From the point of view of their energetical value, the foods are divided in two main categories: foods that amplify the Yang energy and foods that amplify the Yin energy.

This influence exercised by the food on the polarities of our being is not equal. For instance, pollen has a more solar, Yang energetical “charge” than wheat, for instance.

For this reason, the foods have been classified by the father of the macrobiotics, George Oshawa, in Yang food (noted in the table with +, accentuated Yang food (noted in the table with ++), extremely Yang food (noted in the table with +++) and Yin food (noted in the table with -), accentuated Yin food (noted in the table with –), and extremely Yin food (noted in the table with —).

In the following we will introduce to you the classification of the food from the point of view of their energetical charge. This list will help you chose your food so that it has the Yang energy required from a masculine person.


YIN (-)
YANG (+)
Cereals germs (—)

corn, rye (-)

Barley, oat, rice, millet, wheat (+)

buckwheat (++)

Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, beans, cucumber, asparagus, spinach, pumpkin, bamboo, mushrooms, green peas, celery, red beet, garlic, artichoke, dock (–)

Bruxelles cabbage, cauliflower,
green salad (-)

White cabbage, lentils, dandelion, lettuce, endive, nettle, leek, chick pea, radish, turnip, onion, parsley (+)


carrot, algae, soy beans, lotus, pumpkin seeds, pepper grass, dandelion root, colza, (++)

sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, ginseng, zinanjo (+++)

Yogurt, fresh cow-cheese, cream, butter, margarine, kefir, process cheese, cheese (—)


milk (–)

Camembert cheese (-)

Eggs (only fertilized), goat cheese (++)
Pine-apple, papaya, mango, grapefruit, orange, lemon, tangerine, banana, figs, pear, grape, peach, yellow melon, prune, almond, nut, groundnut, nutmeg, green melon, cherry (—)


green olives (-)

Black olives, strawberry, blackberry, raisin, chestnut (+)


apple, nuts (++)

Pollen (+++)

Coffee, cola, chocolate, Yin fruit juice, sugar-drinks, alcohol (—)


gas mineral water, water, chiffon, Salz water (-)

Mint, chamomile, rosemary, wormwood, eucalyptus tea, natural Japanese tea, malt, dandelion coffee, Oshawa coffee, chick pea coffee, Kohren tea, Dragon tea, wild savory (+)


mature tea, basil, apple juice (++)

ginseng (+++)

Ginger, pepperoni, curry, pepper, red pepper (—)


vinegar, mustard, allspice, vanilla, garlic (–)

laurel, cumin (-)

Nutmeg, tarragon, cinnamon, dill, anise, basil, savory, rosemary, onion (+)


parsley, salvia, horseradish, saffron, chicory (++)

marine salt (+++)

Honey, sugar, chocolate, cocoa (—)


coconut oil, groundnut oil, olive oil (–)

litmus (-)

Sesame oil, rape oil, eucalyptus oil, volatile mint oil, volatile pine oil, coriander, halvah with sunflower or sesame seeds (+)


sunflower oil, soy oil (++)


Integral cereals are complete aliments. In order to amplify one’s Yang energy, there are several cereals that are highly useful in this task. The doctor George Oshawa has perfected a series of diets, mainly based on cereals. These diets aim at amplifying the Yang, masculine energy.

George Oshawa, known also as Nyoti Sakurazawa is the founder of the concept of macrobiotic medicine, quite fashionable during the past few decades in the West.

He promoted a balanced diet from the point of view of the energetical intake of the food, considering that a correct regime of food is in fact a very effective medicine against any disease ultimately.

He was one of the first supporters of Eastern therapies including acupuncture. George Oshawa enjoyed a special prestige in Europe, where he is widely known and respected.

The most famous of these diets is the Number 7 Oshawa Diet, or simply, The Oshawa Diet. It lasts for ten days, and is composed of Yang cereals only: integral wheat, integral rice, millet, and buckwheat.

These cereals are boiled or baked, salted according to your taste, but with no other aliments added. In exceptional cases there are allowed medicinal plants in the diet, besides the water and the salt.

Many cases of premature impotence, of impotence caused by abuse of alcohol and narcotics, or caused by diabetes or even cancer were cured with this diet.

This diet is recommended most of all to people who have tendencies to overweight. It is also recommended to people with Yin imbalances and to people with chronic diseases.

The Oshawa Diet enhances the control over the sexual and vital energy, is effective in fighting premature ejaculation and nocturnal pollutions.

This regime is also indicated as a self-treatment in fighting a series of sexual deviations such as masturbation and homosexuality.