Now that you have an idea about what you look like, you have to look deeper. This does not mean you have to purchase a microscope, just use your mind’s eye to focus on the various sensations that your body experiences.

It is time to do the complete yoghic relaxation, focusing on the pelvic area. Lay back comfortably on the floor or on the bed, legs straight and arms along
the body. Do all these in a warm room.

You may still need to pull a blanket over your body, as when you relax your body looses its warmth more easily. Also make sure you wear comfortable clothes.

Begin with a deep, slow breath. Then follow the relaxation steps described in the “Yogic relaxation”, until you reach the pelvic area, where you will linger a bit longer.

Focus on the labia. See if you can distinguish between the exterior labia and the inner labia. Then shift your focus on the vaginal opening.

Remember what this really looks like and program your image and sensations in your mind. Continue to wander with your mind around the pelvis, then move on to the buttocks.

Try to locate the anal opening, and move on to the vagina again, only to strengthen the feeling of differentiation. Then move on to the frontal side of the clitoris.

You might already have erotic sensations, like a tingling, accelerated pulse.
Continue the relaxation in the other corporal areas, as it is indicated in the “Yogic relaxation”.


After this comfortable yoghic relaxation, repeat this tour, contracting and then relaxing each muscle. Did you manage to contract the pelvic muscles during the second part of this exercise?

Test yourself! Insert the finger as described in the observation phase. Try
and squeeze. Can you do it? If you still cannot, do not get worried. The training does not stop here!

The most common way of getting started with the identification of your love muscles is to stop the flow of urine.

This action will help you focus on the muscles you contract. This action is simply the activation of the urethral sphincter, but it helps because the muscular ring is connected to the PC muscle.

Remember your mental image and recreate some scenes you experienced during your real life. Squeeze the anus as if you would like to keep it really tight.

Then squeeze the vagina as if you wanted to prevent a tampon from slipping out. Now squeeze the urethra as if you need to wait until you reach a toilet.

Squeeze and release each of these sphincters.Then squeeze and release them all at once. Make sure that the neighboring muscles, such as the abdominal muscles and the buttocks are relaxed.

If you find it difficult to find the muscles to contract, maybe you will do better if you use the vaginal weights. A study demonstrated that learning by
yourself takes about three times more time than if you used the vaginal weights.

This is because the weights provide the necessary feedback when they start to
drop. Then the muscles react almost reflexly in order to keep them inside.

Repeat these four focus exercises until you are able to detect and contract any muscle of the pelvis, at your own will.

As soon as you managed, there is a wide variety of rhythms, intervals, numbers, intensities and positions in which you can practice the contractions.

However, each thing has its time. First of all, you need to get an acute
awareness of the love muscles.