The most effective way of toning your muscles is to make them over-resistant. When a muscular cell is worked on a level above the usual, then this cell is forced to work harder.

Thus, the muscular fibers begin to break a little, on a microscopic level, and these microscopic gaps will be filled with micro-drops. After approximately 48 hours of rest, these fibers recover, and become stronger.

Your muscles can adjust to the supplemental solicitation you require by developing their strength (the force of the muscle) and by improved endurance (the capacity to contract repeatedly for an interval of time).

Once the muscular tonus is improved, the appearance of the muscle also changes: its strength and its relief.

You can obtain a good tonus by practicing any exercises. However, the increase of the muscular strength is directly connected to the strain to which it is subject.

The stronger and the more resistant you want it to be, the harder you will need to work those muscles.

There is a large variety of devices and instruments you can use. The most common are the weight instruments that you can find in the gym.

Applying the above-mentioned principles to the pelvic muscles means that you have to do exercises that will involve these muscles, to make them work and strengthen.

Consequently, if you do only the Kegel exercises at a minimum of intensity and for a short while, you will probably increase the muscular resistance, but you will not obtain notable improvements in terms of their strength.

The exercises done as we said above will help you build up you resistance and muscular tonus, which is enough for the overall pelvic sustenance, for instance if you want to recover after giving birth, or to eliminate the problems that appear due to weakened musculature.

However, lovemaking requires a much more intense activity from these muscles, so they will have to be trained much more in order to build up their strength.

First of all, to strengthen your muscles you need to increase the intensity of the Kegel exercises, through stronger and longer contractions, or simply using devices that allow a kind of resistance to your contraction.

The vaginal weights we mentioned in our previous articles have various shapes and weights, so that you will be able to control the quantity with great precision. Once you become accustomed with working with a specific weight, you can move on to a greater one.

As in the case of any other exercise, the size of the weight you work with and the number of repetitions determine the degree to which the strength and the resistance of the muscle are improving.

The general rule is using heavier weights and fewer repetitions for building up the strength and using lighter weights and a great number of repetitions for endurance.