In the following we introduce to you some beneficial aliments in the sense of balancing, stimulating and bringing harmony on the sexual level.

It is one of the medicine-foods that have a quick and ample revigorating effect. It stimulates all the vital processes of a person and is an important element acting in all cures of rejuvenation.

In the cases of loss of the sexual appetite because of stress or a temporary weakness, it acts efficiently reestablishing a normal sexual activity in only two weeks from the beginning of the pollen cure.

The pollen contains many substances with an important role in preserving and enhancing the masculine potency: arginine (arginine is one of the eight essential amino acids. It is contained in the spermatic cells in proportion of 80%. In its absence, it has been noted a decrease in the sexual appetite in both men and women), zinc, and vitamins.

It is a very Yang element, and is very important in enhancing one’s masculine energy.

The pollen cure begins with 15 to 20 grams a day, taken on an empty stomach in one or two portions. The pollen should be chewed for at least five minutes before being swallowed. This cure is usually recommended two weeks, but it can be prolonged for months or even years, as the pollen has no side-effects.

For very weakened persons it is recommended to begin the treatment with 30 grams of pollen sometimes 40 grams two or three times, and then to take the usual quantity.

Some authors recommend that the initial doses be only 10 grams and the ordinary, daily doses of 5 grams. There have been reported cases of pollen abuse that (as any other case of abuse) had noxious effects perceived mainly at the level of the liver.

However, the great majority of the clinical tests indicated no side-effects at the doses of 30 grams per day. However, if you decide to take pollen and feel uncomfortable, or if you have a history of liver or hepatic problems, it is best if you take only half of the quantities recommended here.

Chew each intake of pollen as much as you can, minimum 5 minutes and maximum 15-20 minutes. In the cases of pollen allergy, you may grind the pollen and mix it with honey.

An important note should be made with regards to the quality of the pollen you buy. Its color may differ according to the plants from which it was harvested, but it will always taste sweet, not bitter, nor sour.

The bitter taste indicates that the pollen was burnt while drying, and the sour taste indicates that the pollen has degraded and that it should not be consumed under any circumstances, because it is highly toxic.

However, you should store your pollen in the refrigerator as at a temperature of over 15 Celsius degrees there may appear larvae in it.

You should also keep it away from any sources of humidity, as it will degrade and taste sour. The healthiest pollen is the fresh one. You may still keep the pollen even twelve months if you store it in dry and cold places.

Alongside with its action as a stimulant of the sexual activity, the pollen also has other great qualities: it regulates the bodily weight, stimulates the mental processes, fights depression and anxiety.

It is very good in treating vascular disorders that have as a direct effect the insufficient irrigation with blood of the pelvic area, which in time leads to secondary impotence.

The pollen is a very valuable and important aliment in the diet of older men, as well as young men and convalescents.