4. Then move on to the stimulation of the area from the base of the penis. Form a ring around it, with the thumb and index, and tighten this ring for 10 to 15 times.

Then move this ring that presses the penis for about 20 times, from the base to the glans. This milking-like movement brings the blood from the base to the glans.

5. Then proceed on the stimulation of the glans, moving the foreskin back and forth, over the coronary area. Begin with slow movements and then gradually increase the rhythm.

Stimulate yourself like this until you obtain an erection and then continue this stimulation, without ejaculating. When you feel you are getting close to the point of non-return, cease the stimulation, breathe deeply and after you’ve relaxed, continue the stimulation.

6. After this, in the end of this exercise, perform 15 Uddyiana Bandhas or 10 minutes of Sarvangasana for the ascension of the energy to the upper chakras.

The second method we are going to introduce to you is a Taoist method. Here are the stages:

1. The yogic relaxation for ten minutes. You find its description in the Yoga Section.

2. Sit in a comfortable position, rub your palms until they become warm, and then hold your penis and scrotum with the right hand. With the left palm, perform 81 circular movements in the oral sense, on the abdomen, beneath the navel.

Change the hands and perform the same circular movements, with the right hand, in an anti-oral sense. Imagine a fire emanating from the genital area.

3. Contract the anal muscles, including the PC muscle. Remember to relax completely your muscles between two contractions, and to maintain the contraction for as long as you can. After a month of daily practice or even sooner, according to your effort and perseverance, you will get to perfectly control your anal muscles.

4. In the end, perform simultaneously point 2 and 3 from above. You will perceive a pleasant sensation at the base of your spine, and this sensation will spread through your whole body. This pleasant sensation is the result of the contraction of the muscles on the prostrate.

The results of this practice are: preventing the prostrate problems, healing of hemorrhoids, impotence and precocious ejaculation. It also increases the sensitivity of the penis and may even determine an increase in the size.

In fact, these methods for activating your sexual energy may just as well become pleasurable and intense erotic experiences, as long as you do not fall for ejaculation.