7. Do tight pants prevent the secretion of sperm?
Yes. Tight pants keep the testicles close to the rest of the body and thus their temperature rises. The temperature of the testicles should normally be 2 degrees below the temperature of the rest of the body in order for the sperm to be produced.

8. Swallowing the sperm may be a way of transmitting the germs it might contain?
Yes. If the sperm contains pathogen germs, they will be transmitted though the bucal and digestive mucous of the woman and carry on the infection. Therefore, this is a way of transmitting many sexual diseases.

9. Can sperm be a factor in identifying a man?
Yes. The sperm is a genuine genetic print; the smell, taste and consistency are characteristic to each man.

10. Larger testicles contain more sperm than smaller testicles?
Yes, and this is because they contain more channels required for the production of the sperm. The principle according to which the capacity determines the quantity applies here as well.

11. Do women perceive a man’s ejaculation inside their vagina?
Not necessarily. The lubrication of the vagina during intercourse reduces to minimum its capacity of distinguishing between the liquids present inside. Most of the times, the women anticipate the moment of ejaculation because of the penis’ contractions that precede this moment.

12. Does the quantity of sperm decreases with age?
Yes. Because of repeated ejaculation, the secretions of the glands decrease. Another reason for this is the decrease of the number of hormones and the weakening of the sexual muscles.

13. Can one ejaculate even if he does not have an errection?
Yes. Men suffering from impotence may ejaculate in the absence of a flow of blood that usually causes the penis to swallow and become erect.

14. Does the volume of the sperm reach 4 ml?
Yes. However, this volume is different from man to man and depending on circumstances.

15. Can drugs influence ejaculation?
Yes. The drugs used in neuro-psychological treatments (neuroleptic, anti-depressives) may have this side effect. However, most treatments of this kind inhibit the sperm secretion.