Let us turn our attention towards the ejaculatory process again. Premature or not, the ejaculation depends on the sympathetic nervous system, which warns the seminal glands to prepare for the seminal expulsion.

One movement and the sympathetic system will determine the powerful contractions form the base of the penis, which in its turn determines the ejaculation, an irreversible process.

In conclusion: in order to overcome impotence, we have to manage and calm our sympathetic nervous system. In order to control the erection and prevent ejaculation, we have to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

In order to activate the parasympathetic system we should control and be aware of our breathing. Breathe in slowly, deeply, and exhale gradually, relaxed.

This respiratory pattern should be constant during the sexual act, beginning with the foreplay. The man gains insight stays calm, serene and his reward is a full-bodied erection, and a satisfied woman.

Moreover, in order to avoid the sympathetic system to become over-excited, it is highly important that the movements of the two lovers are smooth, and the man adapts to the rhythm of his lover. Avoid all sudden movements, smile and maintain a relaxed atmosphere.

Finally, far from losing his potency with age, the man who practices sexual continence gains strength and resistance.

The preserving of the sperm enhances the libido, and the man will not get to find out the progression erosion of his sexual power – a constant worry of any man over 40 years old.

The young man “compensates” the loss of energy through ejaculation through a faster “recharge”. At a young age, the man has to wait only a few minutes before he is ready to take over again.

Later, while he advances in age, he has to wait up to several hours until he is ready for a new experience.

However, in compensation to the patience, the years that pass bring to each man, even to those who ejaculate, a sexual maturity which makes them appreciated lovers.

Consequently, is the “quick” erection such a great asset? The “aged” lover may wait a little longer, but instead he can carry on making love for a longer period, making him more desirable than the young and unexperienced man, who finishes before he started.

Let us now dwell upon the sexual “erosion” that comes around with age. The cause is the terrible waste of sperm that fatally occurs with the years.

On the contrary, by preserving your sexual energy through the practice of sexual continence you will be always youthful and full of energy. The frequent ejaculations shorten the man’s orgasms.

While in his 20’s, a man could “throw” away his sperm at about half of meter, distance that dramatically decreases with age due to the frequent ejaculations.

In order to avoid these unpleasant aspects there is only one solution – to avoid wasting the sperm. The man as sexual animal is an exception and does not stand comparison to other mammals.

Nonetheless, we should mention the fact that the animals themselves copulate only in short periods for reproduction purposes, and that the males may spend months without intercourse.

This may explain the progressive exhaustion of the sexual energy. The tantric and Taoist teachings indicate also the fact that the waste of sperm exhausts the virility and is the main cause for premature sexual senility.

Seminal retention allows a rich sexual life, including several intimate contacts a day, and preserves the biological youth of the practitioner.

It is enough to practice the seminal retention for only one week or two in order to be able to notice the sexual tonus coming back to your best shape.

The principal objection to seminal retention is that the testicles produce spermatozoids continuously regardless of the number of ejaculations. This is true.

However, when the ejaculations are too close in time, the spermatozoids are less numerous and the sperm contains a number of immature gametes, indicating the fact that the testicles have to work extra and the pressure on them is greater than it would normally be.

However, the men that have been practicing sexual continence for decades are a living proof of the fact that it does not imply any risk for one’s health, but only benefits.

It is important that we underline the following aspects:

  • The hardness and duration of the erection are a sign of a man’s virility.
  • The erection-phenomenon is the pillar that sustains the sexual experience, be it profane or initiated.
  • The practice of the exercises described in the “Men” section can give you a stronger erection, as a direct consequence of the stimulation of erotic vitality, the penis maintaining an upright position for hours.
  • It is important that we understand that the erection may be triggered more easily if before intercourse you will perform a relaxation of the whole body, insisting on the erogenous-sexual areas.