shutterstock_215237764LEVEL ONE
Find a time and a place where you are not disturbed. Repeat each of the concentration exercises described below, including observation, visualization, interruption and isolation.

Do all these exercises for seven minutes every day. You should be able to clarify yourselves about the functioning of the love muscles.

If you have difficulties buy a pair of vaginal weights that will help you locate the suitable muscles.

Here are four methods to help you identify the muscles for each exercise. Use them all. If you have problems focusing, use the method you consider the best for your concentration.

Place a mirror underneath you, and inspect your sexual organs. Separate the exterior labia: feel their texture. Find the clitoris. Pay attention to the
“valleys” and the “hills” of the inner labia.

Locate the various openings: the urethra, the vagina, the anus.

Now insert a clean finger inside the vagina. You will feel the passing from a smooth exterior to a undulated interior. If you ever inserted a diaphragm or tampons inside your vagina you are already familiar with the tissue and its structure.

Continue to test the vaginal walls. Try to remember all that you have read about the feminine anatomy, and to be aware of the changes that appear during the sexual stimulation.

You will probably notice a beginning of lubrication, caused by the manual stimulation. Observe all you see and feel.

Keep in mind these things. As it is difficult to focus on the inner muscles in order to contract them, a mental map of the area is highly useful.

When you move on to the practical exercises, you will have a correct image of what you are going to do.

Now follows the test of the finger. Contract and squeeze your muscles as tight as you can. If you do not feel any pressure on the finger, yet you feel you are indeed contracting something, you may contract your abdominal muscles or others.

Therefore it is really important that you relax these muscles and isolate properly the pelvic muscles from other types and groups of muscles.

Now try again the squeeze. If you are not certain about what you do, do not be worried. The following exercises will boost your confidence.