11. MILK
Milk is a highly nutritive aliment, recommended especially to people who have a delicate, frail bodily constitution, who lack calcium, as well as to convalescents and ill persons.

Consuming milk has a preserving effect on the organism, helping the formation of the muscular, sanguine, nervous tissues, as well as the formation of strong, healthy bones. It is effective in fighting spasmophilia. It gives physical vigor and helps preserving a normal state of health.

Combined with honey and aromatic spices, such as ginger, cardamom, fennel, cloves, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, the milk is a very powerful aphrodisiac aliment.

The persons who are overweight, or who suffer because of the following disorders and affections will consume only very small quantities of milk, spiced richly with ginger: sinusitis, chronic allergy, too much mucus.

Moreover, the persons whose digestion is slow will be careful when consuming milk, as this causes flatulence, and ultimately it will lead to indigestion.

It is advisable that the milk be not consumed when barely taken out of the fridge. The best milk is 100% natural milk, taken under the adequate conditions of hygiene.

The goat milk has all the qualities of the normal cow milk, with the difference that its nutritive value is greater. It is one of the most effective vitalizing aliments, especially is consumed without previous boiling. It adds great vitality and virility to the men who drink it.

It has a very powerful rejuvenating effect is drank daily, with honey, and associated with a diet of raw fruits and vegetables.

It is a pronounced Yang aliment.

Its special properties as stimulating the vitality and masculinity were known from antiquity in both the East and West. It is mentioned by the famous antiquity doctor Discoride, who prescribed goat milk for increased vigor.

Goat cheese and yogurt have the same properties as the milk itself and are also Yang.

They are a strong aliment, containing both minerals and vitamins useful to the organism. The most important vitamins are vitamin E, and vitamin F, which are found in a high proportion compared to other aliments.

It is recommended that they are consumed not as dietary supplement, but as an ingredient in the daily diet.

Very good is the combination of sunflower seeds with whole cereals, in the composition of bread, or kornspitz in its German name.

This type of bread puts to goods use the therapeutic properties of the whole cereals and of the sunflower seeds, and it is highly appreciated for its vitamins, for the vascular protection it offers because of its chemical components, as well as weight balancer.

Moreover, this bread has a Yang predominance, fact that makes it quite important in one’s diet.

The sunflower seeds have a restorative effect on the sexual glands due to the intake of vitamin E. They are also very good in the treatment of the vascular impotence, in the rejuvenating cures with raw fruits and vegetables, as they have an energetic in-take that compensates the law-calories number of the raw meals.

The sunflower seeds are extremely Yang.