The term “natural sunflower oil” refers to the oil extracted from the sunflower seeds through cold pressing, without being refined. This oil is very rich in E vitamin and F vitamin.

It also contains other natural substances easily assimilated by the organism, substances that balance, and readjust the digestion, lower the cholesterol, balance the arterial tension, anti-arterosclerotic, and anti-toxic.

It is recommended in fighting the aging diseases and as rejuvenating agent.

However, there are some drawbacks, as are in the case of any oil: they are most effective and healthier if used as such, without thermal preparation, or in any case without allowing it to reach temperatures of over 100 Celsius degrees, as it happens when we fry something.

There are no contraindications in using sunflower virgin oil, its quantitative limits is given by each person’s capacity to digest it.

From an energetical point of view, we note that the sunflower virgin oil has a pronounced Yang character.

In the morning, after brushing the teeth as usually, take almost a mouthful of sunflower oil, and suck it, as if sucking a candy, for 10-15 minutes, without swallowing any of it.

Do this calmly, without tension or rush, “push” the oil back and forth through the teeth, without swallowing not even a drop. This is done in the morning, on an empty stomach.

After about 15-20 minutes the oil becomes white and more liquid than previously. You need to throw this oil away, because all the toxins have been taken into it and swallowing it can prove quite dangerous.

After throwing the oil, wash your mouth with plenty of water. If the oil is not approximately milk-white, but yellow, this signifies that you have not done the procedure correctly and you need to do it again.

Moreover, if you wish to accelerate the treatment, you need to repeat the method 2-3 times a day. The first visible results are: a better flow of blood in the coronarian area and teeth whitening.

This cure has a tonic effect on the person who performs it. Oil is not a medicine, but a pure aliment, and therefor the effects are perceived on the level of the whole organism.

It is useful in cases of bronchitis, tooth aches, chronic diseases of the blood, stomach disorders, intestinal, cardiac, renal, gynecologic, and articular affections, as well as tumor in general. You must follow this cure as described until the signs of the disease have disappeared completely.

Caution: It is possible that throughout the treatment, the disorder or the disease you are suffering from first becomes worse, but in fact this only signals that the organism has begun to react energically and that the toxins are being cleaned. Therefore the treatment should not be interrupted.

Spawn are very rich in calories and therefore a very consistent aliment. They contain phosphor and are in the category of powerful aphrodisiacs. Eating spawn enhances sexual potency, sexual appetite, resistance, and grants energy and resistance to effort.

They are especially recommended to people with frail, weak physical constitutions, who do not have resistance to efforts and who have problems in getting and keeping a strong erection.

As always, we recommend moderation. Remember that the middle path is always the most secure to walk upon. Spawn are an excellent rejuvenating agent as well as revitalizing. They are indicated in cases of neurasthenia, asthenia, and anemia.

Because they belong to the category of aliments that are more difficult to digest, it is advisable that you also perform exercises for activating the inner fire, so that you will have a better digestion and assimilation.

These exercises are: The Abdominal retraction (Uddiyana Bandha), The Triangle Pose (Trikonasana), The Navel Pose (Nabhiasana), The Sun Salutation (Suryanamaskara).

Contraindications in eating spawn: arterial hypertension, rheumatism, apoplexy, and skin irritations and erruptions.

Caviar represents in fact the spawn of a species of fish, sturgeons. Mainly it has the same effects as the regular spawn. It is easier to digest than the spawn, however moderation is strongly indicated here as well.

In Europe, the caviar is the symbol of eroticism and zest for life, and is usually associated to various other exciting foods in order to enhance the erotic pleasure and to enhance the energy, in general.