a7ec9f4970cbc59981f99020067767e4In the following, we will introduce you to a series of exercises whose objectives are:

  • becoming more aware of your sexual organs
  • fortifying your sexual muscles
  • the control of your individual sexual muscles


MULA BANDHA – the contraction of the root
This is a basic technique for controlling the sexual energy and getting a hard erection.

This technique involves the anal muscles, both internal and external, as well as the “lifting” muscles, situated in the interior of the body. If you are in a state of semi-erection, you may easily observe the effect of those contractions.

Through the action of the “lifting” muscle, the penis may respond to the contractions of the woman’s vagina and this secret language may enrich the couple’s life with new voluptuous sensations.

Mula Bandha is an exercise that you could practice anywhere, anytime and in any position: sitting, lying, or even while doing the headstand or other yoga postures.

In the beginning, we will act on the whole pelvic area while contracting these muscles, but in time we will be able to distinguish between the anal muscles and the penile ones.

We will be able to contract them individually, in order to become capable of relaxing them at will. During an ejaculation, you may observe the ejaculatory spasm propagating and helping you to locate the muscles responsible for ejaculation.

One of the most efficient procedures in controlling ejaculation is to relax the sexual muscles when you are close to ejaculation. Learn to relax the muscular complex of the pelvic floor in any position you may be.

In order to do this, breathe calmly, relax the pelvic muscles, the anal muscles, and the rest of the muscles in the area. Take your time to relax completely, even if in the beginning this may take some minutes.

In time you will be able to relax more quickly, almost instantaneously – fact that will prove a real help during intercourse because it will help you avoid ejaculation.

Remember the fractionate urinating technique and try to urinate with pauses of 5 to 30 seconds between the flow of urine. The practice of this technique makes the control of ejaculation a lot easier.

The exercises presented so far stressed the importance of having strong sexual muscles. Likewise, when you getting close to the point of non-return you have to focus so that you relax those muscles and avoid thus ejaculation.

In order to practice contract these muscles to the maximum while having a strong erection. Then relax these muscles, contract again for a few seconds and relax again.

If you insist on the relaxation, the erection weakens and eventually disappears. In the beginning do this exercise while you stand still, but in time, you will get to perform this exercise during intercourse.

When you get close to the point of non-return, you may easily notice an acceleration of the breath, which leads to a stronger tension of the pelvic muscles.

If you allow this breath to go on, you will soon reach ejaculation, but if you control it at this point, you will also control the ejaculatory process.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, a tantric spiritual master wrote: “when the man is anxious, he reaches ejaculation quickly. When he is not anxious, the ejaculation may be delayed for hours or even days, especially now that it is no longer necessary.

Two lovers who are united by a deep love may give strength to one another and thus ejaculation is no longer necessary. The two lovers may carry on making love years on end, without exhausting their energies. They get to relax in the other. Their bodies contract and then relax.

Eventually, sex will cease being the base of the excitation, as it is now, and it will become the jumping board in order to attain the spiritual, a veritable and lasting conquest.

Nevertheless, this is possible only if you surrender yourselves to the vital energy within each of you. Then and only then will you be able to abandon yourselves to love.”

In his “Introduction to Tantric Buddhism”, S.B.Dasgupta notes: “according to the adepts of Vajrayana and Sahajayana, the pleasure caused by ejaculation is highly inferior in both quality and intensity to the bliss that comes about through the seminal retention, stopping the descendant movement of the sperm and making it take an upright direction.

This ascension makes it “flow” to the lotus situated in the crown of the head and stay there. The bliss obtained through the sublimation of the sexual energy is named MAHA_SUKHA (great bliss or great pleasure).”