Creating the scene, the atmosphere for the sensual massage implies not only physical action, but also psychic, spiritual actions. In the following, we will present to you how to create the proper atmosphere for the sensual massage, from all the above-mentioned points of view.

It is rightfully worth dedicating a little time to prepare the room you are about to use for the sensual massage. There is nothing more disagreeable than to interrupt the massage in order to look for a pillow, a towel, essential oil or something to drink.

If both lovers will give and receive the sensual massage, in turns, you may prepare the room for the massage together. This is a very good start.

Make sure you have a warm, intimate room, where nobody will disturb you. A good surface to lie down during the massage would be a mattress or several blankets placed on top of one another.

You may also use the regular massage table, but this does not allow such an intimate contact between the lovers as does the mattress or the blankets. If you use massage oil, make sure that it has been warmed up previously to the massage, and that it is at hand.

The room should be also kept at a steady, warm temperature. Cover the parts of your lovers body that you do not massage with a large towel or a thin blanket. A small pillow of another blanket will help him sit more comfortably.

In order to create a genuine celebration of sex and eroticism, embellish the room with flowers, burn a little incense, and decorate the space with various object pleasurable to the eye and charged with spiritual value.

Improve this romantic atmosphere by using a diffuse light, created either with colored light bulbs (red and violet are the most recommended), or with candles. You may also play some relaxing music in the background, as its effects are guaranteed.

You may take a bath at a shower together before beginning the massage. This is a wonderful method to forget the daily worries and to make you both feel relaxed, safe and clean.


The massage oils allow the hands to slide slowly and sensually over your lovers body without tensions or frictions. They also nourish the skin. Choose between the fragranced or non-fragranced oils.

Of the later category, vegetal oils, such as the sunflower oil or raisin oil are perfect. The olive oil is a little thick, and mineral oils, such as the baby oils are not well-absorbed by the skin, therefore use them only if you have no other options available.

You may discover that the fragranced oils have a more pleasant effect. There is a close connection between the smells and the sexual excitation, partly due to the fact that some fragrances contain perfumes that resemble or imitate the smell or the human sexual hormones and pheromones (messenger substances created by our glands).

The musk is the most known and common of these substances, and it smells like the male sexual hormone, the testosterone. Fragranced oils have been used since the ancient ages in the sexual rituals. They will charm both lovers.

Producing your own massage oil is easy, amusing, and much cheaper than buying an already created massage oil. As a base, any type of vegetal oil without smell and with the right consistency will probably do. Add a few drops of perfume, or essential oils, in the combination that you choose and here it is!

Keep in mind that smell is a very personal matter. Make experiences with the essential oils until you find a smell that you really like and enjoy. Try the rose, musk, ylang ylang, orchid, vanilla, or cinnamon essences in the combination that you like, as they are beneficial to the techniques of the sensual massage.

Once you created the massage oil, keep it in a sealed bottle in the refrigerator. If you store it is a airy, warm place, it will become impossible to use. Warm the oils recipient before the massage by placing it in a pot with hot water.