poza52-2.jpgIn this article we shall present two very effective methods for awakening and increasing your sexual energy.


Consequently, they will help you have stronger and longer lasting erections, but this also depends on your mastery of sexual continence.

As you probably know, we always advise you not to ejaculate and end up wasting this valuable treasure your body contains.

You should preserve it inside your body and use it as “fuel” in the inner alchemy, transforming it through processes of transmutation and sublimation into energy that will nourish your being at all levels, making possible even the fulfillment of the highest aspiration, the aspiration towards God.

Here is the first method that awakens your potential sexual energy:

This method is based on the stimulation of the erogenous points or areas of the penis. However, let us first find out which are these areas or points.

The first and most sensitive of all of these points is the glans of the penis. It is covered with a very fine skin, which has innumerable Krause corpuscles, corpuscles sensitive to various tactile sensations.

The second highly sensitive area is the base of the penis. The penis is covered by a “sheath” made of a thin layer of skin. On the base of this sheath there is a hypersensitive area whose stimulation determines the further hardening of the erection.

This area responds well to a slight tightening through the use of a ring. However, during lovemaking, the controlled contraction of the vaginal muscles can replace any other helping innovation.

The third sensitive area is the scrotum. The scrotum is covered with a delicate epidermis, lacking adipose tissue and sensitive to gentle touch and massage.

Take 30 minutes daily to practice the following method:

1. The yogic relaxation for ten minutes. You find its description in the Yoga Section.

2. Completely naked, sit on a chair, close your eyes, and focus on the genital area. Breathe deeply and slowly, trying to relax the genital area as much as possible.

3. Keep your eyes closed, and begin the exercise by caressing the scrotal area gently, with the tips of your fingers. Delicately caress the area between the anus and sexual organ.

Even if you have never done this, and even if these caresses do not make you perceive any erotic pleasure, continue these caresses when you perform this exercise. After a while the erotic perceptions will become refined and the erotic energy will awaken more easily.