south of England.

USED PART: aerial parts, seeds.

MAIN CONSTITUENTS: tannins, bitter substances, alkaloids, flavones, saponine.

ITS ACTIONS ARE: mainly on the ovaries and mammal glands, which it help develop. These actions modify the psychic state.

RECIPES: For the aphrodisiac effect, take sublingually the powder made of the dried root, in quantities of 1 gram, every six hours, four times a day, for five months if you desire to obtain a long-term effect.

For an immediate result take as described above 3 grams, four hours before lovemaking. Keep the powder under your tongue for 15-20 minutes, then swallow it with some water, and maybe honey. Drink 4 cups of macerate made of 20 grams of dried plant in 1 liter of spring or mineral water.

The macerate prepared of one teaspoon of crushed Goats Rue plant and seeds in one cup of spring or mineral water.

Goats Rue tincture: 1:5 ethylic alcohol 40 degrees, three times a day, 15-30 drops in a glass of water.



DESCRIPTION: shrub, with wooden root, cylindrical stem and alternate leaves. The yellowish-green flowers, red on the inside, and the fruits are black berries.

It is often cultivated as an ornamental or medicinal plant, but it also grows spontaneously in the alpine and sub-alpine forests, in dump and shady places. The black currant is a native of the northern countries.

USED PART: the leaves when in blossom, dried in the shade; the mature fruits; the bark of the root.

MAIN CONSTITUENTS: water, organic acids, proteins, carbon hydrates, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, flavonozides, vitamin A, B1, B2, and C. the leaves contain tannins, vitamin C, small quantities of volatile oil.

ITS ACTIONS ARE: general tonic, vitalizing.

INDICATIONS: sexual impotence, sexual asthenia.

RECIPES: In cases of sexual impotence it is recommended macerate of black currant 30 drops a day. Daily between meals drink 3 cups of the black currant macerate made of 30-50 grams of plant in one liter of spring water.

Revitalizing cures lasting three days during which we eat 500-1000 grams with natural honey. Prepare black currant syrup placing in a jar one stratum of fruits, one stratum of natural honey, until the jar is full. Cover it and leave for several months, agitating it from time to time. Finally, add a spice of cinnamon.